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Cardiff County Council Threaten Blogger With Eviction

Hi People

You couldn't dream it up could you. Well Cardiff County Council have and though I've been told not to I shall. Because this is 50 shades of wrong!

Dear Mr Gabriel  

Re: use of recording equipment 

On the 15th July 2014, two officers from our Tenancy Management Team visited your property to discuss a Conservatory that you were erecting. The reason for the visit was that in accordance with your Tenancy Agreement you are not allowed to erect any structures at the tenancy without the permission of the local Authority (Paragraph 3.18).

As the visit was coming to an end, one of our officers became aware that you were using videoing equipment to record the visit. It has since come to our attention that you subsequently downloaded the recording to "Youtube".

We refer you to your tenancy agreement. We refer you in particular to the following:-

              "3.6    You will ensure that personal surveillance/recording equipment is not used which may intrude upon the privacy of any other person"

##therefore we would confirm that given that you used personal surveillance equipment when oficers attend your property that there is a breach of your tenancy agreement. At no point did you ask the officers if they were happy to be recorded and then you proceeded to download the same to Youtube. This is also an infringement of their privacy rights.

On our request, Youtube have confirmed that the aforementioned material was removed from the site as it was a "privacy violation" and against their guidelines.

We now request, as per your tenancy agreement, that you do not use any such equipment to record the visit when Cardiff Council officers visit your home. Should you feel it necessary, you are welcome to have a personal representative  at the appointment but I must stress that we are not happy for our Officers to be recorded against their will. Should you fail to do so the same Local Authority will have no option but to take action against your tenancy.

We also request that you remove and refrain from using any specific information about Cardiff Council Officers such as names and email addresses on your blogs.

The remedies available to the Local Authority are possession and injunctive relief. Possession can be sought on the basis of breach of your tenancy agreement as set out above. Also it is the case that should you continue to record, we will be unable to visit your property. This will affect the Local Authority's ability to be able to manage the property appropriately such a visiting your property for Gas Checks which are a legal requirement. This in turn means that you are affecting the housing management function of the Local Authority; including carrying out a proper inspection of said conservatory which means that we would not be able to grant permission for the structure and would therefore ask you to remove it.

In the alternative the Local Authority can seek injunctive relief against you. This is a preventative measure and would impose sanctions upon you not to video or use surveillance equipment at your property. Were you to do the same you would be deemed to be in contempt of court and could face imprisonment or a heavy fine.

Therefore should you fail to remove the downloads as requested within 48 hours of receipt of this correspondence, we confirm that we shall refer this mater to our Legal Department who will take the appropriate action.

Should you have any queries obviously please do not hesitate to contact me on (blah be blah number)

Yours sincerely

NT Tenancy Manager

Oh Hum Crazydave . . . I bet those people caught beating up elderly people wish they could write letters like this. So Tenancy Manager what part of :

'In order to protect myself from Local Authority Officers saying one thing to my face and another in their reports. As has happened in the past. Ask my current MP Jonathan Evans if he has received a complaint from me regarding that kind of thing. Bearing in mind that I have the right to protect myself from any future abuses by Local Authority Officers Lying to me I believe I have the right to  collect video evidence'

The video you refer to in this letter of threat of eviction unless I desist also made that claim. It also has Ms E. state that if I submit a written request 'retrospective permission would be granted'. I find your obdurant tone on this matter at odds with her statement. 

A Judge might say 'Tenancy Manager you ought to be grateful you have a tenant who takes an interest in his dwelling'.

Or a Judge who says 'We need more people like Crazydave who deem it their civic duty to point out improvements that can be made by the Local Authority in its housing stock . . . Can you tell the court Tenancy Manager at the time of your writing this letter to Crazydave had any meetings taken place to discuss the option of installing Free Wind Turbines and Solar Panels for all Local Authority tenancies?'

Or a judge might say 'In Crazydaves email to Ms E he states that he is the victim of hate crime, what investigations did the Local Authority make into this matter prior to this letter . . . I suggest None Were Tenancy Manager'

This blogs overall title is was and always shall be Cardiff County Council its Corporate Discrimination of Crazydave I find your letter exemplifies that heading to a tee.

I have always hated bullies TM,  your letter to me is that of a Corporate bully. In the fullness of time I fully expect "Youtube" to reinstate the above mentioned video, that they took down without so much as dedicated email where I could lodge an "In the Public Interest Objection"

While the changes to law in England allow for blogging at council meetings it also wishes to make the Local Authority accountable to the public 

But you would have us cowering under our bed afraid to even sneeze lest it violated some reference number in your Tenancy Agreement TM. I think you will find times have changed, and that if I am to be a test case for a new breed of Scrutiny of the Local Authority. I guess the phrase . . .  "Bring it on!" comes to mind. 

