Tuesday, 3 November 2015


Hi Mr Vine

The scam that was Rent Rebates, I am told has stopped. From the accounts I've been uploading here it looks like it has. But that other instruments of accounts have been replaced to succeed it.

The Swindle has probably been perpetrated by all council's across the UK to the detriment of the people. Those who we have placed our implicit trust in. Appear to have let us all down. Consequently we have the insane housing situation we are all in today.

That it's been ignored, or rather hushed up no longer surprises me.

Luckily I held onto my copy of the 1998/99 accounts sheet you will see how much it differs from the later ones further on down this blog post.

The figures you see Mr Vine are all in Millions even thought they appear as thousands. This is the way they do it. I am sure its to cause confusion. The same as they use a minus sign to denote Surplus, again for the casual observer to think losses rather than gains. Not how a private landlord would do their accounts I am sure.

Here is how the accounts would look with no rent rebates, just the final figures I will ignore the balance brought forward from 1997/98 as it is a fiction of the Swindle.

 19998/99                                                          1999/00
  £33,867          Total expenditure                  £34,189
-£65,909           Total Income                         -£65,488
-£32,042           Surplus(-) for the year         -£31,299

 £00000            Balance brought forward    -£32,042
 -£32,042          Surplus for the year              -£31,299
 -£32,042          Balance carried forward     -£63,341

A substantial difference to that shown by the Council Mr Vine. Remember that would have been £63 million to invest in more social housing. Even if that meant buying up private sector properties on sale to use as social housing. Not to be left to the 'Buy To Let' brigade. To hive off the cream, of all the financial gain from the Housing Benefit System. 

I couldn't access the 2001/2 accounts or any others before 1998, but those I have are below. You will notice 2 glaring omissions and of course the new additions. The glaring omissions being Rent Rebates and Balance Brought Forward. Interesting Eh Mr Vine! But not as interesting, as the new instruments used. To deplete this account even more than Rent Rebates.

You will have to ask yourself. How much has been embezzled out of this account, in the lead up to this new change in accounting methods. Across the Country as a whole Billions. That could have been used to provide us with a social housing stock the envy of the world. 

As it is. Well I've written enough on that. The 2005/6 income has increased by £2.5 million since the 2000 set of accounts. (Ever rising Mr Vine ever rising) See the £10.5 million in the Housing Rent Subsidy I'm assuming that is the Welsh Assembly take out of the account for 2005/6 in expenditure. Then nearly £14 Million in Depreciation and impairments. Odd how this never appeared in the earlier accounts or was it called Capital financing then? 

You will note that Depreciation is used in all of the next set of accounts. How very odd when the Council likes to boast how its brought its housing stock up to Welsh Assembly guidelines in terms of fitted kitchens and upgraded bathrooms.

By 2007/8 rents are up by £7 million a year (Ever rising Mr Vine every rising even with a depleted stock. Oh how those % rent increases add up. That lovely compound interest eh Chancellor) Another £33.7 million siphoned off in the the 2007/8 set of accounts. Oh how easily the rent monies are hived off. Were the rent monies paid, ever placed in a separate bank account Mr Vine? I mean this is the Council's accounts. What of the banks?

And if they weren't ever placed in a separate bank account Mr Vine will they be after this blog post. Unlikely given my attempts to raise awareness of these things for, ''Oh to many years, eh Crazydave''

Oh and the subsidy keeps on rising to, leeching the account for Assembly Members benefits no doubt. Not in the interest of the people of Cardiff that is for sure. Or the rest of Wales and the Uk. If the same devious methods have been used. 


Depreciation down to only £16.9 million for 2008/9 Mr Vine. If they keep devaluing the stock at this rate I will be able to buy it all for £1. (Where is that smile emicon on blogger Mr Vine?). But look at expenditure in the 2008/9 account Mr Vine under exceptional item. Oh they out did themselves this time Mr Vine £366.2 million siphoned out, and The Audit office let them get away with it. I'd swear but people would hold that against me. Rather than comprehend the reason why.

From what I have read Mr Vine its all to do with a new method of calculating the value of the Housing Stock in terms of use value? But what of the money in the bank Mr Vine? How many properties could £336.2 million buy? How many rent payers not in receipt of Housing Benefit could the Council have gained if this RE-EVALUATION had never taken place. 

