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Jeremy Vine BBC Radio 2 R U Freezing This Winter ?

Here we go again Mr Vine.

The BS never ends, or so it seems? So here goes the first email to confirm complaint to Cardiff County Council. Sent Mon 21st Nov 2016

This is to confirm in writing the compaint made today. That of more hate crime. This time in the form of Mr Watkins leaving windows open 24/7. It all began last week when the weather turned colder. First with only the kitchen and toilet window. Open enough to cool the air to outdoor temperature. But not open enough as to be noticeable to any casual observer. Which are few and far between anyhow. With them being located at the rear of then property.

That changed this Sunday. With the front bedroom window open as well. Only the lounge window remains closed. Do I assume that this is done with malice and aforethought? Well yes I do. Is it making it more costly to keep my flat warm? Why yes it is. Am I bloody annoyed at this latest game of fkwittery by Mr Watkins? Why yes I am.

In the phone conversation with Victoria Ellis it was made clear to me that. As the Specific Area Officer was not in work today. There would be nobody calling today to end this BS. What motivation Mr Watkins has for doing this, other than being a jerk. I guess that's for you to ask him. He is out most days of the week. Infact he left here today at 13.30hrs with said three windows open and as its 19.19hrs has not returned. In the video recording I have shot of said windows (hope I'm violating any rules tut tut naughty David). The air temperature was at 6 degrees C or 42 F. If you look here You can find the air temp for Cardiff over this weekend. The lowest it got to was 2C. That's 2C directly overhead of my flat. When he does return, he still keeps them open. I think to myself what an A-hole. Is it really worth it to him? Does he sit there, mentally masturbating over what a clever fellow he is?

No other house on this street had any windows open over this weekend or today. But yet Mr Watkins has found it necessary to have 3. I have had enough hate crime from this individual to last me a life time. The new game is the latest twist. Cardiff County Council has failed to protect me from it. By relocating me, to a property. Where the likelyhood of my suffering at the hands of others. Will be highly unlikely. For that I hold you all responsible in aiding n abetting hate crime. For whatever your motivation is. Other than to take delight in my further suffering.

When you do all find the time to call out here. Could you can arrange for one of your roof maintenance people. To call out at the same time. As during a recent fire at the adjoining house. The firepersons checking for spread to this property. Mentioned that there were holes in the roof, on inspecting the attic. From the sound of things during today's heavy rain storm. Water may well be going between the brick work. Making an already damp bedroom worse.

Why bother with roof insulation when living with Mr I like to freeze my nuts off. My concern is that left to continue as is. When the temperature goes below freezing. His pipes will burst and I will be deluged. Or is that his cunning plan?

Yours David Gabriel
you know my address.

The recipients : 

This was the Councils reply

From: Vaughan, Melanie
Sent: 22 November 2016 16:32:46

Mr Gabriel

Thank you for your email, unfortunately Cardiff City Council is unable to take any action regarding your complaint.

It is the individuals choice as to whether  they wish to have there windows open or closed.

Cardiff City Council are unable to enforce the opening or closing of windows. Hope this is a satisfactory response.

And apologise for any inconvenience this my cause you.

Should you email again please refrain from using distasteful language.

I have attached 3.5 paragraph from your tenancy agreement.

3.5 You will not harass the Council’s officials or agents by way of:

i. racist behaviour or language

ii. using or threatening to use violence

iii. using abusive or insulting words or behaviour

iv. damaging or threatening to damage an official or agent’s possessions

Mel Vaughan

Swyddog Tenantiaeth - Tenancy Officer

Gwasanaethau Landlord - Landlord Services
Cyngor Dinas Caerdydd - City of Cardiff Council

The windows:  The rear windows

and the front window

As ever I replied with this. Sent Weds 23/11/2016 same cc only forgot Alun Michael. We shall however be forwarding him this blog details via twitter.

On tuesday 22nd Nov 2016 I had a visit from 2 gentlemen wishing to survey the front doorway for a new entry system. This system they said would allow for the door to be opened internally via a buzzer system. As I have blocked off my doorway to the front door. Due to attempted illegal entry from Mr Watkins buddies years ago. This system would be totally worthless to me. Plus the likelyhood of harrassment from the likes of British Gas employees etc etc would cause me additional annoyance. There is also the cost to me in electricity. While the gentlemen in question said this would be minimal. Minimal over the year adds up to significant. As I live on a very tight budget any additional cost is not desired. (They did not know the running cost over a year) if it were £1 month = £12 a year that is 36 tins of cat food to me.

I am therefore asking that this works be cancelled. Can you confirm that this request is accepted on the basis of the above. So I do not have to take the necessary action of seeking an injunction to stop it.

