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Cardiff County Council Condone Hate Crime
Hi peeps
Well they must do Crazydave cos you wouldn't have had to put up with this incident if they didn't, now would you? 

This occurred 14th May 2014 apparently there was a complaint. Alex did say that the complaint was that it was racists. Odd that workers don't use their own judgement in these things isn't it. But then my nuisance neighbours daughter works for the council or used to and that leads to privilege's the rest of us cannot enjoy, plus the councils corporate discrimination of myself puts it in a higher priority status. I mean 24hrs for a complaint to be actioned on by CCC neigh on a miracle!

Big question is who made the complaint? and if it is who I think then Cardiff county Council do indeed condone hate crime. 

I wonder what I have to do in order to get an 'injuction' against Cardiff County Council from its removal of any other signs that I might place on my home as acts of protection and awareness of my plight?

Again I have had to tweet Dick Costolo CEO of twitter about the #senedd page not showing my banners again with this tweet
Hi Dick seems like my banner pics have been removed from the page on twitter like this one

Oh to have the money to sue eh Crazydave. How different my situation would be if that option were open to me. 

More insidious is this on the 5th May 2014 I tweeted Norman Lamb the minister for social care after watching the video in this link:
  May 5
I watched this … Q why don't do the same as panorama when concerns are raised about a

and then sent him this 
May 5

On the 14th of May 2014 I also sent him this 
May 14

No replies made me think 'Its a good job your not being f##ked up in some care home trying to get his attention eh Crazydave' So much for whistle blower's eh Minister?

But then Mr Lamb follows in the footsteps of the many 'so called' Great n Good who turn a blind eye to good ole Crazydave isn't that right Mr Lamb. The new leader of Cardiff County Council for one who received this on the 1st May 2014 via twitter  

Once again no reply or this May 14

So as we are dealing with complaints how about the 3 times so far that I have had the dogs from n17 come charging at me teeth barred and barking ferociously eh mr Carwyn Jones? and why and how might it be stopped in future? 

Here is a pic of the path leading to the front garden. If you think this is the first time I have found a wheelie bin placed like this your sadly mistaken. The most in one day has been 4 times and not just one bin either like in this pic.

Where the 3 other bins are laying down was part of land that I once upon a time a long time ago used to cultivate but had to hand over to the upstairs tenant who if he's spent two hours on it in the last 12 years it would be an overestimate. 

But his 'ownership' of it allowed his best buddy work colleague to totally destroy the top soil so now its more like clay n stone, plus he lets his best buddy leave his wheelie bins on his land. How very nice eh Crazydave. If you look close enough you will see where the chain link fence was cut to allow access for the machine that ruined the soil to do its dirty deed. 

Maybe if complaints were acted upon as swiftly for me as it appears to do for others. Then that fence would be put back and the snarly dogs less likely to be roaming around on my garden paths? Hell I've seen the customers to Mr Fowlers parrot farm and what ever other pies he has his fingers in to frightened to go up the path when those dogs are letting rip, and so to those who this will be tweeted to, should I get bitten in the meantime I will hold you responsible as well as the owners of said dogs.

I wonder how you would feel if the man who threatened to burn down your fences and other intimidatory actions over time was placing his wheelie bins on land that you used to previously cultivate Mr Carwyn Jones?

Meanwhile this week the scumbags from the estate have been making their unwanted unwelcome intruder visitations to the flat above into the early hours. Sometimes I think I ought to raise a ruckus and wake the neighbours so they can be aware of what their little treasures have been up to.

Meanwhile I've been doing some interior decorating and getting some paintings of a non-political nature on the wall these are usually painted over the Xmas my gift to myself as it were enjoy oh and any other council tenant producing something similar would probably be splashed all over the tenant times eh Crazydave! yup.

and then there are these that come from what I call my ashtray drawings maybe one day I might blog on how they are created.

Hope you like them.

Another song I sing to educate the thoughtless is this.

I'm living in a favela in Cardiff Town
I'm living in a favela in Cardiff Town
I'm living in a favela in Cardiff Town
I don't need to go to Brazil 

I don't need to go
I don't need to go 
I don't need to go to Brazil

But they appear not to comprehend the message, and I doubt the Welsh Assembly government do either.