What is the balance carried forward since 2005/6 accounts are we in gain or loss? You should notice also that income has now got brackets (43,000) and expenditure left open figures.

In 2009/10 they actually show a surplus even with their own machinations. But then balance carried forward probably wouldn't have allowed for that. (128) £128,000 thousand. But then they did themselves proud once again in Depreciation for 2010/11 £259.7 million. 

They also stared splitting the management and maintenance figures in 2009/10 Something new also arrived Capital Grants (£9 n £10) million for each year. How very unique was that for the refurbishment. Peter paying back Paul? or a Welsh Assembly Grant to you and me Mr Vine.

Here's the final one for today. Same old same old Mr Vine another £10 million in depreciation. Another Capital Grant. Are you getting the picture Mr Vine. I am sure that if a private landlord posted accounts like these then the Inland Revenue Service would be all over them like a rash Sir.

But because its a Council and surely they wouldn't defraud us would they attitude. Well they have and they will. If we continue to allow them. The full ramifications of this historical fraud, will probably be projected by some computer stimulation some time in the future. Lets hope for the people of the UK its comes in months not years or decades in the future, Mr Vine.

And maybe just maybe, someone better equipped than I shall keep an eye on them in the future. So that depreciation isn't used as a tool to fudge the balance. Plus the reinstatement of balance carried forward, and what monies are in the Bank Account for the Housing Stock Rent Payments shown on the accounting statement, below all the other figures. So that the tenants can comprehend more easily what it all means. For them, their children, and their children's children.

I hope you appreciate the implications of this blog Mr Vine. I hope that the rest of the Mainstream Media do as well, and start rattling the cages of those in power. Even seeing if they can locate all documentation of accounts since the inception of Council Housing, and the Housing Benefit System. In order to find out the total combined fraud perpetrated upon the people of this 'Bejeweled and Scepter'd Isle'.

Time to tweet Mr Vine and see if we can 'Shake the tree boss' ? So much money Mr Vine easily enough to finance me a home where my privacy is no longer violated on a daily basis dont'cha think. 

As for the British Gas issue Mr Vine indeed I went and procured the injunction papers a week ago last Monday. But while umming and ahhing, over whether to seek legal help in the filling in of the form. Or to just put the relevant blog post on it, along with a claim for punitive damages. A gentleman from Cardiff County Council came along to photograph said meter.

Apparently they knew nothing about this property in Housing services. I've been waiting to see if the smart meter will be installed. That will allow it to be read miles and miles away. So far nothing. Would the court accept a blog post as evidence was all that held me back Mr Vine. That and they would probably say 'But you honour, we are taking steps' etc etc.

But the judge might just might have had a good old look around the blog, and seen in its contents. What the Ombudsman refused to?

Good day Mr Vine. Perhaps I will add the videos on youtube about the Housing Revenue Account. For now here is the banner I painted way back in 2005/6.

Oh and Rent Rebates shouldn't be in the General Fund Account either Mr Vine. It's a fiction all monies come from Housing Benefit a department of the DWP the Council. 

Almost forgot this pic placed on twitter Oct 28th 2015. We the people demand the £30 million a year embezzled out of #cdfcouncil's HRA be repaid in full, Public Inquiry for crazydave.

Remember for a full list of my blogs http://bbccrazydave.blogspot.co.uk/


I figured the BBC wouldn't waste their time figuring that out Mr Vine so out of interest I did it myself. I haven't bothered with the figures from the 1998/9 account. Neither have I included in this anything on  the statement below total income. As those are figures for the totals used by the whole of the Corporation accounts. Just what would show up in the bank.

Obviously the depreciation doesn't get included in expenditure. But I have allowed for the subsidy paid to the Welsh Assembly Government. Not that it should have ever been agreed to. But that is for a different time and place.

I've used the plus and minus sign, as they are normally used for gains n losses. In the pic above you will see that I have gone up to the 2012/13 accounting year. Where the total balance is +£72 million or in credit. Plus or minus any bank charges, or interest accrued to the account. I think we'd be able to do a deal with a bank, that allowed for interest on the principle. Don't you Mr Vine?

That is the kind of accounts I would like to see. As it shows the real state of affairs for tenants of their Social Landlords dealings. With out all the BS. 