Perhaps the Judge will take a dim view to bullies as I do. Oh and by the by . . . I am in the process of building myself a shed at the bottom of the garden. It will be a free standing structure conforming to normal shed building regs . . . "Could refusal to allow permission be seen as further acts of Hate Crime perpetrated by Officers of the Local Authority Judge?" 

And how many how many times have they been notified. That email is my preferred method of contact and not phone. No email address on this letter once again. "Guess TM was hedging their bets there eh Crazydave!"

Anyone offering free legal services to challenge this on my behalf message me via my Youtube Channel at iamcrazydave.

Remember for a full bibliography of blogs going back years and years and years go here 

Now where are all those Housing Charities when you need them or Mind with Legal Services for Mental Health sufferers who are having trouble with their landlords eh Your honour?

Meanwhile . . . Not one solitary reply from any of the leaders of the political parties in Wales to my last two Chief Constable. Not so much as a 
'Thank you for the email we are investigating the matters mentioned'

As if I was the invisible man with no serious points what so ever that need addressing. Corruption rife in Wales . . . Youbetcha! Malfeasance is a criminal offence Chief Constable as is Constructive Eviction which this letter is yet one more attempt at. 

As is Conspiring to with hold evidence that might lead to a public or private prosecution. Which the removal of my video from Youtube plainly does . . . and is really nothing more than a smoke screen to hinder questions being raised on Hate Crime!

Anyone else want to point out what this letter signifies to them feel free to message me. For the none readers a copy of the letter will be posted on Youtube with me doing the narration. And all living things said "Amen!"

Doing my Civic Duty people, just doing my Civic Duty. 


I sent the following email to Chief Constable Peter Vaugham on monday the 28th July 2014 . . . and some of The Usual Suspect . . . or The Untouchables . . . as they might come to be known as.

Subject: Hello again Chief Constable‏

I hope you will pass this onto whomever. None of the other recipients bothered to reply to my last email. Which leaves me in a situation where last friday the 25th July 2014 I had a letter from a Tenancy Manager of Cardiff County Council threatening me with eviction if I continue to blog and shoot videos of Local Authority officers visits to my property.

You will note that in the cc of email addresses this is going out to, none are to any CCC members like in the last.

A copy of that letter can be found here with some observations of my own on how wrong this is. I wonder if you had been lied to Council Officers before whether you would have your video camera out when they came to visit the next time?

As for the Malfeasance claim against the others in receipt of these emails, well it looks like they are 'The Untouchables'.

I hope that in making you aware of this letter you might just investigate the Corporate Discrimination claim, and maybe ask Youtube to send you a copy?

Yours David Gabriel aka Crazydave
Well that is the list, and this time the Chief Constable isn't as swift on the ball as the last time. Guess The Untouchables have had a word in ear? 

Malfeasance is a Hate Crime! Oh yessum . . . but the Welsh Assembly Government don't appear to being questioned over it Eh Mr Adrian Masters of @ITVNEWS #thesharpend fame. Its not every day a blogger gets threatened with eviction by his Local Authority in Wales now is it. 

But no bloggers appear bothered by Youtubes attitude or that a Local Authority Officers can seek impunity from scrutiny, via video. How very sad!


Hi People

The cops came on the 30th July and they aren't going to do a thing. I guess neglect can continue as usual eh Crazydave. I must I must I must shoot a video for you of the Conservatory its slowly coming along, and believe me when I tell you it has been well worth the time taken so far. In oh so many ways your honour, you could not possible comprehend.

The cops also recommended that I go the Ombudsman for the Council and those who oversee the #Senedd. I told them I've tried that route but that they are wholly unfit for purpose. They sought to imply that maybe because I didn't agree didn't mean it was wrong. I am sure if they lived here they would see things a whole lot differently.

The real reason for todays update is a video I came across today. I've often been teased by the kids on the estate about my 'Free Food In The Urban Environment' videos and what with the destruction of the Guerrilla Garden on the banks of the river Taff. I guess its not wanted to much competition with farmers eh. But in Irvine Southern California they are actually doing it.

Pity that we fail to try, enjoy this short snippet and yes more variety, especially if you have that kind of heat.

