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The Council Complaint Dept Reply Mr Vine

Hello Mr Vine, Everybody

Well here it is Mr Vine.

Dear Mr Gabriel                   25th September 2019

Your Complaint About Cardiff Council

Thank you for your correspondence dated 22nd August, titled Cardiff County Council v Tenants with Mental Health Issues.

I would like to take the opportunity to address the pertinent issues raised in your correspondence.

Annual Gas Safety check

The details of the gas check have been discussed with Mr Colley, the manager of the Responsive Repairs Unit (RRU) 

Mr Colley has advised that the original order to carry out the gas check was rescheduled from the 23rd July to the 8th August. The appointment was changed due to operative leave.

Unfortunately, no telephone contact details were held for you to advise of the change of date.

In future, if no customer contact details are held the original appointment will be honoured. Mr Colley has offered his most sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused.

According to records held, the gas engineer called at approximately 13.34 on the 8th August.

The operative’s instruction would be to call to the property, call the tenant (if telephone number available) then leave a calling card. Copies of the calling cards should be kept by the operative for proof.

Due to the legislative requirements of these gas checks and the amount that the Authority have to complete it is essential that we comply.

I do apologise for any offence caused by the wording of the correspondence dated 15th August. Unfortunately, there are tenants who deliberately avoid providing access for the Gas checks and a charge was introduced to reduce this.

Your dissatisfaction with the conduct of a certain operative has been noted. Mr Colley will ensure that the operative’s line manager is made aware of this and that the operative is spoken to about his behaviour.

Mr Colley again apologises for the failure in service. 

Electrical testing

You have also raised the subject of the Electrical Testing.  The Repairs system shows that a sub-contractor carried out a test and identified some issues that required a number of repairs.  A further repair order was raised to replace the consumer unit and carry out other remedial works but there was no access.

A new order was raised for an alternative sub-contractor to attend, however, when contractor Starlight attended to pre-inspect for remedial works , you made it clear that they were not welcome and the contractor left site.

For this reason I must advise that it has been necessary to escalate the matter of access to Tenancy Management to resolve.

Electrical testing is now carried out at our properties on a 5 year cycle, having previously been a 10 year cycle.

Mental Health Issues

It is disappointing that you consider that Cardiff Council shows no regard for tenants with Mental Health Issues.

As a service provider, we have a responsibility to meet the needs of a diverse range of people. We run open and inclusive services that are as flexible and dynamic as the communities we serve.

We realise that everyone has different needs and this is reflected in the service that we deliver.

Anti-Social Behaviour

It is concerning that you have mentioned you have suffered with harassment and verbal abuse on the street. Our Anti-Social Behaviour team can investigate such incidents if you are aware that neighbouring tenants are the alleged perpetrators of such abuse.


I have noted that you have already contacted the Ombudsman, although it isn’t clear when. If you are dissatisfied with this response you can contact them again, the details can be found below.

Closing Comments

I do hope the response provided is satisfactory, and again, on behalf of the Council, apologise sincerely where there has been a failure in service.  

This represents the Council’s response to your complaint. However, if you remain dissatisfied, you are free to contact the Public Services Ombudsman for Wales about your complaint using the following details:

§  website: 
§  phone: 0300 790 0203
§  writing to: Public Services Ombudsman for Wales, 1 Ffordd yr Hen Gae, Pencoed, CF35 5LJ. 
Yours sincerely
J Muston
Complaints & Communications Officer

Looks like they don't get any training in dealing with mental health suffering tenants Mr Vine. If you read between the lines. Just a friendly 'Well done son' behind the scenes I guess.

Don't know if J Muston is male or female Mr Vine. I think it best you read this blog post JM I asked them simply if they were honourable men or scabs. They choose to be honourable men. Had they not been. They would have met the art works I created to remind them of their history. Posted on that blog.

So lets deal with the why I had the picket line. I asked at my latest WCA this question.

What time do you go to bed 22.00hrs or 00.00hrs ?
22.00hrs was the reply. I asked 'How would you feel if 2hrs after going to bed. You had to be up to prepare for workmen to arrive at 0100hrs? Would you be happy'

'No I would not' was the reply. Well neither am I JM. Because they will want a 0900hrs start time. And I don't go to bed until 0600hrs or there about. I am habituated to it. Do you want to know the reason WHY JM ? Of course you don't. But I will tell you anyway. 