I have to say I am appalled at your refusal to contact Mr Watkins over the window situation. It is excessive unreasonable and likely to impact detrimentally on my mental and physical health, as well as my finance. You are once again in my opinion in derogation of you duty of care to this tenant. As for the language I use in my previous email. As we are currently still memebers of the EU. It is unlawfully to discriminate against someone on the basis of their manner of expression. Regardless of what your tenancy agreement says.

Should his pipes freeze and burst, and I be deluged. I shall of course seek legal redress, against Cardiff County Council for any damaged to my goods and possessions as well as any inconvenience caused.

In a phone conversation with an employee of your office who said his name was Abty. He made much of the fact that Mr Watkins was not a council tenant, and that was a reason for none involvement. Yet today there are other sub contractors of Ian Williams preping the entrance and stairway to Mr Watkins property. In readyness for finishing the new non-slip flooring job tomorrow. It is not a communal area. That spans only an area at the bottom of the stairs. I wonder also if he, not being a Council tenant, will be getting the doorway entrance system? And whether he is to be charged for it? And is he being charged for the new flooring?

I am still waiting for someone from your maintenance dept to call. To view the attic for the holes in the roof. You will need to contact Mr Watkins as the trap door is located in his flat. It would be more beneficial to you. To relocate that trap doorway, outside of his flat for easier access in future. While he might be the leaseholder of the flat, I believe you have the duty to maintain the roof.

Yours David Gabriel

I'm a plain speaking man Mr Vine. My stress levels have zoomed due to this latest piece of fkwittery. I should point out that given its 'unlawful to discriminate someone on their means of expression' that this tenancy agreement is in breech of said law and therefore makes the whole thing 'Worthless'.

But hey you won't find the ombudsman upholding that insight based on past performance. Shall we Mr Vine? 

All this comes at the same time as the annual do you wish to remain on the re-housing list. In the comments section I wrote the following. Given that they have had 3 seperate doctors letters saying. That living in this property causes me stress and anxiety that I can well do without.

''It is my belief your dept. has aided n abetted. Both hate crime and the violation of my right to the peaceful enjoyment of my home since 2002. By refusing to re-house me since that date. Its current manifestation will be another official complaint on Mon 21.11.2016''

That form is dated 20.11.2016.

I have shot some video for evidential purposes, as mentioned in the email. I have yet to upload them to youtube. One deals with the state of the hallway n stairs, prior to the covering up of the new. I ask the Question in the video. If you were a landlord who would you prefer as a tenant Mr Vine?

My money is on me Mr Vine. Cos I found myself having to apologize for the state of the entry way with the 'I take no responsibility for this area'. Why the hell should I. I do enough to maintain the front and rear of it as it is.

Mr Live in squalor can pull his finger out. Cos while it looks lovely now, how long is it going to remain that way. Not that I care. I pray that soon I shall be re-housed and this place a distant memory.

I am currently looking to see if there are any legal remedies whereby this latest bit of hate crime (Remember how it takes many forms Mr Vine) Is put to an end.

Video updates hopefully coming soon. Meanwhile the song for today is ''I see a red door and I have painted it black'' and of course. ''I heard it on the news today . . . oh boy . . . how Cardiff County Councils tenancy management team were all arrested''

We can all dream eh Mr Vine. That sure would be Social Justice in action Eh Police Commissioner?


Hey Mr Vine I had me Moh's micrographic surgery yesterday. A big Shout Out to all at the Heath Hospitals dermatology department. Especially Jong who carried out the surgery, and his lovely helper Helen.

Some additional thoughts Mr Vine.

1) Maybe I should have kept quiet, about how the tealight heaters. Had made living here the warmest I've ever been at this property. Since I first moved here in 1999.

2) Am I able to invoice Cardiff County Councils tenancy management team. For additional heating costs ?

3) What is the minimum temperatures for office workers? Seems like its 16 degrees with 13 if your doing lots of physical activity. I mentioned this to Mr Abty I had in my mind it was 18 or 19 degrees. But for tenants. Heck had the central heating on for an hour n half and the temp was still 3 degrees in the bathroom/toilet on saturday.

Well the temp got low enough last night for my water barrels to have a coating of ice today Mr Vine. Wont be long now before the pipes burst me thinkums.

This is a foto of the thickness of the ice today thurs 1/12/2016.

Update over.


Yeah I've been tweeting Your Honour. Like this . . .  

 And like this . . . 
and this . . .
and the reason is all because our Councils have been allowed to embezzle their Housing Revenue Accounts for decades. That is why we have a housing crisis. Isn't it Mr Carwyn Jones. Isn't it Mr Vine!

No demands by Plaid Cymru either for Stand Alone Bank Accounts for Council rent monies. So this fraud is ended. Or is there any talk of Council Housing Stock being taken from them for their Crimes against the people, via said fraud.