Were limited only by our imaginations! Oh and has any journalist tackled the Health Minister regarding unnessasary Chemo treatments of cancer sufferers. With know links to it being the cause of death rather than the cancer? Eh Mr Adrain Masters!

Why the silence about a Council threatening a blogger with eviction Mr Masters but then Owen Jones has been the same. The cops did say that I was well within my rights to video record the Meeting though Tenant Management Team and that a Judge would laugh it out of court.

What I would like is someone to stop them sending me any more threats. I'd like it in writing, and while I'm sorry sorry sorry that I never asked permission. When this property still doesn't meet minimum building standard regulations I think they have a nerve to chastise me, eh Judge!

So any news on the Solar Panels for all Social Housing tenancies Mr Masters umm BBC head of news. Heck the Director General even. Anyone challenging the Prime Minister over a National installation campaign, all paid for from the excess. Because we will be introducing Micro Wind Turbines so that we have greater Self Sustainability? 

Or don't any of you have poor relations who freeze their asses off in the winter. We live on a Windy Isle. We have the technology to store excess for the individual and when that is topped up send the excess into the grid. Why aren't we doing it then? As for concerns for the birds, when sad gits aren't shooting them, maybe we could fine mess the rotor blades so they don't get chopped to bits?

Update over and remember for a full bibliography of blogs go to  


Hello People

It seems the Bs doesn't ever end. Ms East has sent me another letter, and it goes like this.

Dear mr Gabriel

RE: Inspection of the outbuildings at rear of property

As you are aware we need to carry out an inspection of the conservatory you are constructing at the rear of your property. In order to do this I will be visiting you at 11.30am on Tuesday 2nd September 2014. I have also requested an operative from CMS to attend at the same time. If this appointment is not convenient for you please contact me as soon as possible on (blah de blah phone number) to re-arrange.

As this is an alteration to your property you will also need to request in writing permission to carry out this work. Please have this writen request ready to be collected at the visit.

Please can you also ensure that as per your tenancy agreement and as requested in the letter sent to you dated 22/07/2014, you do not use any personal surveillance equipment to record our visit. Should you feel it necessary, you are welcome to have a personal representative at the appointment.

If you wish to discuss this further please contact me on ( blah de blah number)

Yours Sincerely

A East 
Tenancy Officer

Well I guess its time I sent an email to the Ombudsman and make an official complaint of 'Constructive eviction' attempts by unelected officials of Cardiff County Council yet again.

So that no other Vulnerable Adult need be in fear of their tenancies from the likes of Ms East n Co. Ms East ought to know my preferred method of contact is email, and she ought to have it on file that Mr Gabriel only does afternoon appointments.

I'd like to bet that a Barrister could make the case that given this tenancy is 'an illegally let one' since I first moved here in July 1999 and that it continues to be such that the tenancy agreement isn't worth the paper its written on, and have the jury agree.

All this from a vexatious complaint about a thing that any other house hold could do and no inspection as to its soundworthyness take place. Funny how Ms east granted retrospective permission in the video they got taken down off youtube, and she is still harking on that I need supply a written request. Pedantic when you consider its been granted me verbally Eh Your Honour?

Well that's it the Ombudsman online complaint form has been filled in and Ms East emailed as well as a few other of 'The Usual suspects' here is a copy of the email to Ms East.

Dear Ms East
and everyone else, below is a confirmation email of a complaint to the Local Government Ombudsman as I have received another letter from Ms East dated the 20th August 2014 that arrived on my doorstep on Sat the 23rd Bank holiday weekend! Excellent timing Ms East I must say. Other recipients of this email are aware or should be of the blog post That some have not bothered to reply is their affair. Needless to say Ms East until such time as the Ombudsman has made an adjudication on 'My right to video record meetings with Council Officials and publish them in the public domain should I see fit'

Then I think it best we postpone this appointment don't you? You will note in the blog it does say my preferred method of communication is email. How many types have you told them that Crazydave hmmm, and that I am never ever available for morning appointments. That ought to be listed on my file also, how many times have you told 'em that as well Crazydave. To many.

Oh and Ms East the complaint is one of Attempted Constructive Eviction by you and other members of the Tenancy Management Team, along with Wilful Neglect and Corporate Discrimination I really ought to have added aiding n abetting Hate Crime. Oh and attempting to violating my freedom of expression rights as well.

Good day

David Gabriel
You all know the address

All so that no other Vulnerable Adult who does not wish to bother anyone over the machinations of a Council employee can be free to video record such meetings publish them in the public domain and not have fear for their tenancy when they do so, ever again.