It gives me 5 hrs where the Scumbag who lives above me sleeps. Shame he isn't an 8 or 9 hr dude like myself. But 5hrs where his insidious presence in my life is abated somewhat. Is better than none. Sleeping underneath him in my bedroom has become and anathema to me. This is an act of Self-Love on my part.

This property stresses mental health conditions JM it doesn't alleviate them. Not that my past GP's have give a tuppenny stuff about that either. Or for that matter the Ombudsman.

The Ombudsman cant even forward a Freedom Of Information Request regarding 'How many garden fences have the Council erected for tenants since 2002?'. When I first made my request for one. Which is still outstanding.

But then I made this banner JM and they discriminate against me for it.

This banner is as true today as it was way back in 24.11.2004. They have had the fencing complaint in various formats. All of which they have studiously ignored.

Yet nobody holds them or The Council to account over it JM. Heaven forbid any outside organisation. Asking serious questions about the configuration of the property in terms of sound insulation. So neither tenants right to the peaceful enjoyment of their home is violated.

Not that Scumbag cares. Water off a ducks back my intruding into his privacy. I guess The Council can give a sigh of relief that the Ombudsman covers their backside on this and many other issues. When it comes to complaints from Crazydave.

I wonder if the tenancy management team are working on a new way. To constructively evict me once again JM ? If Mr Phelps is fine with them turning up at 1400hrs to do the works. Finishing at what ever time. I will not object if it goes on until 2200hrs I will have no problem. And ain't Karma a bitch to the guy above.

As for the anti-social behaviour. I will deal with it personally if or when it occurs again. Because your anti-social behaviour team did sweet FA following this meeting. Way back
when. (video upload 10.9.2009).


While your at it JM. You can watch this and ask yourself why was nothing done to stop that man? Given the Welsh Assembly Government were made aware of the existence of this video. As was your Anti-Social behaviour team. It's not like the cops gave a damn. 19.3.2007 upload date.


The same as nobody but nobody gave a damn about this video either. One of Mr Watkins many lodgers threatening me with physical violence. Not that the cops cared about that either.

7th june 2009 upload date.


I've written about that encounter in a previous blogpost JM. 

I am still waiting for answers. As to why given this small sample of what I have had to put up with here. A) nothing what so ever was done to stop it. and B) Why was nothing ever done to extricate me from it ? Are you eager to know the answers to those questions Mr Vine ?

Oh and nothing in your reply about. The return of the electric boiler. And the taking out of the Gas combi boiler. To save me the £130pa Gas service charge. Money I could well do with to heat my home in the winter. If anyone anywhere in Government or Council really really care about heating v eating for vulnerable adults

All I really use it for is hot water to wash clothes/bedding. I might just might close my contract with my Gas provider and have the meter removed. In order to make future tests redundant at this property. Although I would prefer to wash them here rather than in a launderette. As I have previously stated. 'I rue the day I let them take the electric boiler out'.

If those questions could be addressed. I'd be grateful. I will ask Mr Phelps myself regarding the start finish time. I will seriously object to any 0900hrs start time for the reasons given above. If you could let the tenancy management team know. Because they have blocked my email address. For what ever reason. You might care to comment on that part of the complaint also.

I haven't the time to re-read the blogpost. To highlight any other business you may have inadvertently missed. Consciously or otherwise.

The refusal of the Welsh Assembly Government to intervene in any of the issues I've raised. From the configuration of the property. To the hate crime I've experienced. Lead me to painting this banner.

As far as I am concerned the Welsh Assembly Government have aided n abetted hate crime towards me here. Time after time that it's occurred. As have The Council and The Ombudsman. But lets not forget the cops in that regard either. 

Why did the Anti-Social behaviour people want to see me Mr Vine? Because I turned this. Upload date 28/4/2009

Into this a total deconstruction of the beauty it had taken me 10 yrs to create. Uploaded 2/8/2009


And still they refused to rehouse me Mr Vine ? And JM says get in touch with the Anti-Social Behaviour Team. As Far as I am concerned. They aided n abetted Hate Crime against me here.


Hi JM, Everybody

On Tues the 1/10/2019 I rang Starlight and arranged with Emma an appointment for Friday the 4th between 14.00hrs and 15.00hrs.