In the 2010/11 set I failed to put the plus sign in front of the Balance, BCF (Balance Carried Forward) and the Total Balance for the year. I wonder how many properties could be purchased with £72 million Mr Vine. How much more income per year, that kind of buying power would generate?

With a spread of tenants to include. Those able to pay their rents, and those in receipt of Housing Benefit. With cheaper rentals than those you can find in the private sector, for those paying.

Not that I've heard anything on the BBC news about Council tenants being scammed today. But lets hope this blog sees to it that such a bank account is opened by all Council's across the UK. For their Housing Revenue Accounts, and that the balance on that account be included with their statement. So that we end this depreciation BS, and have the real figures for a change. The profit and loss accounts. 

People ought to be mad as hell over what Council's have been up to with these accounts. But I suspect they will not comprehend the significance. Although you never know Mr Vine the viewing figures for the blog do keep increasing. So there is hope yet Eh Mr Vine.

Time to tweet. Ooops betta spell check, some people are odd about misspellings Mr Vine. They mistake the chaff for the wheat. 

We the people demand. A seperate bank account for the Housing Revenue Account's of all Councils. So we can have profit and loss accounts to read, at the end of each financial year. ASAP would be nice Mr Cameron AM's MP's. 

With all the monies embezzled out of the accounts, repaid in full. Eh Chief Constable. Isn't that right Mr Ombudsman, as I have suffered due to this scam. Along with many other citizens of this City. 

OH AND MR VINE instead of every 7 years they dump information. Lets hope that after all this they are forced to keep and display the accounts of the Bank Statement for the year on its records for 75 years. Just so we don't go back to being screwed over again.


Well I ain't heard any uproar in the Main Stream Media about the Biggest Robbery in History Mr Vine. Guess alot of people don't like facing the truth when its staring them in the face. I'll post a few of the efforts I've tried to open up a debate on these issues via twitter. Heck you often talk on your show about the tweets you receive Mr Vine. But I guess not about this eh!

Nov 17
What happened to the £72 million Carwyn Jones 2 secure a Thriving Social Housing Sector fmqs 

I added the photo of my workings out to that one Mr Vine. Yeah £72 Million sure would go towards securing a Thriving Social Housing Sector now wouldn't it Mr Vine. With lower rents than you can find in the private sector with a whole load more security of tenure for the tenants. Not that Mr Cameron wants that. He prefers a world where tenants are screwed over, with 6mths contracts and super high rentals.

Anyone gonna ask about Free Solar for all homes in Wales at Senedd today cos Plaid Cymru nor do

I added the Solar Panels for all Council tenancies photo to that one. But then Mr Cawyn Jones is like the rest of the AM's who refuse to reply to tweets from me. Either those in power or those who call themselves member of the opposition. There is a law against such things but then SW Police don't seek to prosecute that law. What with me being a scumbag n all. So I play a game or two now and then Mr Vine, the shaking the tree game.

So when they big up themselves like this tweet does, I kinda have to put in my two pennies worth.
1 million people set to benefit from new landmark Renting Homes law

Will it mean Councils have 2 have stand alone bank accounts for its housing revenue acc Senedd bbcnews

Maybe they read it maybe they don't Mr Vine, just like the Health Minister Mr Drakeford we will come to him soon in another post, and the heads in the sand mentality around the future of medical care.

This one is to hold one Adrian Masters of ITV's Sharp End to account. That and Mr Robinson and Ms Cowayns two Cardiff County Councillors. Who have been in attendance at full council meetings, who have been made aware of my trials and tribulations at this property. But enjoy the fame without the pain. This was in reply to Mr Robinson big upping Ms Cowayns spot on Mr Master show.

hope learn of her being complicit in the neglect of a vulnerable tenant

Well that is my view of her and you might well have the same opinion if you were in my shoes Mr Vine.

Plaid Cymru were Big Upping Mr Mcevoy for his spot on the show as well so I gave them a bit of this.

Plaid Cymru Bet never asked about third world housing provided by Wales Senedd

They were worried about the accountability of local government now that the South Wales Evening Post had changed hands. Made me laugh that one. So I shot them this.

There is no scrutiny of local gov let alone the Senedd BBC Wales Politics

Nobody questioning whether it is right for the Welsh Assembly Government to take such a large sum of monies out of Council's Housing Revenue Accounts Mr Vine. 