Doing my civic duty people just doing my civic duty. Update over.


Seems like Ms east doesn't read her emails. Cos I had the banging of the front door at 11.35hrs. Rudely awakening me. I did not answer the knocking as as yet I've heard nothing from the Ombudsman, and given that I had postponed the meeting via email wonder what it is that you have to do to get listened to.

So I resent it today with this added.

I find it odd that today I have been rudely awakened by Ms east n Co but as I was unprepared for a postponed visit did not answer the persistent knocking of the front door. I would like to know why it is that they attempted this visit given the email below? and shall be forced to phone the ombudsman to ask the same seeing that online complaint forms do not appear to be getting any attention?

I can really do without this kind of harrassment, or the questions that the ignoring of emails raise?

David Gabriel

And lets see what the Ombudsman has to say. Update over


Hi People
I've uploaded the conversation of the video that the council had youtube take down, for 'copywrite reasons'? I've had to upload it througha different account in order to bypass that. Fail to see how they can object to this, but they probably will. This is to confirm that 'retrospective permission' was on the table 'if it comes up to their employees standard of worthyness'

Would you trust that person after all the above. I have yet to publish the complaint proceedure emails but that will probably happen once its all over. 

I wonder once I forward them the link to the video they will once again try and get it taken down? We shall see, and as its now completed I will shoot a video for you all to see what all the fuss is over. Personally I think its fking ace, but then I am bias aren't I. Maybe I will re-edit the video and put an image of the finished conservatory on this vid. 

Its so nice to sit out under, especially when its raining, and its been well worth the going without necessary to afford to make it. 



Well folks here it is same video sound track as above only this time with pics of the finished video. I hope you like it. I hope you wonder like I do. What all the fuss has been about. Enough said enjoy. 


Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Cardiff County Council Investigates 2nd Vexatious Complaint . . . Meanwhile

Does it ever end people?

Hi and thanks for taking the time to stop by and read, 

Doubt if you remember if I mentioned a card through my door, from an Alice East on the 12th June 2014. But I did. I've become phone phobic with those in the Public Sector. how can I put it. To much negative reinforcement to 'never ever wanna call one of those people ever again . . . no thank you very much!'

Anyway Let cut a long story very short, and reduce my time on this by copy pasting all those emails. To this I finally had a letter from her, it wasn't chasing up the . . . 'are we culpable if Crazydave gets bitten by Mr Fowler's dogs' nope its was another VEXATIOUS Complaint against yours truly . . . Oh yes I kid you not.

The song . . . 'and the world . . . and the world . . . and the world . . .  and the world drags me down!' kinda came often to my mind.

So in response to that letter of appointment arranging to 'Discuss the outbuildings at the rear of your property'

The rear of MY property . . . oh how nice if it were true.

I sent this email :

Hello Ms East

I received your letter on Friday 11th July 2014. Having been harangued by the occupiers of N13 on Saturday the 5th of July 2014 I believe I know the outbuildings your referring to. The incident took place between 1630 hrs and 1700 hrs. After I had drilled 3 holes in order to fit a supporting strut to my conservatory. One to my wall two to the side wall that abuts mine and 13 rear gardens.

The harridan started out by accusing me of drilling into her property. I didn't bother to enlighten her as to her error. She then went on to drag up some nonsense regarding my right to paint the front fence on my side over a year ago, claiming that I had ruined it. It seems a few dribbles of paint has her all wound up. She even left a note through my door at the time telling me to ring her. I didn't bother as what was the point a) I was entitled to b) the job was finished. I pointed out the former along with as far as I was concerned I was helping to preserve it.

It crossed my mind as things do about what we don't say during heated discussions. One of those was I should have said. 'Take a look around you Lady, if a few dribbles of paint piss you off, then you must have a heart attack every time you look a the shit hole your back garden is in.' Later when the thought crossed my mind I duly fotographed the eyesore for evidential purposes.

I also pointed out that earlier in the year when the gales were blowing, the said front fence was about to collapse from the winds. So I went out and using materials of my own fitted support struts to stop it from collapsing. I pointed out to her that 'I never got one word of thanks from you did I lady' also that I have never bellyached about her dog howling at 0300hrs or while we are here its incessant barking since its arrival last Xmas. It is noteworthy that just like there appears to be a marked reduction in the Fowler's dogs similar antics (since the publishing of my blog CCC condone hate crime) that since the 5th there has been a dramatic reduction in her dogs daily barking. How very coincidental?

