Tuesday, 16 June 2015

The Song To End The BBC Licence Fee/Monopoly Mr Vine Mr Bennett

Hi Gents  . . . People

I've managed to record and edit 'The Song To End The BBC Licence Fee/Monopoly' and have just done a little tweeting. Like this . . .

I managed to record 'The song to end the BBC Licence fee' and publish it here youtu.be/hjRvJS2f_QM

I also did one to the First Minister Carwyn Jones. After all he is mentioned in the song now that Mr Morgan is no longer the First Minister.

To save you going to youtube watch it here. Sorry about the guitar playing I am only a beginner after all. I also had to shoot one verse and chorus at a time in order to upload it to youtube. So its a tad disjointed, what with my editing skills not being up to much. The motto 'What more would you do if it didn't need to be perfect' always comes to mind with things like this.

I also sent yesterday Monday 13th June 2015 a letter to Mr Bennett (The Local Government Ombudsman) copies of 2 of the original 3 emails sent to Mr Davies of Cardiff County Council (seeing as they refuse to deal with cc emails)  I didn't have time for copying the 3rd one Mr Bennett.

As ever a covering note was scribbled across it, it reads.

Mr Bennett
Here are copies of 2 of the 3 emails sent to Mr Davies. I haven't had time for the 3rd.
The only thing done was eventually the chain link fence was put in place.
I trust this package will see you take some action. If not for me then at least the rest of the citizenry of Cardiff in seeing Solar Panels hopefully Micro Wind on their homes. Rent levels being reset to the 1999 levels an end to percentage rent increases. The right of tenants to video record officers of the Council on visits so they are held to account and cannot lie about what transpires at said visits. The right to publish same in the public domain for educational and public interest reasons. etc etc tweet me if you want the 3rd email. Yours blah de blah.

PS and the millions embezzled out of the Housing Revenue Account paid back into it.

Remember people for a full list of my blogs outside of this one are found here http://bbccrzydave.blogspot.com Here's to free energy for all and the ability of the impoverished to watch free TV. Without having to pay the BBC for the privilege!

Or one of the reasons I painted this banner Mr Vine. I wonder why TV's were never made that blocked the BBC signal. So that the less well off could watch just ITV back in the day. Never get fined, never go to prison for non-payment of fine. Never go to prison at all. 'Mostly mother's were they Cwazydwave?' A lot were kid . . . and the BBC has the hypocrisy to run Pudsey bear Children in need weeks!

Oh and while recording one song 'May as well do another one Eh Cwazydwave' my inner child is never far away, init kid! 'Das wight Dwave!'

So we did Gaia's Call its a re-writing of Ireland's Call a little tune I learnt for the fun of it. Then had the urge to re-write. Hope ya like it. Kinda fits with the thread of this blog. I was going to change Timbuktu to Kathmandu. But heard a programme on the radio about Cannes Film festival and how there was a film called Timbuktu. Where an enlightened Islam flourished. So I kept it as that, Uri Geller and his synchronicities n wotnot.


Todays main tweet is this but as Mr Drakeford never responded to it the first time around. What hope is there that he will and in a affirmative manner to this latest one.

2m2 minutes ago
I've asked Mr Drakeford before when will trials be held on this youtu.be/hmYNLNF7NBw
Watch it here, and ask yourself why they are refusing to run trials. Especially when you consider the testamony of the guy with lung cancer! Eh Mr Drakeford, Mr Jones, Ms Wood, Mr A.R.T. Davies


Maybe its because they have been deluded by alot of false propoganda about this plant Crazydave. Or they are just a bunch of nit wits. No they wouldn't be where they are today if that was the case. Well they sure do lack for imagination.

When will Wales see its decriminalisation, alongside other EU countries is what I would like to know First Minister? Or should anyone be prosecuted for its posession ask for political asylum in an EU country where they will not be criminalised. 

High time for change on that score don'tcha think people? Or is it just easy money for the Criminal Justice System Mr Carwyn Jones. Helps keep its wheels turning over. With very little to do with crime at all?

Have the American states that have decriminalised gone into meltdown. Doesn't appear that way. Infact all manner of new businesses have flourished due to it. Could the same happen in Wales. 

I ought to do a cartoon on Yanto's Greening of the Valleys. ''Aye we used to 'ave ferns 'ear like . . . but now it's all Cannabis . . . we grows it for the NHS like . . . Aye miracle cures see!''

It might also be another Poverty Solution. Given that it's use is more prevalent amongst the underprivileged? hmmmm Mr Jones or the low waged. But politicians seem to promote alcohol ussage. Me I'd like to grow enough to eat n drink and make my own oil. A kind of health insurance with a daily dab or two. (Watch the video right through) To understand that reference.

