Monday, 5 October 2015

Jeremy Vine A Wake Up Call . . . Local Government Ombudsman Dudes Unfit To Deal With Vulnerable Adults Complaints

Hey Mr Vine

How do you fancy that at 0300hrs once a month every month for the rest of your life. Because that's is what Cardiff County Council want for me, and what the British Gas Meter reader seems to relish in.

Oh yes he's been at it again. Odd how I told him way back when 'This is the last time I will be opening the door for you' He didn't take me at my word. The only reason that I got up to see who was rattling the letter box after banging on the knocker was because I had an order due for arrival from Amazon.

Its not an easy thing being able to read people Mr Vine. But the signs are all there. This guy gets a kick out of disturbing my sleep. Maybe I should have acted on the email from British Gas a while back but having the Ombudsman tell me to 'Do one' kinda made me disheartened. Very very disheartened, something I will neither forgive nor forget. 

Makes me wonder why they are being paid Mr Vine. But I doubt that you will see it that way. Unfortunately my schedule has kept me from tuning into your show. But given how its the BBC I doubt they will be dealing with this kinda stuff.

For the record Mr Vine this is the whole of the Ombudsman's reply to me:

Our ref: 201501257 Ask for: Carol Westmoreland
Your ref: 01656 641150
Date: 29 June 2015
Mr David Gabriel
15 Gxxx xxx

Dear Mr Gabriel

Complaint against Cardiff Council

I have now considered your complaint against Cardiff Council (“the Council”) which we acknowledged on 3 June 2015. I would like to thank you for providing further information which we received on 17 June.
You complain that your health has suffered as a result of action taken by the Council. You say that you have been a victim of anti-social behaviour carried out by your neighbours, which has been ongoing since 1999. You say that the Council should re-house you into a new property, namely a luxury bungalow. You believe the Council’s actions are discriminatory.
You state that the rent charges should be dropped to 1999 levels and call for an end to annual rent increases. Further to this you say that the business practices of the Valuation Office should be investigated.

You also say that solar panels should be installed in all Council properties.

You also complain that you have written to the First Minister to raise awareness of the above issues and you have not received a response to your correspondence.

I am sorry to tell you I have decided that your complaint should not be investigated further. I appreciate that you may be unhappy with this decision, which I have based on the information that you have provided in support of your complaint. Please allow me to explain the reasons for this.
It may be helpful if I explain the Ombudsman’s role and jurisdiction. His role is to investigate whether someone has been treated unfairly by a public body and suffered hardship because of that poor service. His powers of investigation are set out in the Public Services Ombudsman for (Wales) Act 2005 and there are certain restrictions on his powers to investigate complaints which appear to apply to your complaint.
If I may, I will address your complaints as follows;

 you have been a victim of corporate discrimination by the Council
 you have been subject to anti social behaviour over a number of years going back to 1999
 you should be re-housed into a luxury bungalow

The Ombudsman considers complaints of maladministration (or service failure) on the part of public bodies which causes hardship or injustice to members of the public. We normally take maladministration to mean that the body concerned has not acted in accordance with its policies or procedures.

I am sorry to tell you that as you have not provided sufficient evidence to substantiate your complaint, the Ombudsman is unable to consider whether there has been any service failure and therefore cannot consider the matter further.

You also say that rent levels should be dropped to 1999 levels and call for an end to annual increases. I am sorry to tell you that the Ombudsman cannot look into complaints about the level of rent set by a social landlord. If you consider that the increases in the level of your rent are unfair and would like your rent to be reassessed you would need to appeal to the Residential Property Tribunal. Contact details for the Tribunal are as follows:

The Residential Property Tribunal Wales
1st Floor, West Wing
Southgate House
Wood Street
Cardiff, CF10 1EW

You ask for the Ombudsman to conduct an investigation into the business practices of the Valuation Office. The Ombudsman does not have the powers to investigate the Valuation Office. You may however, wish to contact the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman, their contact details are available on the following website

With regard to your view that solar panels should be installed in all Council properties, regrettably, the Ombudsman can only consider specific issues where a Council’s decision has led to an injustice or hardship to an individual; he cannot investigate general issues that concern the wider public interest without this personal element being established in a complaint.

Finally, you complain that you have not received a response to your correspondence from the First Minister. The Ombudsman does not have the powers to investigate the Office of the First Minister. If you are dissatisfied with the contact you have received from the First Minister, you would need to submit a complaint to the Standards Commissioner at the following address
Commissioner for Standards
National Assembly for Wales
Cardiff Bay
CF99 1NA email address:

I am sorry to tell you, therefore, that for the above reasons, I have concluded that your complaint is not one which we should investigate.
Please let me know if you want any documents you have provided to be returned to you. We routinely destroy hard copies of complaint files after one year following the date on which a complaint is closed, unless there is an exceptional reason to keep the information for longer. We will destroy personal information held on electronic records after 10 years following the date on which the complaint is closed.

