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The Welsh Assembly Government Shows Utter Contempt For Council Tenants

Hello Mr Vine, Everybody

I had a email reply from the Welsh Assembly Mr Vine. It's dated the 31st of August 2016. It reads as follows.

Dear Mr Gabriel

Thank you for your email of 9 August to the Welsh Government regarding the Housing Revenue Account (HRA). I have been asked to respond on behalf of the Cabinet Secretary with responsibility for Communities and Children which includes housing.

Stock retaining Local Housing Authorities, including Cardiff City Council, are required by the Local Government and Housing Act 1989 (section 74) to keep a Housing Revenue Account (HRA) which records all revenue expenditure and income relating to the provision of council dwellings and related services from this account.

From April 2015, the 11 stock retaining Local Authorities in Wales, exited the Housing Revenue Account Subsidy (HRAS). As a result, they now retain all of their rental income, which can be used to manage, maintain and repair their housing properties and service long term loans. This helps to protect services provided to tenants, provides certainty in the level of rental income, delivery of business plan commitments and thee ability to build new Council homes for future generations.

You refer in your email to the publishing of Councils accounts. All Council expenditure, both the HRA and the General Fund, is externally audited each year and the accounts published accordingly. I have attached below the link to the most recent Cardiff City Council's published accounts for your information.

Yours sincerely

Helga Warren
Head of Housing Funding

Do you ever get those ''Well tell me something I didn't know'' moments Mr Vine. Yeah this was one of those for me. I don't know who Helga Warren is but it reads like she never even took the time out to read the blog. Before writing this garbage, but maybe I'm wrong. Maybe she did but figured she'd take the piss anyway.

What part of this isn't she getting Mr Vine. You know this pic of what would be in a Stand Alone Bank Account (SABA) Ms Warren there would be £70Million held in it. Which is a whole lot different to the £8.4Million Shown in the Accounts you refer to see page 7 here
and the £300grand surplus. When you can see from 2012/13 below in a SABA the surplus for the year would be £13.5Million so god only knows what it would be in this 2014/15 account. I guess I should figure it out Mr Vine. To enlighten Ms Warren, but I haven had the time. (Go on Ms Warren click on the image to enlarge it).

That is with the subsidy taken out. You could add a £100Million plus, if they hadn't been price fixing the rent levels. Rather than cutting the rents to achieve the same Treasury save. ''Eh Chief Constable!'' 

Oh and Ms Warren are those the self same Auditors that allowed for the Rent Rebates to show up in expenditure in the 1998/99 set of accounts? You know those Rent Rebates that nolonger do! When they should have known that the Treasury paid those rents via the Housing Benefit budget, and that like any other landlord they should have just shown rents paid. That they still include Rent Rebates in the General Fund is another oddity.

No mention of so many things in Ms Warrens missive aren't there Mr Vine. Like can we have Council accounts held on file in the public domain for 75yrs please. Cos I would really like to go back through the councils published accounts way back to the inception of Housing Benefit. Just to see the total figure of this mass deception fostered on us by what can you call them. Evil individuals. ''Is that to strong Mr Vine''

But we have an equally Evil Media, Who refuse to ask the Questions raised here within these blogs. 

As you know I've been punting these images two on twitter Mr Vine. 

So far I have yet to hear from the Prime Minister. It doesn't suprise me the Tories hate Council tenants more than Labour in Wales do. She would probably have some flunky write similar drivel that Ms Warren has. So as we havent yet been grace with SABA for Council Rent Monies in September, will we have them by the end of October 2016?

And image 2

No media pundits wanted to touch that one with a barge pole either. Shameful that's what it is Your Majesty. They will endlessly debate poverty in Wales at the Senedd. It's just lip service, they are just going through the motions of appearing to care. Yet unable or unwilling to make the necessary changes to end it, or at least limit it significantly.

If Councils are not funded properly, its not the fault of Council tenants. They are not the fodder for the professional elite to make rich pickings off. 

Anyway that's the state of play. Plaid the Conservatives all play their part in keeping this sham of ''Ring Fenced'' Rents on the go. By refusing to calculate as I have the monies that would be in a SABA and challenge Carwyn Jones on Labours comprehension of accounting. Demanding the immediate introduction of SABA's for all Council stock. The bank accounts balance to be published annually, with totals in and out. You guessed it Mr Vine 'Kept in the public domain for 75yrs'.

Any point in me making a complaint directly to the Welsh Assembly. That would be as another fools errand. Like the one  I made when trying to draw the Local Government Ombudsman's attention to these matters. Now wouldn't it. I'd probably get the same reply. We don't take blogs as evidence.

I really ought to ask them to ''Print it off why don't you, and treat it as my sworn testimony'' and ''Hey while your at it. Do the same with my twitter feed will ya!'' I'm sure you will find the web of complicity interesting.

I really should post some of the tweets Mr Vine. But those with real interest will already be doing that. But to help newbies lets pick one, so they have a doorway opened for them.


Vaughan Gething Cabinet Secretary for Health well being and sport. How does, living in a below minimum building standard regulations property. Affect your health n well being Mr Gabriel. ''Negatively Sir! negatively!''