To my surprise JM on said Friday I had this in my post. From Tenancy Management.

Dear Mr Gabriel

Appointment on Thursday 10th October between 10am - 12pm

I write reagrding essential repairs to the property.

As agreed I can visit you at the following time:

Thursday 1oth October between 10am -12pm.

If this appointment is not convenient for you, please contact me to arrange another time on 029 2053 7501. You can leave a message for me which I will pick up on my return if I'm not in the office when you call.

I look forward to seeing you.

Yours Sincerely 

Jenny Coralie
Tenancy Officer

Starlight electrical turned up with a Council employee called Joe. I showed Joe the letter saying that 'I have agreed to nothing with Ms Coralie'. But again the Council records will look as though I have.

Later I asked Joe if he could tell Ms Coralie. That her services would not be required on Thursday. I had also told him that 'As far as I am concerned She and her Department have aided and abetted hate crime to me here'.

There are only 3 conditions I would ever chat to Ms Coralie or any Tenancy Management personnel in future. 

1) If I had a lawyer present with me.
2) If I had a recording device enabled throughout the conversation.
3) For all the money in China.

Again the Ombudsman has let me and thousands of other vulnerable adults down. By refusing point blank to make a judgement. 'That if vulnerable adults deem it necessary for their protection. To record meetings with mendacious council employees. Then they are free to do so'.

That successive First Minister at the Welsh Assembly. Like to make pretend there is not an issue here. With the Ombudsman and the manner they handle legitimate complaints. In what ever format they receive them. Is damnable in and of itself.

Ms Coralie and her department know full well my sleep pattern. Her 10 -12 appointment time is just another sign of the contempt for me as a person.

So will I be having an apology letter from Tenancy Management JM. To balance out the lie of this letter on my record?

Just like I ought to be getting one from Mr Colley. But I doubt I ever will.

Again I cannot use email to contact TM. Cos they will make pretend they 'Never received it' So I shall have to ask on twitter can they forward the link to this blog to Ms Cora-lies.(Yep an apt name).

From the meeting on the Friday. It looked like Joe was there to insure that all my 'Scab' artworks were not on display. Before the gent from Starlight entered. Fortunately for me I had already taken them down.

What is annoying is that now my home will give birth to an array of trunking. Here there and every bleeding where. Just to satisfy some jobsworths definition of safety. But that sucker wont be living in a spaghetti junction of trunking. I bet Her Majesty's £369M home upgrade wont be bespoiled by trunking. Will it Mr Vine. Oh no all those wires chased into the walls for Her Royal Highness.

Ah life on the other side of the tracks eh Mr Vine. Cheap and nasty rules the day here. Any aesthetic sensibilities ridden roughshod over. In the cause of expediency and BS regulations.

End of update.  

UPDATE 10/10/2019 

I finally sent the update email to JM, Mr Drakeford and Mr Vine. I tried another email account for Mr Drakeford. Seeing as the others are a tad iffy. From the WAG's own website. Here's how it reads.; 

Hi JM, Mr Drakeford, Mr Vine

I've updated my blog post following Tenancy Management getting in touch. Here is the link
You might take some of the points on board.

Like the letters of apology so they go on my record with the Council. But I doubt if any will. The Ombudsman sucks Mr Drakeford.
Something should have been done about that organisation many many moons ago. Not just for me, but all those other isolated individuals. Feeling hard pressed, by those with power over them. But will you sir? I doubt that also.

Yours resigned to being shafted
David Gabriel

Lets just hope we don't get rudely awakened at 10.00hrs. Because the twitter people haven't replied to yesterdays message. And will Joe have passed the message on? I don't seem to be getting those confirmation emails any more Mr Vine. Have I been blocked?

The tweets 'Just to remind you' as Alanis might say.

Just so nobody can give it the 'I didn't know' BS excuse. Either you are incompetent on twitter usage. Or you are complicit. Clint wants to know 'Well which is it punk?'





Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Repeated DWP WCA Are Acts Of Conscious Cruelty Jeremy Vine

Hi Mr Vine, Everybody

The despicable DWP is in the firing line in this blog post Mr Vine. I've created this poster to take to my next WCA. The third in four years.

Yes times change. But the dynamic of power over others stays the same.

For those who don't know. CHDA refers to the Center for Health and Disability Assessments. And WCA = Work Capability Assessments. I'm sure you know the DWP = The Department for Works and Pensions.