So when Lesely Griffiths AM posts this

Increasing housing supply is one of my top priorities - has invested £400m in affordable housing this assembly term

I just have to tweet this

meanwhile Councils in Wales pay millions in subsidies to the Senedd out of 's

Not that Ms Griffiths posts any links to verify what she claims. I sure would be interested in those details Mr Vine. Yeah and how much has the Assembly received from Councils HRA over the last 15 years? Over £77 million from Cardiff Tenants rents from the accounts above just a rough count Mr Vine and that's only from 2006 to 2012. 

What exactly are they talking when they say 'Affordable Housing' Mr Vine? Is it Social Housing or is there something else involved here?

She calls herself the Minister for Communities and tackling poverty. Well its been 15 years since the Labour Party were in power at the Senedd. Yet not one of the simple solutions I have put forward has been adopted. Seems to me they just like to have meeting after endless meeting and never a decision made that eradicate poverty once and for all from this Society.

Based on performance you'd have sacked them in the private sector. Oh and Ms Griffiths has blocked me from liking her tweets. Funny that when you raise legitimate concerns they like to run and hide. Highly paid dodgers is what they really are.

I like to hold the opposition parties to account so this to Ms Wood.

shame plaid cymru didn't call for Stand Alone Bank Account for Council HRA Wales

This to SW Police Commissioner cos the cops ought to be investigating fraud, that £30 million a year Rent Rebates Fraud, and that was just in Cardiff. Can you imagine the total figure for the whole Country Mr Vine if they were all running the same Scam?

following this Alun are we going to get the embezzled monies back

That one included the ''We the people demand the £30 million embezzled'' photo.

Funnily enough I had some issues with photos of mine disappearing from off the Plaid Cymru page's photo album. I've had it in the past I will no doubt have more of it in the future. But for now twitter have responded to my complaint and they are showing again. Someone must have complained. Nice democracy those people want ''Thou Shalt not question'' seems their motto.

Then there was the one sent to you Jeremy.
seems like its ok to embezzle accounts silence at the senedd about

Yep white collar crime seems to be OK with the news media in the UK. That and suckered de suck Social Housing. I sometimes wonder if they have kids.

Here's one to the First Minister he's a regular tweetaholic, but darn if he likes to reply to messages. A bit like the Ombudsman's ''we refuse to accept blogs as evidence''. Funny that when kids are being jailed for the dumb fk things they say on Social Media. Unfit for purpose the Ombudsman me thinkums Mr Vine. Complicit in the negligence of tenants welfare more like Crazydave. Oh I thought the photo kind summed up my feelings about the Scam.

Well Mr Jones do we get a stand alone bank account 4 at

Britain has come so far, but the long march to an equal society isn't over. My article in today's Guardian:

So I respond with this.


Its bigger than The Great Train Robbery but nobody seems to care not

Yes bigger than the Great Train Robbery. they hounded Mr Biggs all over the globe. You can kill people like Mr ID Smith with policy as well as any gun, and you can Swindle people with a pen as our Councils have. But they remain Untouchables. Lets hope that ends Mr Vine very very soon.

This is the only Solution

Update over.


Tweeted Mr Vine this today

last 10 years Swansea Council embezzled £171,287,000 using Depreciation Jeremy Vine out of

Not that he or Carwyn Jones will do anything about it based on current form eh Mr Vine? Also tweeted him this as it was really a comment on his care home costs show yesterday.

Jeremy Vine are Councils embezzling the in order to pay for elderly care homes Wales

You can get the figures for Swansea Council here http://www.swansea.gov.uk/article/6718/Statement-of-Accounts

Its interesting to note that in the years 2005/6 and 2006/7 the amounts being taken were £2 and £3 million but after 2007/8 they go from £16 to £26 million a year. You might also note the annual increase in the rents. Its now up to £2 million a year or there abouts. Lets not be picky.

Now the Welsh Assembly Government have a vested interest in seeing that rise in revenue as they will be taking their subsidy out. Should they be allowed to? Its not as if Housing Associations have to pay this or Private Landlords. Remember those Mr Vine the £9 Billion a year they are costing the treasury. 

Maybe if Councils had not been allowed to use the old Rent Rebates scam to embezzle the Housing Revenue Accounts that figure to private landlords would by now be minuscule. Plenty of funds then to pay for Elderly Care Homes? Mind you an independent costing of those might be interesting. How much are they creaming off the top questions?