What I fail to understand in all of this, is on the day of your posting the card through my door did you visit with the complainants, and if so why didn't you point out to them that my conservatory meets with all 'permitted developments' under housing Law? or aren't you qualified to make such a call and if you are not, why have a meeting on Tuesday 15th?

However given that this is a vexatious complaint against me. I would like you to call on Tuesday preferably between 1400 hrs and 1500 hrs rather than the 1200 to 1400 as mentioned in your letter. If only that you verify that the holes drilled that Saturday in no way can been seen as being on her property. As I should like you to write a letter on my behalf pointing this fact out to her, along with Mr Gabriel is perfectly within his rights to paint the front fence, and that Mr Gabriel's conservatory in no way violates housing law.

Hate crime takes many forms Ms East, this vexatious complaint is but one, given that the person making it is fast friends with the residents of n17 and the tenant of 15a in fact earlier in the year said person was parking his car in 13's drive. Why that stopped you will have to ask them.

I also wish to know why no one from Cardiff County Council has come back to me regarding the complaints I have made in the following blog and legitimate concerns over being savaged by the Fowler's dogs and remedies that might offset the likelihood of that occurring? Or is it all one way traffic here as far as complaints go now?

For the others who have received this Malfeasance is a Criminal Offence if we could only get some legal representation eh Chief Constable Mr Peter Vaughan with regards to my previous email you all failed to respond to.

Q. Should I be bitten between now and whenever a remedy is arrived at would you all be as culpable as the Fowler's?
Oh and what about the Free Solar panels and Micro Wind Turbines for all homes in Wales Mr Jones are we expecting an announcement on that any time soon. With works to commence before winter? (starting with social housing properties)

Yours David Gabriel you all know the address.

 Well I hope nobody has been offended by anything written above and if you have . . . ask yourself why?

So the day of the meeting arrived with me and my trusted video camera in hand and opened up my sanctuary to unwelcome guests. Last night i posted a video on youtube of the events that then ensued.

So far I have edited this much together, for those who do not read I am thinking of putting a preface of this to that video anyway . . . I trust my ugly mug does not give you nightmares . . . 


Do you think Public Service Employees ought to be accountable to the public . . . Cos I do. In fact isn't it what transparency is all about?

Will it withstand 90 mile an hour winds . . . how the heck do I know . . . its an experiment . . . its using the available resources to me . . . its recycling materials others consider junk . . . its relief from human beings who think its funny they can walk all over someones privacy . . . its somewhere to sit out when its raining . . . its about knowing myself as someone who dreams . . . its about gratitude for my beautiful garden . . . its about giving thanks to the great mother . . . and knowing humanity is her greatest cancer . . .

'Yes . . . make your own Conservatory for less than $150 folkes . . . using the Crazydave design . . . roll up roll up get the idiots guide on How To . . . for only a $dollar . . . !'

Was I to harsh on my neighbour . . . you decide . . . if a few dribbles of paint piss you off . . . why not scrape them off and repaint if necessary . . . but then this is acceptable . . . .

Sorry . . . but I did not deserve the BS on the 5th of July 2014 . . . no feeking way!

The said email not only went to Ms East but to the following:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

So far only Mr Peter Vaughan has gotten back to me . . . must say I was impressed . . . that has to be a first . . . SAME DAY!

How long ago was it you sent the other email to them Crazydave . . . to long ago my friend way way to long ago.

So the fallout . . . we shall wait n see . . . I've tweeted n posted the video on facebook . . . and its had a score or more of hits which is more than my birds video got on release . . . 'biodiversity is my middle name . . . !' (done in my best W.C. Fields impersonation)

And for your easy and to know its not all politics . . . enjoy!


I hope the blurry bits weren't to annoying . . . and the music helped to sooth your troubled brow . . . if you have one that is. Sadly some idiot has been shooting all the birds, and all the ones you see here have been killed.

Well time to publish and be damned Crazydave . . . being hated ain't nice . . . it ain't big . . . and it certainly ain't clever . . . and its a good job that i know the All That Is does love me without ceasing . . . and i am blessed.

Till update time . . . Thank you for sharing your time with me.

Interesting Times Update 20th July 2014

I've had an email from youtube support regarding the Alice East visit video it reads as follows:

Dear iamcrazydave, 

This is to notify you that we have received a privacy complaint from an individual regarding your content:

Video URLs: The information reported as violating privacy is at Throughout the whole video

We would like to give you an opportunity to review the content in question and remove any personal information that may be used to uniquely identify or contact the complainant.