On the 2/4/2019 I wrote this covering letter. For yet another ESA50 form for the DWP. It's one they require you to fill out. Mostly the questions are for Physical Disabilities. But there are sections for Mental Health issues.

Here is the covering letter.

To whom it concerns 2/4/2019

Enclosed you will find various letters sent to your department on previous forms.

They are: Letter dated 1/2/2016 Letter dated 15/2/2017 (Never responded to). Comment made on your form after your 26/4/2018 letter.

Within each is the repeated request for EXEMPTION FROM all further assessments. That request has been systematically denied me.

I note from the reports made by the Maximus employees. That they recommend a review within 12mths. Even though at each of the last two assessments the request was made verbally. In fact I pointed out to (Interviewer B name removed pending any investigation) that I had observed 3 others during my 50 minute appointment over run. That also should be exempt from all further testing. (She nodded in agreement. No mention in the report) I wonder if they are being reassessed so that Maximus can get their £190 per appointment payment. And keep the multi-millionaire owners in the lifestyle they have become accustomed to.

Both employees are in my opinion nothing more than Vulnerable Adult abusers. A) (Name withheld) and B) (Name withheld).

I can only assume that this is Maximus policy in order to maximise profit. This 12mths review BS. Rather than them do the right thing and place ''Suggest exemption from assessment for the foreseeable future''.  But that would eat into their profit margin wouldn't it.

Last year I sacked my GP for refusing to write said request in a letter to you. But then they have been negligent to my health n welfare in other areas of my life. Prejudice is a strange animal as I have learnt from experience. Yes even today. Where some sad joker in this close I live in. Has stolen my food waste bin. I'm sure they are feeling very pleased with themselves. But then hate crime here isn't new to me either. Not that the GP's care.

I have not signed up to any other GP surgery. Given this is not the first GP to not give a monkeys. I guess I will have to put up with BS over this. When and if I end up in AnE. I wonder if they get paid for any interactions with the DWP and such a letter would put them out of pocket. Or is it that they like you just don't 'Get it''. When I repeat and repeat and repeat ''I never ever, never ever, want to go back to the working world ever again''.

The reasons for that I have also repeated and repeated and repeated. I call this ''Mind rape. Emotional abuse rape''. I no longer wish to be ''Mind raped. Emotionally abused raped'' by the DWP. By having to reveal my inner world to another 'Vulnerable adult abuser' at yet another assessment. It's an invasion of my right to privacy and I am objecting to it happening to me. Yet again!

To quote from the 1/2/2016 letter ''To take me off ESA would be to set me up to fail'' ie To intentionally cause me harm. With Maximus aiding and abetting you in this.

So if you could see your way to granting me said exemption I would be most grateful. To not do so would be 'Conscious Cruelty' on your part.

Yours David Gabriel (National insurance number)

It made me laugh last year Mr Vine. When I tuned into your show on the 70th anniversary of the NHS 5th July 2018. I felt like tweeting 'I sacked my GP on the 3/5/2018 Mr Vine. Cos they just don't get it' They are ignorant of the rights of their patients to 'Exemption'. After all it's not something they are trained in.

It would be hoped that following any investigation to this complaint of mine. That the Welsh Assembly Government inform all GP's in Wales about Regulation 29(2)(b). The right to Exemption on various grounds. Both physical disabilities and mental health grounds.

I have quoted Regulation 29(2)(b) in further correspondence. They claim my interpretation is wrong. It's not what say in this pdf. 

On page 2 you will see in Accessing the Support Component  

'That being found fit for work would cause a serious risk to your own or someone else's, mental or physical health, that would be enough to qualify you for ESA.'

On the 1/2/2016 I sent them this covering letter. On yet another ESA50 Form. Oh how I despise those forms Mr Vine. 

To who it may concern  1/2/2016

Attached you will find the previous assessment form I filled out. It is virtually the same as your latest and as I am loath to repeat myself. Enclose it here.

I will restate here, as I have many times in the number of visits I have made to your offices. I cannot cope with the working world. I never ever never ever never, wish to go back to the working world again. I would dearly love that there was a mechanism. Whereby I could have a judgement that your office never ever again write to me regarding any assessment. Due to the anxiety it engenders on lots of levels. Not least being unable to afford small luxuries like internet access. But that is unlikely, given that vulnerable adults are just cash cows for a professional elite. In this instance you.

