Friday, 1 May 2015

Harassment Takes Many Forms Mr Vine BBC Radio 2

Seems like its a week of vexation for me Mr Vine.

This week I've had the Water Company door knocker and a Bristish gas door knocker. I phoned the Water Company with the reading on Monday of this week. They sent me the cheaque for the overpayment whiched reached me on Weds, everyday of this week the water Company guy has still been knocking on the door and leaving his card.

I'm going to be having to call their customer services. 

Then there is the Bristish Gas guy. Seems like Cardiff County Council has engaged them to read the communal meter every month starting from this February. I've been rudely awakened from my sleep on a number of occasions by that guy. Cos he just doesn't call the once oh no this cracker calls for three days on the trot. Plus he's one of those persistent door knockers. You know the kind that don't just knock once and leave but bangs n bangs.

I don't sleep regular hours any more, havent since the scumbags have given me grief. What irks me is that this lighting system meter he's reading hasn't worked since this lodger of the above tenant fked it up way back when this video was shot, in March of 2008.

Did you hear it Mr Vine 'Do that again and I'll  fuck you up' So what did you do Crazydave indeed what did I do. 

This lodger had been out on the piss, roles in at the early hours. Dotun is on radio 5 live after 0100hrs that is who you can hear playing in the background on the radio.

He slams the front door shut. Which is right next to my bedroom where I was taking a nap. The registered tenant was away for the night! and then he proceeds to slam the entrance door to the flat. Very nice I don't think. I subscribe to the school of thought that 'what you allow will continue'. 

So I got up out of bed, turned the radio on and gave my inner lounge door a good old slam rightbackatchapal. The result is what you see in the video luckily I recorded what transpired.

The usual suspects were made aware of this video and did nothing.

I've gotten into the habit of never answering the front door because its never usually for me, and this metering reading is definitely not for me. So today I took the details down of the employee and British Gas's number told him this would be the last time I am opening the door to him and made him aware he had woken me on several occassions and that this meter has nothing what so ever to do with me. That it hadn't worked in years and that this 2nd reading ought to prove that fact, that its just been ticking over at the cost of being in place.

This blog post will be sent to yet another officer of Cardiff County Council, so this harassment stops. If they want this meter read every month then they can bloody well open the door for him. But seeing as the above tenant has managed to use the stairs since March 2008 without any hallway lighting until I am rehoused perhaps they can do away with this meter altogether, or convesely have British Gas arrange a time with him, as to when its convient to call to read it. 

Ever since I first noticed attempts to enter my flat unlawfully by the above tenants cohorts Mr Vine. I have securely blocked off that entrance way and only use the hall to furnish my Gas meter card take the water reading and my electicity reading. Which again I phone in.

The lighting system was on a dial trip affair. Mostly it was on constantly while it was working and Cardiff County Council refused to change to a push button system they have in most communal hallways in houses of mulitple occupancy. That would have cut down on their costs when it was in operation.

But Cardiff County Council are a very warped organisation, who appear to like to waste money on some things and then cry poverty on others.

Oh and for the Water Company people when I phoned in the reading I gave it 00051 the actual meter reading on the day was 00050.9 the reason I rounded it up to 51 Mr Vine is so that it will be a little less next time, given that if the start of April is anything to go by it might turn out to be a dry summer, and I will use a hose pipe a little more than I would like on my lovely garden.

None of this is doing my health any good Mr Vine.

The latest email from the Council is this.

Dear Mr Gabriel,

Thank you for your reply.

As advised in the complaints response, if you are not happy with the response,  you can contact the Public Service Ombudsman, all the contact information for this service is provided at the end of your complaint response.

I can confirm that Steve Davies was the Anti Social Behaviour Manager, within the Communities Housing and Customer Services Department. As a manger part of his role would be to investigate complaints and would have liaised with different departments in order to collate a factual response.

If you would like to contact the Corporate Complaints office please call Connect to Cardiff on 2087 2087, who will be able to transfer you through.