The real crime is that it was ever criminalised in the first place. The other crime is that the legislation that criminalises its use still remains in place.

Maybe I will tweet Aled Roberts AM this. ''Make it so Crazydave!'' My inner child playing Star trek Captains again. 


Friday, 5 June 2015

Mr Vine Meet Mr Bennett . . . Mr Bennett Meet Mr Vine

Hi Mr Vine Mr Bennett

Mr Bennett is the head of the ombudsman Mr Vine. Mr Vine is a presenter on BBC Radio 2 Mr Bennett. I have been making him aware of the odd obstacles the Ombudsmans office place in the way of complainants. Havent I Mr Vine.

The evidence of that is in the blog Mr Bennett. This wednesday the ombudsmans office sent me this via email Mr Vine.

Dear Mr Gabriel

Thank you for your complaint against Cardiff Council which we received on 1 June 2015.

I am sorry to tell you that we are unable to look for information about your complaint on your blog. I also note that you say you have provided email correspondence previously about your complaint, unfortunately as this was in the form of copied correspondence we are unable to consider this as evidence of your complaint.

It may be helpful  if I explain to you that before the Ombudsman can consider a complaint you would need to provide details of what the Council has done wrong. I note that you say you have suffered discimination as a result of the Council's actions but have provided no details as to what action the Council has taken.

You say the Council should rehouse you, this would suggest that your complaint may be about a transfer request. Please could you provide evidence of your transfer request and your subsequent complaint correspondence with the Council.

Please could you send us this information by 17 June so that we can assess your complaint. It is highly likely that we will be unable to consider your complaint without this information.

Meanwhile, I have attached a copy of the Ombudsman's factsheet which explains the complaints and review procedure.

Yours sincerely
Carol Westmoreland
Casework Officer

Public Services Ombudsman for Wales
1 Ffordd yr Hen Gae
Bridgend/Pen-y-Bont ar Ogwr
CF35 5LJ

What the Ombudsman mean by 'unable to' is really 'Unwilling to' I think the blog makes it perfectly clear what the Council has 'not done' don't you Mr Vine. Has been 'unwilling to do'.

Not least install FREE Solar Panels on all Council properties Mr Bennett. For one thing. With the excuse that it would cost them to much. How is FREE INSTALLATION costing them anything Mr Vine?

The delaying tactics of the Ombudsman in making a dertermination on that aspect of the complaint ought to be enough to have all the hacks in the country beating at their door microphones in hand. Demanding answers!

But not in the UK. Well I have had about enough of being jerked around by these people Mr Vine. If the refusal of the Council to place a boarder fence around a property. That has been requested since 2002. When the contractors say they can fit one no problem. Contrary to what one Sarah McGill asserts in her email (See the blog Mr Bennett) is enough to start the ball rolling on the Corporate Discrimination aspect of the complaint. Wouldn't you Mr Vine.

Especially when said contractors have been busily installing them all over Cardiff for other Council tenants Hmmmm Mr Bennett? I am almost tempted to put in a FOIR to them and see for myself how many they have installed for the Council since gaining the contract and on what day it commenced. But I kinda get the run around with FOIR's Mr Vine. 

A bit like getting the run around from the Ombudsman's Office. With thier 'We don't deal with 'Copy Correspondence' On the online form that I filled in. Not completely Mr Bennett there wasn't enough space for my complaint list. They have a 'What should be done to put things right' a kind of recommendation section.

If I were an Assembly Member I would recommend that if a complainant comes to the Ombudsman via Copy Correspondence 'Then they bloody well deal with it!' That is one the form didn't allow enough space for. I've been meaning to photocopy the email complaints. They consisted of 3 done over 3 seperate nights Mr Vine. Like this tonight Mr Vine all taking up my valueable time. Given my age and the state of my health not something I really want to be doing Mr Bennett.

I asked the Council employee Mr Davies to read the blog. As if he were a estranged son. Who had just gotten intouch with his elderly father. Realised that he had trouble with his landlord the local council and had been blogging about his experience, and that he would pick out all the issues from what he read.

Mr Davies refused. So I did it and listed those that came up. The Ombudsmans Office recieved those complaints in Copy Correspondence. The Usual suspects were the other recipients. Their email addresses have been published in this blog. I would add malfeasance by those Assembly Members to the complaint. But again their were insufficent character space on the complaint form the Ombudsman provides.