Any change in my benefit would cause me unnecessary hardship. To take me off ESA would be to set me up to fail. With the likely hood of my facing sanctions and ultimately losing my home. To take me off ESA only to have that decision reversed on appeal. Would be to play games with those who have mental health issues. It ought to be listed as a crime. But then the DWP and its associates, seem immune from prosecution. For the Corporate Manslaughter of those who have committed suicide due to the rigours of our hate filled government despite towards any type of benefit claimant, but even more so the long term unemployed. They prefer to go after the powerless in their ideological onslaught of austerity, rather than the tax dodging corporations.

The Doctors name on the form has been amended to Dr. (name removed here pending any investigation) same surgery details. I trust that this is sufficient to forestall any appointment. A letter confirming such would be greatly appreciated as the hatred they engender within me, are feelings I can well do without.

Thank you

David Gabriel

In 2017 regulation 29(2)(b) became law. It is supposed to be a protection mechanism. From over zealous DWP employees. But as you can see from my 2019. They refuse to uphold that right of protection. To stop the abuse these WCA feel like to me.

The three others I saw in a 50 minute overrun of my appointment. Funny when you consider they banned me from attending a previous one. For being 30 minutes late. What I'm wondering Mr Vine. Is how many more go through their doors. Day in day out. That should also be granted exemption?

It must be in the hundreds per week. I see it as 'Job protection' by the DWP and the CHDA. Nationwide it must be in the 100's of thousands. Week in week out Ka-ching,Ka-ching ring the Maximus cash register. Keeping their USA millionaire owners in a style, benefit claimants could never even dream of.

Should all these other claimants also be granted exemption. Then the DWP would be forced to cut its staffing levels. And Maximus profits would be greatly eaten into. That is the real reason they refuse to grant exemption under Regulation 29(2)(b). The rest is just 'Game Playing' with vulnerable adults lives. In order to feather their own nests.

Once again this banner of mine comes into play.

The professional elite in this case the DWP and CHDA employees. I have repeatedly asked Mr Serwotka the union leader for DWP employees on twitter. 'Why have you never brought your members. Out on strike over the imposition of sanctions?' He never replies. I ask the same question of the TUC. They also refuse to answer it also.

The odds of what I have outlined in my 1/2/2016. Being Sanctioned, penniless ultimately losing my home. Are a 99.9% certainty. As I know myself. If that is not 'Serious risk to my health' I really don't know what is. And that was written before Reg 29(2)(b) became law!

I will leave it at this for now Mr Vine. I shall be sending a copy to the DWP and CHDA. In the hope that they will have the decency to cancel my appointment even at this late date. With The First Minister at the Senedd cc along with your show email.

'You gotta fight for the right to say NO MORE!'  

If only I could find a multi-millionaire willing to buy the above artwork for £2.5M. I would be free of Cardiff County Council and the DWP for what remains of my time on Gaia.

UPDATE 26/9/2019 That Cheeky Mr Livesey

I've been lapse in sending the email out Mr. Vine. I've had a reply from Council Complaints Oh dear. I'll make a new post around that. But to up the game I tweeted this today.

We hope that the House of Commons Health Committee are a tad more proactive. Than Mr Drakeford in his twitter usage. I'm still looking for that multi-millionaire to buy the poster. Maybe it will be the final straw that breaks the DWP's back. Freeing 100's of 1,000's from their cruel regime.

Because following this blog. It is hope that All GP's in the UK will be made aware. Of the rights of their patients to 'Exemption' from face to face assessments. For ESA,PIP and UC claimants. By their separate governments.

With a request that each GP identify patients on their books. Who would benefit from 'Exemption'. After all the DWP contact them often enough prior to assessments. A clearing house if you will. So that the profiteers of these repeated abuses. The Maximus millionaire owners. Take the hit to their profits. They so richly deserve.

''Oh look Duhwave. We just cut dat gerwuvernment assessment budget in 'arf'' ''And saved a lot of people needless anxiety and stress. They can well do without Kid'' ''Yay! Free cheers for Us'' 

Oh and for anyone out there being hounded by the DWP and the CHDA. Use this link to see if you qualify for freedom from Face to Face assessments. From the Women with visible and invisible illnesses blog here.