Kind Regards
Rhiannon Sinclair

That was in reply to this

Hello Rhiannon

That's right and I replied saying I was dissatisfied with the response in the expectation that the complaint would go to stage two of the Corporate Complaint proceedure. That did not happen and I now find that a) Mr Davies nolonger works for the Council and b) That there is no such department as Communities Housing and Customer Services that indeed Mr Davies worked in the Anti Social Behaviour department of the Council and unqualified to deal with a lot of the complaints.

So yesterday the 27th of April I asked Mr Benyon to progress the complaint to Stage 2 and could I have a Corporate Complaint number pleeeease.

You might like to go here for my views on this matter

Yours David Gabriel

The Ombudsman refuses to get involved even tho it is plain to see I am being given the run around. 

That it is highly likely that they will use my refusal to open the door in future to this British Gas meter reader as yet another attempt to 'Constructively Evict' me Mr Vine.

Rather than get the meter removed. All I can say is that I hope custermer services at British Gas will take action on reading this blog post, if Cardiff County Council or the Ombudsman refuse to act to stop this harassment.
Now that Dr Watson has retired from the surgery Mr Vine I have little faith in any there now, writing another letter to Cardiff County Council urging them to re-house me for my 'nervous exhaustion'

Or the constant pain I suffer from my Achillies tendons, and while the physically disabled are provided with all manner of transport due to their conditions. The mental health sufferer cannot get a simple bus pass. My tendon issues are caused in part from the amount of walking I have done, carrying loads that I really shouldn't but that my destiny call me to do.
That part of the mental health debate is conveniently ignored by the political class, hell its never even raised.

Time to send the email and hopefully put a stop to this nonsense of monthly intrusions 'What we allow will continue' Mr Vine and this harassment must not!

For the concerned individual here is todays tweet to Mr Vine 

@theJeremyVine #JermeyVine … Harassment takes many forms #senedd #BBCqt #mentalhealth @BritishGasHelp @fmqs #plaid15

So here is the email sent today Mr Vine 1st May 2015 to this lot;;;;;;;;

I really do hope I get some help this time

Here is a copy of my latest blog post. For the British Gas Customer Service department, should your employee bang the hell out of my front door at the end of May I will hold you as 'Aiding and Abetting in Harassment and the Criminal Negligence of Cardiff County Council towards myself and your employee of active engagement in said harassment'

I imagine that the Ombudsman will reply again we do not respond to copy letters. Unless the decide that enough is enough, given the content of Rhiannon Sinclairs 28th April 2015 email forwarded with this.

Yours David Gabriel
Either get rid of the meter or have it placed outside Please

I wonder if anyone will ever ask Rhiannon Sinclair 'Why didn't you pass Mr Gabriel's complaint onto your Corporate Complaint dept?' 

Given that my preferred method of contact is email Mr Vine why didn't she also include that?


 Hello Mr Vine

The latest email its self explanitory enjoy:

 Greetings all

The email below was sent last thurday afternoon. Its now tuesday afternoon. It looks like a visit to the phone box will have to be made. See if there is anyone in the Corporate Complaint dept. And ask them to get intouch with Housing Complaints, for all the details.

Its only a pity there is nobody in my corner (Eh Ombudsman dudes?) asking 'Why didn't you (Housing Complaints dept.) make the Corporate Complaint dept. Aware that Mr Gabriel wished to escalate his complaint to Stage 2 of the Corporate Complaint proceedure?' the other might be 'Why was the complaint not handed to them originally?'

Then maybe we can move a heck of alot closer to Solar Panels on all Council rented Properties. As yet another solution to poverty issues in Wales Mr Carwyn Jones! And those lovely French designed Micro Wind Turbines being fitted as well. All Financed via the expected gains from the excess sold back to the grid.

Only a shame The Welsh Assembly Government doesn't buy shares in the company or own it outright. So that it is in a position to better finance itself rather than be a tax burnden on the people.

I wonder if I ought to be putting an invoice in of £100 for every email I send Mr. Jones. Maybe then I might see some action? Back paid since 1999. Oh and Bristish Gas have been intouch. I told them to email Housing Complaints for the details and gave them my address.

Yours 'Shaking the Tree Boss' David Gabriel

Food for thought Mr Vine food for thought I hope. Best I get my ass washed n dressed and down to the phone box, so we bring the day a little nearer when those Solar Panels get installed and maybe just maybe do a deal with the French company for those micro wind turbines or make our own in Wales.