Nope not a dickkie bird. Seems like endless poverty is what they desire for the people of Wales Mr Vine. The #Senedd members. Or else they would have done this a long time ago.

They have never ever upheld the Human Rights Act for the Right to the peaceful enjoyment of ones home life. Not in the Public Sector nor in the Private. 

I met someone last week, living in a former terrace house. Converted into 4 Flats. Unfortunately for her she is the front flat. All the issues I have raised in these blogs relating to this property. She is experiencing. Its a disgrace and there ought to be court cases brought against these landlords, and the Assembly Members who have refused to enforce the Human Rights Act.

Especially our Councils. But the crisis is bad for them to do that. Isn't it Mr Vine. All because of Fraudulent Accounting.

The BBC don't want that redesignation do they Mr Vine cos as things stand. They are going to be having the right to prosecute 4 tenants rather than 1 for non-payment of the Licence Fee. Cant lose that kinda revenue eh Mr Vine they might have to pay you less.

On saturday Eskimo Man shut the kitchen n toilet windows. He was in that day. Guess his foolishness was even getting the better of him. The front bedroom one was still open. They have remained that way so far. I'll let you know if there are any changes Mr Vine.

So I've asked this Question again today on twitter . . .

@BBCRadio2 Q does Jeremy Vine abet @cdfcouncil in #HateCrime n Accountancy Fraud Well @fmwales @metpoliceuk #cardiff

Under the circumstances I feel it to be a legitimate one. Three heads of Political parties contacted. Relating to the negligence of Cardiff County Councils tenancy management team yet again. No replies, no concern. Probably cheering on Eskimo Man, else they might have done something about it. So this banner is as true today as it was when first painted many moons ago.


Todays thought Mr Vine. ''Are all those MP private landlords flouting the Human Rights Law with respect to their tenants'' By renting out properties that guarantee they will not have the peaceful enjoyment of their homes. That they are therefore in breech of said Law and are criminals.

Yet they are allowed to vote on issues relating to housing. Kind of a conflict of interest. But will the police be prosecuting them or Councils who flout the law. It doesn't look like it, does it Mr Vine?

It hasn't since 1999 when I first raised the issue of this property. Taken to all levels of government, and media and systematically ignored. That is corruption at its finest Mr Vine. So today I tweeted you this.
I've had my stitches out today Mr Vine. The young lady was very impressed with Jong stitching. My only concern is still some swelling. But hopefully that will vanish. Was it an unnecessary procedure. Well, they could have trialed Rick's oil couldn't they? With this willing guinea pig. In the interest of science, or alternative practices. I think so.

I classify vulnerable adults as anyone working for the minimum wage Mr Vine. Most live in houses of multiple occupancy. It could therefore be said that. Private landlords are indeed abusing vulnerable adults with below Human Rights Act legislation when it comes to their housing provision. While the media turn a blind eye.

Is it engineered poverty, by the political elite? That is the conclusion that I have come to. Following all my attempts to engauge the Welsh Assembly Government with some solutions to alleviate it. That they simply ignore. With the complicity of the main stream media.


No the BS never appears to end Mr Vine. On saturday the following from Ms Vaughan was in the post. 


I am concerned that you are not maintianing your Property aand Garden in a reasonable condition. It is important that I visit so that we can discuss any difficulties you are having.

I am able to visit you to carry out a Property Inspection at 11.30am on Wed 14/12/16.

blah blah blah. Yours sincerely Ms M Vaughan.

Guess there have been more complaints against me. I've been singing the 'Value judgement people are coming to visit' I really am looking forward to a visit from the Lady who wanted me to freeze this winter Mr Vine.

I really would like an advocate for the visit Mr Vine. Compared to state this property was in when I first took it over. This Ms Vaughan has a ruddy cheek in my not so humble oppinion Mr Vine. Another attempt at constructively evicting me is it? Remember Mr Vine they let this to me with a broken lounge window, no gas meter and a whole load of other stuff that needed doing. 

I am considering letting one of my sub-personalities deal with them this time Mr Vine. Do I can step back from their game playing. As far as I am concerned they are lucky to have me as a tenant. It's also worth noting they always do this at winter. When the garden isn't flourishing. Like this . . . 

and like this . . .

Or even this . . .

There is no coincidence that this comes after recent events. Guess it's just more of the same old same old discrimination. Eh Mr Vine. 

Never got a visit when Mr Fowler was causing wilful damage to my Honeysuckle or the bloke behind. Who must have got into my garden. To damage the ivy like he did. Oh no visits to those complaints. 

Just to update you Mr Vine. Will let you know what the outcome was after the event. The benefits of gardening to those who live on the edge Mr Vine are many and various.

Tenant whistleblowers need protection from their landlords! Can someone give me an Amen for that one?






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