I also provided the email reply Mr Davies gave after his deliberations. Mr Davies was unwilling to look at any issues that were longer than 1 year since first being raised. Mr Bennett's department ought to have alarm bells ringing on that part of his response alone Mr Vine. But apparently not eh Mr Bennett?

I should have known better than to have sought help from the Ombudsman Mr Vine. It just reconfirms the wording of this banner made way back in the day. Only a 'Bloody shame you cannot afford a solicitor eh Crazydave'  How true how very true.

Shortly I hope to be publishing a video of me playing guitar singing a song I wrote. It has two titles Gentlemen. One is 'The Wait' the other is 'The Song To End The BBC Licence Fee' It one I sang for Her Majesty when she came to give her Signature to the opening of another new Welsh Assembly Government.

I changed the lyrics resently. The final verse goes like this.

''So tell me Chief Constable, tell me your Majesty. Are the Fraud Squad checking out the Rent Revenue Account Robbery. Cos the £30 million they were embezzling it of each year. I'd like that reimburst if that's OK with you . . .

Take a load off Mammy . . . Take a load for free . . . Take a load off Mammy aaannndddd . . . you put an end . . . put an end . . . put an end . . . to the BBC Monopoly'' (all rights reserved)

Yes Mr Vine Embezzlement of the Rent Revenue Account via very very dodgey accounts practices ie Rent Rebates as Expenditure. Not picked up on by any auditors of the Council? 

But suddenly being made to vanish to the General Fund? Do you have any idea what a difference not having that in the Rent Revenue Account would have made over the decades it was accepted practice Gentlemen. ''Mega Millions is wot Crazydave!'' indeed. Easliy able to afford the best Social housing this world has ever seen for the citizens of this city.

And its all been done without any questioning of reimbursal of the account, for all the monies syphoned out of it? I would like that changed Gentlemen. Perhaps I ought to take some photos of the kind of properties CCC let Mr Vine.

So tell Mr Vine Mr Bennett have the running cost of the Council's tenancies gone up by £15 Million a year in the last 15 years? and if not 'THEN WHY HAVE THE RENTS?' Questions about percentage rent increases Mr Bennetts department refuse to made a deliberation upon Mr Vine because they refuse to act on Copy Correspondence. You couldn't dream this kinda BS up in your worst than useless public body scrutiny organisation nightmare. Well could you? (lets not go into CCC HRA violations regarding the none discrimination of complainants due to their use of language and the blocking of emails . . . we didn't put that on the list but its referred to in exhibit 2175 your Honour found at http://bbccrazydave.blogspot.com  One kate Berry would remember it. She was the one who sanctioned the block of my emails due to the content of my videos . . . She also has done a bunk from the Council Gentlemen. Gone but not forgotten eh Crazydave!

I will end with the banner reminder of my last dealings with the Ombudsman Gentlemen, I doubt this blog will get a rethink by the Ombudsman's departmental workforce. Hell Mr Carwyn Jones isn't likley to sanction them, cos he ought to be in their firing line. Claims of Malfeasance n all that Eh Mr Bennett.

My 2004 banner. The wording somehow seems even more appropriate today than it did then.

Oh and a another recommendation 'Rents revert to their 1999 levels' given that the account is not being robbed by £30 million a year, and the Welsh Assembly are nolonger dipping their fingers into that pie as well. There ought to be enough plus change to run it at those rent levels 'Wouldn't you say so Mr Bennett' and none of the annual percentage rent increases either. It really is just Housing Benefit Fraud, isn't it Mr Vine!

Time to ping, n tweet and see what we shake outta the trees.

All the best people in this instance  Living in closer harmony with Gaia . . . FREE Solar for EVERYBODY! All paid for by the excess over time.

UPDATE 9th JUNE 2015

Just so you know here are 2 tweets

hi Mr Vine a new post for you and   


and today to keep the ball rolling and hope it comes to someones attention. This cos it's an anti-austerity measure, that will save Billions if taken up. At no real loss to anyone 'Eh gentlemen?'

My Blog 2 Cut council rents an measure …/mr-vine-meet-m…

So when Carwyn Jones or any other Assembly Member go ah tweeting and have a look at all instead of just top tweets on #fmqs hash tag they might just might have a read. Well that's the hope. They probably will not or if they do pretend they have not. 

'Life in the Social Change Game . . . sho nuff can blow your mind eh Cwazydwave!' (Sorry my inner child wanted some imput)

Question: Is the Ombudsman fit for purpose, in dealing with complaints from those with Mental Health issues? 

When they create obstacles that stop them from progressing with a complaint, that are nit pickkey at best and collusional at worst.

From this one's stand point 'They are not fit for purpose'. That's my bit done for the economy today Gentlemen.