Producers Mr Vine not just consumers. Self Sustainability to a degree and yet another poverty solution via Crazydave dealing this time with the endless debate of 'heating over eating'. 

So easy to do these thingsMr Vine Especially as the Government own the banks. You have to Question what Governments reasons are, for not doing these things? To not even have it on their adgenda?

'Power to the people right on . . .' kinda takes on whole new meaning.

Time to tweet, then wash n get into my out of the house clothes. 

Love n Light people

Oh email sent to 'The Usual Suspects' Eh Mr Carwyn Jones.


You could make it up. Here is the latest email from the Ombudsman Mr Vine talk about collusion. Do things in a different way try to keep them informed about all the shinnanigins of a local authority and they turn a blind eye. Makes me wonder what they are paid to do.

Dear Mr Gabriel

Thank you for contacting the Ombudsman’s office. However, I am sorry to tell you that the Ombudsman does not act on cc correspondence. I note that the Ombudsman’s office has previously asked you to desist from sending copy correspondence. I would therefore ask you to  stop copying correspondence to the Ombudsman as it may be necessary to consider the impact on our resources in responding to you. We may have to consider invoking the unacceptable actions policy.

In addition to this, I  must also tell you that the Ombudsman does not have the power to investigate complaints about British Gas, therefore you may wish to contact the Energy Ombudsman, details for which can be found at the following link

I would like to advise you that no action has been taken in regard to your emails.

Yours sincerely

Complaints Advice Team

The irony of the email was Mr Vine that it was cc to Housing Complaints and British Gas. 

Not that anyone in the Welsh Assembly Government will care about it though is it?

Looks like Solar Panels for all Council properties is going out the window, given this reply. As yet it has not been necessary to contact the energy ombudsman, and hopefully the matter will be resolved without any need to. But I sure would like something to be done about these 'follow the rules or else' people.


I received a reply to the email Mr Vine from Housing Complaints but after the Ombudsman reply wonder 'Is it worth bothering Crazydave' They obviously have little intention of helping or they woul have stepped in by now.

How come they don't have any flexibility especially when dealing with people with Societal issues for want of a better phrase.

So I went a tweeting, here are a couple of examples. For the record your Honour. For the record.

any policy to make this pic a reality any time soon

For those who don't know @fmwales is the twitter address of Mr Carwyn Jones First Minister of the Welsh Assembly Government. With this pic attached

Then there was this one: Leanne Wood current leader of Plaid Cymru

@LeanneWood #plaidcymru should all council tenancies have #freeSolar … #thisiswales #bbcdp 

and this one to:  Alun Michael, Police and Crime Commissioner for South Wales.

@commissionersw @DisabilityWales @LdWales @MindCymru @swpolice seems the #LGO participates in #hatecrime … #senedd

A link to this blog Mr Vine, and this one so that the image would show up on the #Senedd page 

@ombudsmanwales #fmqs #cdfcouncil @thejeremyvine #radio2 #senedd #poverty #Cameron … #Wales

You notice that its the Ombudsman wales @ direct tweet again with the image above attached. Maybe just maybe, the head of the Ombudsman would get a tad peed off, by phone calls from journalist etc enough to find out what the puck is going on.

Maybe realise Mr Gabriel is an unorthodox person who does stuff in an unorthodox manner and has difficulty following official proceedures because he views them as unnecessary and irrelevant. Given that the Ombudsman has been informed of all complaints, kept uptodate with the majority of replies, and this 'Will not deal in copy correspondence' Well its saves me TIME Judge it saves me a whole heap of time TIME.

One email 3 people responsible for its contents dealt with. My only conclusion Mr Vine is Collusion by the Ombudsman with Cardiff County Council. Would you come to any other conclusion yourself Mr Vine if you were in my position.

'Were my rights violated Mr Vine by the Housing officers when they threatened me with eviction should I continue to video record meetings at my home?' I think so, another issue the Ombudsman refuses to adjudicate upon. Scoundrels! 

Now I need to be doing other things. Three cheers for free electricity coming to your home soon, Eh Mr Carwyn Jones. He's as bad at responding to tweets as he is replying to emails Mr Vine. 

end update.