Yours sincerely
Carol Westmoreland
Casework Officer
Complaints Advice Team

Well there was a sight lot more given to them Mr Vine. But they do not accept Copy Correspondence or blogs as evidence. Funny that when the blog contains copies of email correspondence, plus the Ombudsman's office like to copy correspond themselves?

If you don't think Cardiff County Council are playing more games with me over this Monthly meter reading, then you must be in cahoots with them. Just like the Ombudsman's office appear to be. Not supplied sufficient evidence. What a load of crock! Turning a blind eye to evidence provided more like.

I added some duck tape to the door to lessen the impact of Mr Ylmaz continuous knocking. Since taking this foto I have added more. Not that it stops me hearing it, it just dulls it slightly. Not that Mr Ylmaz gives a fig for things like that. Lets rattle the letter box as well that ought to get him to come to the door. Eh Mr Bennett wonder how you'd feel if once a month I turned up at your home at 0300hrs and rattled your door till you answered and you knew that this would occur once a month every month for the rest of your life.

Bet you would feel like I do. Which is unless this man is stopped I shall be filing an injunction. Needless to say I have been back in touch with British Gas seems the onus is on me to contact Cardiff County Council to ask them to ask British Gas to remove the meter. After all its defunct and even if it wasn't I would still be seeking an injunction because it is Sweet FA to do with me. In fact the Rent Level for this property adds communal services as part of the Bill. Well that's more Housing Benefit fraud from Cardiff County Council far as I am concerned. Not that Mr Bennett would see it that way Mr Vine.

As for the rest of their 'Do one' letter Mr Vine do you seriously think I will waste my time contacting the offices they suggest. I got BS'D by the Parliamentary Standards previously about GP's who like to tell porkies on DWP interviews. To know they are a waste of time and energy. The only ones who are likely to have the power to say 'hang on a minute . . . have the running cost of Cardiff County Council really gone up by £15 million a year over the last 15 years' Is the Welsh Assembly Government and they are the ones who nod through the increases annually. So they aren't likely to back turn on that are they now Mr Vine.

But then leaders of the opposition parties fail to ask any questions of Carwyn Jones on any of the matters raised in this series of blog post. 'Shame on them' Is what I say. 

There must be sufficient DATA on Solar Panel output per year, to figure out how to finance free Solar for all homes in Wales/UK. but they refuse to take action. Isn't that right Ms Leanne Wood Mr Andrew R.T.Davies. Sufficient DATA to know how to raise the finance. To know with in a year or two how long it will take to get it all paid off. Whether it be by a bank of England loan private investors or the WAG funding it themselves, and of course a nice dividend. 

But they don't appear interested in actually doing something to end fuel poverty. Because that would be another action they could take. I get sick and tired of hearing they are employing another round of consultants. When I have provided them with a number of recommendations they are to pig headed to take on board. That would actually impact on those in poverty. Not just another meeting for the Elite to back slap each other.

I should imagine, not one of them have contacted the french company making those micro wind trees. To see if they could be easily attached to a house or how many would it take to really provide a continuous supply during the gales of winter? 

But then the BBC is hardly likely to take them to task over it are they Mr Vine. After all they kept well hidden my banner protests down at the Assembly during 2004/5/6. Scurrilous B's that they are.

And if Mr Bennett's office assume that I would not be benefited directly from the installation of Solar Panels. Because this property could be furnished with them Front and Rear. Then they are gravely mistaken.

Do I feel they are criminally negligent in their reply. Oh yes Judge pressed down and running over.

Oh and you know the 'Hate Crime' email sent to CCC and others not one reply. Funny how I can paint something on my wall. A fictitious complaint of it being racist be made and it gets whitewashed. But complain to housing complaints of 'Hate Crime' and nothing. 'Cept this from the cops.

I tweeted the Commissioner the following:

I had this reply:

Hello David,we are unable to take reports of hate crime via social media did you call 101? Kind regards,SWP

So I replied with this: 
PS lets hope the Commissioner enables you to take report of any crime via social media in the future

In an age where a stupid kid is facing 5 years for inciting crime on social media. ie Court case brought found guilty and sentenced. The above sound another crock of BS if you don't mind me saying. The commissioner never did come back with. 'I will look into this matter'

Needless to say I never bothered ringing 101 and nobody followed up. To busy eh Crazydave to bother with hate crime.