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There's been no response from the twitter tweets to the Usual Suspects (see above) but I did come across this FREE SOLAR PANELS from this company 

Well that's raised a whole host of questions. One being why aren't all Social Housing in Wales being fitted with them, with regards to the Heating versus Eating debate?

Can a better deal be done so that tenants might get a % payment not 37% that this company is offering but more a 60% share. Would it be viable for them to do it at that figure? Well seeing as they are getting a lot more volume maybe!

Their system does not appear to include battery storage, not as if we get that much sun lately but a system that did include it and I've seen those videos on youtube from living off the grid American geniuses. So that night time use is also available.

Another question is . . . achem! Why haven't the Welsh Assembly Government in its what 14 years in office never made this so? As ever I would like to see this combined with micro wind turbines 2 at least with options on a third in the garden, cos I get lots of wind at this premises. If there aren't any companies offering free install and a percentage take of the energy generated funds . . . Well why not get the people at A Shade Greener to talk with a manufacturer of micro turbines as a way for them to fund their business . . . so we can be producers of our own energy . . . living a muchcho moro sustainable life !

You will also note that is offering one year free electricity for any referral made that takes up their system. If someone does actually act on this part of the blog is there any likelihood that I might get free electricity for the rest of my life, given that in Cardiff Councils Housing stock there are 17,500 potential installations? A few squidillions wouldn't go amiss either eh Crazydave . . . nope . . . for being such a caring, accountable person . . . n cos Gaia loves me!

Does anyone have a figure on all Social Housing in Wales?

Well time to send an email seeing as tweets don't get responded to Chief Constable Mr Peter Vaughan Malfeasance all over again don'tcha know?
Eh Judge Hickinbottom . . . meanwhile all the free energy available from our rivers continues to go to waste . . . what idiots we are!

Anyone know why google has taken Russia off the stats page? Oh yeah games are being played . . . and the slaughter of the innocent continues around the globe . . . ?

Update over All the best people xx!

Oops here is the copy of the email :

Hello everybody

Some of you I have sent the link to via twitter. As you do not seem to wish to respond to those messages it's time you had it in email form. The link is this

I have updated it today but doubt that the media will question you over any of it. As they have been as complicit in condoning hate crime as much as, all members of the Welsh Assembly Government. Since February 2004 when I first demonstrated outside its office down Cardiff Bay and prior to that when all recieved the redesignate houses of multiple occupancy shared houses letter . . . if they had any intention of reducing poverty it would have been acted upon a decade ago.

So can you have a meeting and at least get the fence fixed for now as I doubt c2c or Sarah McGill and her maintenace department will do it of their own accord.

Yours as ever David Gabriel aka Crazydave

and it went to these people: news@itvwales 

Sent at 16.11 hours time to tweet mwah!

UPDATE 11th JUNE 2014

Well well I recieved this email sent 09/06/2014


I apologise I am trying to trace the fence repair  do you have a reference number we seem to have difficulty tracing the repair

Regards  Sue

Makes you wonder? there were a couple of copy correspondence with the email it being sent hither n thither by various people at the council. I don't know the department Sue works in it didn't say on the email but here is the reply sent on the 10/6/2014.

Why don't you look at the blog and where the wheelie bin is fallen over you will see a chain link fence, open to n17 closing that might just stop their dogs wandering around? There are no reference numbers its a fresh complaint. The dividing fence I have erected between me and Mr Watkins the tenant in 15a G(removed for privacy) is because the council refused to do it themselves! I trust this helps with your dilemma.

David Gabriel

My inner child was asking 'Are they all numb nuts Dwave or just playing stupid games again' it didn't use stupid but the censors would be moaning again isn't that right Kate Berry?

So far Sue hasn't got back to me. But today the nuisance neighbours were up to their summer games. It happens every year, taking a sledge hammer to crack a nut, they seem to delight in cutting the support wires to the Honeysuckle that runs along the front fence, when they trim it back. Hell I've tried showing them by example that our fingers are enough for alot of it, and hand shears for swift cutting but its lost on them. We must use motorised tools. If I had a 10to1 bet on them doing it every summer I'd be a wealthy man by now. 'Don't be swilly Dwave da bookies would have stopped taking bets years ago' chimes my inner child.

No other either acknowledgements or replies although Mr Cameron n Mr Cleggs autoresponder replies came through. 'We're just to busy Crazydave'
yeah yeah.

Update over peeps.