Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Wales Land Of The Discriminators . . . with a little help from Twitter

Hi Mr Vine 

I've been hiding away. Naughty of me, but hey! There is only so much neglect one can take. As your aware I've been turning up to the paint n brushes instead. Not something that #Senedd appear to like. Given that someone must have complained to twitter about my images.

Oh for a class act solicitor, to remind Twitter that discrimination is against the law. Eh Mr Dorsey.

It seems they have been taken down ever since the death of Rhodri Morgan. From the 17th May onwards. Maybe they are afraid of me showing this banner.

After all Mr Morgan was one of the signatories to creation of the Welsh Assembly Government. The self same government that. Sold the peoples housing provision down the river. For a little bit of power in the Devolved Administrations. 

That was when these HRAS payments first came into being. Isn't it Mr Carwyn Jones? That is when the Treasury started demanding franchise payments, from Social Housing providers. Remember when I said the game was rigged in favour of Private Landlords Mr Vine. You don't see any of them having to pay what 25% of rental income back to the Treasury do you?

All so the Welsh Assembly could be funded. Nice one Political Elite dudes. You sure know how to look after your own. While dumping on the people. Then you all have the gall to claim your #StandingupforWales. BS!

Here are the two that got through the censors on Twitter. I expect they will be taken down after this.

and this . . . 
and you will not see this one in Photos on the #Senedd timeline
Now why would twitter be hiding that from the people of Wales Mr Vine. I think its a good likeness based on the image I used. Oh yes some artists are liked more than others in Wales. Eh Mr Jones Ms Wood Mr Andrew RT Davies. 

Cos someone complained somewhere, and twitter went along with the complaint, and well would you be amused Mr Vine. I certainly am not. The old chestnut ''I might not agree with what you have to say. But I will fight for your right to say it'' Really springs to mind.

You wont find them on #Wales or #Plaidcymru at least not after the 17th of May 2017. This one did make it though.
But then neither can Ms Wood reply to those serious concerns either.

I was supposed to receive another letter from the DWP. They told me in a phone conversation that apparently it was posted on the 15th April. I have 3 choices. 1)they lied and never sent it to me. 2) The post service really has gone to hell in a handbasket since privatisation. or 3) Eskimo man got it.

So lets talk hate crime shall we Mr Vine.

They have finally succeeded in killing my Honeysuckle at the front of the garden.

We have a new names for Eskimo man. He is now called Agent Orange or as Inner Dwave likes to call him ''Mr Dweebfoliant man. Cos you gotta be a dweeboid ta do what he has''

 Where Mr Fowler failed. Agent Orange has succeeded. You know the only thing that I expect to be done is that the council come along and tell me I will have to take the sheet down, again. and I will reply just like I have in the past. ''Get a court order'' Cos I would really like to have a chat with 'The Judge'. 

Note in the image how green the undergrowth is. During the dry spell I bucketed as well as hose piped the front garden. As to how Mr Vine. He's been using something in an areosol spray can. Don't know what. But that has been his modus operandi. When you can nolonger wind someone up, seems that you have to damage their property.

No coppers will bother with this. Only wish I had a forensic biologist for a friend. I would have handed over the leaves for them to test when the leaf drop first started. Way back in April, after my first trim. Oh how lovely it was looking then. Not that any housing officer is going to care either is it Mr Vine. Hell they cant chase up ''Did you get an appointment with Eskimo Man to check out the holes in the roof ?'' With their maintenance division. 

And just like the 3 stooges at the #Senedd they have endorsed hate crime here. Year in year out since 2002. How their Medical Officer keeps their job fasinates me Mr Vine. Oh those hate crime endorsers.  How we would love to see the 'Comes around' for them.

I wonder if he's happy with his handy work old Agent Orange. I wonder if he's really pleased with his achievement. Does it buy him kudos with the other haters? It's not the only game he's been playing. But lets not publisize his antics. 

Here's the 4th in my Star Series that the people at twitter don't want you seeing on the #Senedd timeline. 
So when they start bleating about how they support 'The Arts' You can all heckle them with ''Yeah well worrabout Crazydaves paintings huh . . . Not much support shown there!''

I have finished the 5th in the series Mr Vine it's this.

The one and only Mr Ian Dury. This one has taken the longest of all to do. We loves to paraphrase songs from Alanis through to Mr Dury. Like this ''I havent 'arf known so 'orrible bastards'' to this ''What it all boils down to my friend. Is that Crazydave was right all this time . . . and what it all comes down to . . . is that the Law of Karma is gonna bite them on the ass . . . Cos I've got one hand in my pocket and the other is giving the finger''

We are currently spending time as and when on the 6th in the Series Mr Vine. That's when we aren't having to rectify damage caused by the haters. Or blogging n tweeting in the hope of bringing the neglect the negligence the hate crime to an end.

Time to tweet Mr Vine Oh one last thing http://www.itv.com/news/2016-08-16/nhs-testing-cannabis-based-pain-relief-pen/

Shame they aren't using Rick Simpsons oil. But it's a start. I was dissapointed to hear your doctors Jarvis trotting out the ''Current strains of skunk causing psychosis'' line on your depression section. What gets me with these ''experts'' is. Do they actually know any long term cannabis users? My guess is they don't.

This image was again taken down from photos on the #Senedd page today.
So I posted this 
End of post for now.

Update 1st june 20017

Seeing as we are on a roll Mr Vine. This thought has been on my mind. 

Would the people of Cardiff have voted for a Welsh Assembly if they had been told. ''We will be taking £200 Million in Council rent monies over the first 18yrs of the Assembly. To help fund it'' and the same thing told the 10 other Local Authority areas the same senario. As they all have the same ball park figures. 

If the people had known the truth of it's cost to them and their children and their childrens children. I think they would have given a resounding ''NO!'' But like #Brexit they have not been told the whole story, and still its not publicised. Much like nothing on the news about Cardiff Council taking out a £187 Million loan to buy themselves out of HRAS.

End of update.