Here's a tweet to Lesley Griffith AM

Will there ever be a public inquiry into the £30 million a year embezzlement of HRA

But just like other AM's she likes to post on twitter but she doesn't like to reply to direct messages? Same as Mr A.R.T.Davies and this:

Tell me about this Mr Davies or images like this

No intrepid journalist quizzing Mr Davies on that one either. Just like there will be none dealing with this blog post. Asking those oh so awkward questions. Nope they will all be licking boots to further their careers.

This has taken long enough Mr Vine and I have to send the British Gas email to the Housing officers address seeing as Housing Complaints don't wish to reply to my emails. Complicit in hate crime Mr Vine. Not that Mr Bennett can look into this after all its a blog post. Well my oh me we live in the 21st Century. His department will get a copy of this but it will be a copy correspondence email, to save me time Mr Vine. 

'Qwazydwave dey don't take dem into account'. I know kid but lets challenge that nonsense shall we. 'Yer!'

All the best People, lets bring our elected officials to full accountability, that and all government departments paid handsomely to protect us from unscrupulous Councils.

Oh and Mr Vine this is the part of the Ombudsman's web page on who they can investigate.

Bodies in the Ombudsman's jurisdiction

The Public Services Ombudsman (Wales) Act 2005 stipulates the types of organisations about which the Ombudsman can consider complaints.  The list below is based on Schedule 3 of the Act.  However, this list can change over time.  For example, new bodies may be created and brought within the Ombudsman’s jurisdiction, others may be abolished, whilst restructuring of a sector of the public service can bring about changes in names and functions.
If you are unsure whether or not a body is under the PSOW’s jurisdiction, please contact us.

Government of Wales

  • The Welsh Assembly Government
  • The National Assembly for Wales Commission

Local government, fire and police

From this url


That seems at odds with C. Westmoreland's assertion that they cannot investigate the Office of the First Minister. Or are they misleading the public?


One wonders Mr Vine what one has to do to get such a simple thing accomplished.

I've been in contact with British Gas on Twitter, I've been in contact with their Businsess section (not on Twitter and from the #tag #BritishgasBusiness) you can see why they no longer have a presence there. via email.

I indeed contacted the tenancy Management team, and chased that up last Friday. Today I get this email. You couldn't dream it up.

Dear Mr Gabriel

I have emailed the British Gas to ask what the meter inside your property was for and also if there would be any costs involved in moving it. However I have received no response as yet. Would you be able to let me know if you are aware of what the meter is for?

I will email your contact below and hopefully this will speed things up.

Naomii Thomas
Tenancy Team Manager

They did receive this email on Thurs 8th Oct

Hello Mariyam

I have no contact phone for you. The account will be in the name of Cardiff County Council. I have forwarded the complaint to them you can brush up you knowledge of the issue here Unfortunately it deals with other issues as well.

I trust it will be removed by the end of the month so that I do not get yet another visit from your employee. Or I shall seek out an injunction to stop being pestered in this manner.

I have copy corresponded the email of the tenancy management team at Cardiff County Council. Maybe you would be better off dealing directly with them.

All the best David Gabriel

If it had been read I wouldn't have had the email. I wouldn't have responded in this manner:

Hello Naomii

Pity nobody reads the blog post This will take you to the latest update, the reasons why I wish it removed. Look in May of this years post, I believe and you will find the answer you are seeking and why this meter has nothing to do with me anymore.

Oh and Mr Bale, can you tell me why it hasn't been read?

yours David Gabriel

You see as well as Carwyn jones, Leanne Wood and Andrew RT Davies getting copies Councillor Bale does as well, Mr Vine. It would speed things up if they read the blog, both at Cardiff County Council and at British Gas. I also received a couple of letters from British Gas, from Mr Matt Idle, Managing Director of customer services. One telling me sorry, the other asking if I wished to contact the Ombudsman about this.

Well after my dealings with the Public Services Ombudsman do Ireally trust another. Your right Mr Vine a big NOPE!

Well they have up until the end of this week to get it resolved satisfactorily or I am off to the County Court. Supplying this Blog post as evidence. Reasons for etc eh Judge!

Oh no email on British Gas letter or twitter account, just phone. Maybe Matt ought to checkout the correspondence via twitter and see what they might gain in terms of training for employees. Because it makes for an interesting study on 'Hey did you read the previous employees comments or what' How many actually replied was it four or five different people Crazydave'

Hey I have got better things to be doing with my time Mr Vine. Pity our Public Service Ombudsman is such a waste of public money, or this would have been nipped in the Bud in May. Eh Mr Vine.

'We don't use blogs as evidence Mr. Gabriel' Well excuse me Jeremy. 'They bloody well oughtta!'