Or this one that included the Commons Justice Select Committees twitter feed, alas no reply???

Enough for now Mr Vine time to punt this latest edition of the ''Lets get away with whitecollar crime'' Crazydave report. Adios Muchachos

Oh and remember for a full list of blogs go to

Always things to add Mr Vine. Like this tweet to The First Minister, Mr Carwyn Jones. If your mother was suffering from these type of Parkinson's tremors. Would you be getting her some cannabis? 
Given the previous blog on the subject. You have to wonder, why we allow politicians so much power over us. Because they certainly don't operate out of common sense, do they? 

Given the State of the Housing Crisis. Seems like that is a permanent on going state of affairs. Due mostly to politicians ineptitude. That or the Civil Servants who guide their decision making. For what ever agenda they have. Which certainly doesn't appear to be 'flood down economics' (Sorry but I am fed up with that sickly phrase 'Trickle down Economics'. Let consider Flood down for a while, shall we?)

Put that on the brainstorming board, eh Mr Vine?

Needless to say. Mr Jones didn't respond to this notification in his twitter account, but then the Media in Wales refused to press him on the point. Those Media pundits like the BBC Wales's very own Vaughan Rhoderic.
I had another one to him, but it seems to have vanished from my timeline. Maybe Vaughan deleted . . . its the Hilary thing to do?

I try and involve those in the Caring Profession you know mental health charities and such like. Bring to their attention these issues. For some unaccountable reason, they appear to hide. So it was a Big Up day for #supportingpeoplewales on twitter, and a whole lot of back slapping was going on. So I slipped this in.
While there were 2 RT's nobody ever came back to me. The same happens with the Joseph Rowntree Foundation. Supposed to be for the end of poverty, but don't appear to be willing to challenging government over blatant lies.

Ergo I nolonger trust Charities or Foundations. Self serving organisatios are all they appear to be, in my eyes. Abit like I nolonger trust the news. After all I have first hand experience of their collusion with government. Like this array of banners displayed for 'Queenies Come To Sanctify The Inept At Cardiff Bay Day'


Not all displayed that day there were some around the front as well. The not so nice Police Officers took them down from where I had placed them earlier. Cos they would have inteferred with the medias shot of the crowd. That's how duplicitous our media are.

The only plus point in all this Mr Vine. Is ever since the Cannabis blog post. Mount Vesuvius hasn't been erupting overhead. It's something at least. Ending the corruption in Government however hasn't happened half as fast as it should, Eh Chief Constable.

This banner as true today as it was when I painted it Mr Vine. Unfortunately for the people of Cardiff, and other Counties where Councils control housing stock.

 End of todays update.


Hi Everyone Mr Vine,

I found that earlier tweet to Vaughan Roderick Mr Vine. 
Should have realised it would probably been done on an update day :) 

Still nobody asking questions from main stream media, about the nice bit of duplicity our Councils have going. Or the lack of leadership at the Senedd, in demanding transfer of ownership out of Council hands of their housing stock. 

You know Mr Vine for the nominal sum of £1. Due to past fraud. Also the transfer of the maintenance department as a subsidary of the new Housing Associations created. To be run at cost.

That ought to please the unions. After all, over time. Staffing levels will increase, due to having the necessary investment monies to increase stock.

Lately I've been tweeting @fmwales with ''Explain to the people of Cardiff the loss of £172 million in investment monies for Social Housing'' Mr Jones refuses to respond, as ever.

In Ms Warrens email you read of the 11 Local Authorities that retain housing stock. I multiplied the Cardiff figure by 11 to arrive at the £1.89Billion for the total figure for the last 10 years lost, by the Welsh Assembly Government of investment monies for Social Housing in Wales.

Due to their ''We really don't care for Social Housing'' attitude. Or else why havent we been hearing on the news in Wales that the Senedd are forcing Councils to create Stand Alone Bank Accounts for their Rent Revenues? In the lead up to a transfer of ownership.

I think their playing with the accounts over the last few decades proves their unfitness to run them. How the hell the cops can just allow it to carry on. Is a tad mind boggling. But then they work hand in glove with government don't they. (Miners strike etc etc ad nauseum)

So I tweeted to the @fmwales while your at it explain to the people of Wales the loss of £1.89Billion in investment monies for Social Housing over the last 10years.

I didn't hear of anyone in the BBC causing a stir by shoving a microphone in Mr Jones face and asking ''Well Carwyn?''

I really should make the message boards with those questions on and photograph them. But I'm doing my best to be in that place ''Where all of this is over'' Because the necessary actions to stop it have finally been taken.

So your Honour for the record, here are some of the tweets. :)

I found this tweet by UK Labour considering the contents of this blog, particulary galling. Especially as I have tweeted the leadership regarding these matters. All to no avail . . . hmmmm!

Time to make you aware of the update Mr Vine. I'm waiting with interest to find out what the 2015/16 set of accounts at Cardiff County Council look like. Aren't you Mr Vine? They generally ratify them around this time of the year. Maybe they have already done it. 

I'm wondering what mechanism they will have dreamed up, in order to fleece it. Just a tad more. Now that the Treasury. Aren't dipping their fingers in the pie?

Or was that just another lie?

End of Update. 




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