You have 48 hours to take action on the complaint. If you remove the alleged violation from the site within the 48 hours, the complaint filed will then be closed. If the potential privacy violation remains on the site after 48 hours, the complaint will be reviewed by the YouTube Team and may be removed pursuant to our Privacy Guidelines ( For content to be considered for removal, an individual must be uniquely identifiable by image, voice, full name, Social Security number, bank account number or contact information (e.g., home address, email address). Examples that would not violate our privacy guidelines include gamer tags, avatar names, and address information in which the individual is not named. We also take public interest, newsworthiness, and consent into account when determining if content should be removed for a privacy violation.

If the alleged violation is located within the video itself, you may have to remove the video completely. If someone's full name or other personal information is listed within the title, description, or tags of your video, you can edit this by going to My Videos and clicking the Edit button on the reported video. Making a video private is not an appropriate method of editing, as the status can be changed from private to public at any time. Because they can be turned off at any time, annotations are also not considered an acceptable solution.

We're committed to protecting our users and hope you understand the importance of respecting others' privacy. When uploading videos in the future, please remember not to post someone else's image or personal information without their consent. For more information, please review our Privacy Guidelines

Someone must have told them I'd uploaded, maybe it was the twitter #cdfcouncil that tipped 'em off Crazydave, probably. So I emailed youtube support this:

Thank you for your email

I hope that you have reviewed the video? Its title is

Cardiff County Council Employees Not Wishing To Be Held Accountable. I believe very much that Public Service Employees should be held accountable to the public when carrying out their duties. That they dislike this goes against all 'Transparency in Government' claims they like to make. When acting as a Public Servant they automatically waiver the normal privacy claims that they could make as a private individual.

I would appreciate therefore if you would notify the complainant of such, and that on 'public interest grounds' youtube will not be removing this video. The video is attached to the following blog. Whose contents might help you understand why it was shot in the first instance. Here is the link

How ever in annotations I am willing to amend Alice East to Alice E. if youtube deems it necessary. However given the above and the link to the blog I fail to see why it would be necessary.

I thank you for your consideration of this matter as concerned citizen I believe it is our duty to keep those in authority over us under scrutiny. All the best David Gabriel aka Crazydave.

Well that's the update over me thinks Cardiff County Council Try Gagging Order On Crazydave read all about it in the South Wales Echo . . . Haha I doubt that, they have been kissing the backside of CCC and the Welsh Assembly Government to long to change horses now.

Update YOUTUBE PULL VIDEO on 21st July 2014
And everyone went boo hiss . . . don't worry folkes I'll give you the email to send a complaint about that to . . . heck right now

Here is the email I received

Subject: Notification of action taken on your YouTube video
Date: Mon, 21 Jul 2014 20:30:17 +0000

Regarding your account: iamcrazydave .

The YouTube Community has flagged one or more of your videos as inappropriate. Once a video is flagged, it is reviewed by the YouTube Team against our Community Guidelines. Upon review, we have determined that the following video(s) contain content in violation of these guidelines, and have been disabled:

Cardiff County Council Employees Not Wishing To Be Held Accountable
For more information on YouTube's Community Guidelines and how they are enforced, please visit the help center

Yours sincerely,
The YouTube Team

This was sent from the

So I sent support this back it feels alot like repeating myself but hey the cops are public servants and we are allowed to video them and shout out their numbers without their permission. These two individuals are no different to cops, public servants.

Hi thanks for the email

Is there an appeals process, as I don't think that the reply I posted here and sent in email to youtube has been given its fullest consideration with regards this complaint. Or are you going to be taking down all the TV License Goon calling videos so prevalently posted from the UK on youtube as well?

In the meantime I will post your notification to my blog and see if I can drum up some support for Public Service Employees being accountable to the public and their activities just like those of the police being allowed to be published on youtube.

Accountable local government is a citizens right, I had hoped youtube would have found that self evident and supported the video being published in the public interest. As there are many questions to be asked about the situation requiring the shooting of the video, and the things that Alice East n Co have yet to answer.

Having said all that I still love youtube
Yours Crazydave aka David Gabriel

So tell me will you send youtube an email saying 'I support iamcrazydave, and you should publish his video on public interest grounds. Council employees should be held accountable to the public. What are they afraid of?' and remember its to here

And in my best Elvis voice 'Thank you very much'

All the best People