One wonders if we should turn up at Mr Bale's home at 0300hrs Mr Vine, see how he likes it, and ask have you read my email. If not why? and if he has 'Then why haven't you done anything about it?' Maybe then I would get some action, Eh Judge! 

Update over.


Hey Mr Vine

Sent this email early hours of Monday morning the 19th Oct 2015. So it would be in inboxes first thing.

It would be very much appreciated If tomorrow evening when I open up my email. I read goodnews from both British Gas and the Housing management team. Regarding the matters below.

Yours David

But par for the course Mr Vine there was none. I really ought to go and wake Mr Bale, leader of Cardiff County Council up at 0300hrs. Asking how does it feel Phil and haven't you a duty to reply to Tenants issues. What with you being the leader n all.

So early hours of Tues ready for their inboxes in the morning. I sent the following.

It now Tuesday and there has been no reply. I will have a very busy day today. If my inbox has no update from British Gas and the Housing office. On Wednesday I will have the time hopefully to visit the County Court.

Yours David

Both emails went to the following Judge.;;;;;   

In the last I added this for fun judge. The main stream media in the UK being what they are. Co conspirators in corruption. At least that has been my experience of them. Isn't that right Mr Vine. Just like the good ol' BBC.

Maybe I should put off what I have planned for Tuesday and get my ass down to the County Court. But one last chance eh Mr Vine. Oh and there are 10 emails in the series. But I will not waste my valuable time with those here.



Same old same old it would seem Mr Vine. But at least I got some email replies. Seems that a harassment call every month is on their agenda. For your edification. Here they are.

First British Gas's reply.

Dear Mr Gabriel,

Thank you for your email.

With reference to your complaint, you have asked me to communicate with Cardiff Council regarding this matter.

I have had communication from Cardiff council confirming that they are not happy for the meter to be removed.

Although I appreciate the situation that you are in, as you are aware the account is under Cardiff Council names as such I am unable to take any action without their permission.

Speaking with a representative from Cardiff council today, they have advised that they will be in contact with you regarding.

As such I am unable to assist with the meter removal. If you could let me know if there is anything further that I can assist with or if you are happy for me close the complaint on the basis that this is a third party dispute.

Kind Regards,

Mariyam Juma

Here is the Councils

Dear Mr Gabriel

We have liaised with British Gas and yourself (as you know) and have found that the meter in question is in the communal area, so it is located in the correct area for its purpose. As it not within your home, we cannot justify relocating it as there would be cost implications for the Council ie. British Gas would charge.

I know that this is not the response that you hoped for so please feel free to contact me if you wish to discuss this further.

Naomii Thomas
Tenancy Team Manager

Here is my reply sent to all those in the last update.

Naomii Thomas

Had you read the May 2015 blog here's the link the Then you would be aware that the hallway lighting system in this converted former three bedroom home hasn't worked since 2008. That means the upstairs tenant has done very nicely summer and winter without its use since that time. You would have also found that lodger who broke it, also threatened me with violence video evidence supplied in said blog.

I can only infer that you take my being awakened, at any old time of day every month, for god knows how many years for something that is broken a hoot. Or is it just yet another sample of the corporate discrimination with which it has been my unfortunate lot being your tenant in this wholly unfit for sharing property.

You will hear from me in due course.
David Gabriel

I guess its get my ass down to the County Court and see if the judge has a bit more sense and understanding than these people. I mean a monthly banging the crap out of a door, all for a meter that reads nothing, other than it being in place, and even if it was working have you ever heard the like of monthly readings Mr Vine. Cos this a new game their playing on me, one that I do not appreciate one little bit. 

Still par for the course with Cardiff County Council. Oh and Judge Hasn't the leader of the Council a duty of care to respond to emails from concerned tenants, and his refusal to do so Malfeasance. Yet again Judge, but hey the Ombudsman doesn't appear to care.

Can I have some protection PLEASE?



I had the following reply from British Gas following their receipt of the email above.

Dear Mr Gabriel,
I believe that you are now in communication with Naomi Thomas regarding the issue with the meter.
Can I please ask you to confirm if you are happy for your complaint to be closed, as there is nothing further that British Gas Business can do until we have permission from the Cardiff Council.
Kind Regards,
Mariyam Juma

I wrote the following reply.
No I am not happy Mariyam. As far as I an concerned you are aiding n abetting Cardiff County Council in harassment.

It is the Councils new game, and Ofgem via twitter should be aware of the above claim.
Oct 21

But I doubt they will take blogs as evidence Eh Mr Vine? Nor the Crime Commissioner I expect.

A few of the Tweets sent to raise awareness. No replies.

Time to do one more Mr Vine to you and Ofgem. Maybe that might get some action.