But then if things had been done differently all these decades since Housing Benefit had been in operation they would all be in Council Ownership or NHS run. Because the funds would have been there to pay for it.

Better get the photo done of the accounts for those who cannot be bothered eh BBC Trust dudes? 

There you go Mr Vine. Thought I better write out the figure as you and I know it. Notice the large jump in the amount they take out. In a stand alone bank account that is alot of investment money to play with. Sure would buy the private sector out of business.

If they can run their council housing stinging it of £26 million a year. Then the rents must be higher than necessary by said amount. Or is it being diverted to Care for the Elderly? Because they have it in their bank somewhere. It hasn't just disappeared has it Mr Vine?

Your show just ended Mr Vine. Unfortunately for many tenants their peaceful enjoyment of their homes will be violated today, like yesterday like everyday of the year before, meanwhile the scandal continues. I wonder if the people in Swansea realise what's been happening to their rent monies. Not reinvested for their children or their children's children. Wonder what the scale of housing benefit payments to private landlords amount to in Swansea Mr Vine?

But would an Freedom of Information request take a year to get answered, Eh Carwyn Jones? 

A Social Housing System designed to fail Mr Vine and the Elite creaming off the top.  Well it's high time this scam ended for the good of all not the few. Then the monies for care of the elderly will be easily had. Just like its easily had for war. Although how many Kings and Queens of the past have been made bankrupt by war?

End of Update.


Hi Mr Vine 

I see you have a horse throat today. Infecting other workers and making for crap radio, you really should have stayed at home.

Out of interest and seeing as you had the leader of Liverpool City Council on your show last week I thought I would checkout their Statement of Accounts.

Luckily for me I hit the link that told me that they transferred their Housing Stock to Liverpool Mutual Homes. Its something I have been calling for of Cardiff County Council. Why? You will see why if you look at their statement of accounts found here: 


Reading their notes is of interest, especially the piece on depreciation. They appear to do a review ever 5 years. The only thing I couldn't find is the balance carried forward.

It's also worthy of note that for a total of properties commensurate with Cardiff County Council of just over 15,000 properties they value theirs at £305.5 million (see pg 42 for reasons). With Swansea council likely to be less than Cardiff and their Depreciation reaching £171 million you have to figure something is really crooked in Council financial practises. If you haven't already come to that conclusion, from the reading of this blog post.

End of Update


Hello Mr Vine

I guess those oh so awkward questions are not being asked of the Political Elite. Here is a comment I made on a Facebook thread.

The biggest fraud of all is how Councils have kept their HRA for years http://cardiffcountycouncil.blogspot.co.uk/2015/11/jeremy-vine-great-housing-revenue_3.html and how nobody has been prosecuted for fraudulent accounting . . . and if I were in Liverpool I'd be demanding that the Housing Association they transferred their properties too never have to repay millions back but it gets adjusted to a nominal £1 transfer for all the years they conned the people.

Yeah that would be some social justice for the people of Liverpool. Eh Mr Vine.

Nobody is asking how the auditors allowed the Rent Rebate scam go on for so long. I wonder if I hadn't had my banner for the Chief Constable. Displayed outside the Welsh Assembly for year. Whether that scam would still be in operation today.

Then there is. How are the auditors signing off the accounts with the 'Depreciation' swindle? So many unanswered questions. None of them being asked by the world renowned Public Service Broadcaster The BBC. One likes to ask ''Why is that'' 

Because the BBC agenda is for Own Your Own Home, be indebted to banks for the rest of your lives. Yeah on Zero hours contracts get real people.

I've finally come to the conclusion that. The Welsh Assembly Government (All parties) Fail in their Duty Of Care to the Welsh People. By not demanding. That all council transfer their Housing Stock to Housing Association Ownership. For the nominal sum of £1 for all the years they have been robbing the people.

But the Welsh Assembly stand to lose money by doing so Mr Vine. The little subsidy scam they have going there. So they are not likely to recommend that are they? 

Vested interests in policy making Cwazydwave. You bet your ass Kid. I'd call the whole shebang criminal. Not least the Ombudsman's turn a blind eye, cos its a blog. cos its a CC email BS. Cos it directly affects me Mr Vine.

Last week I posted this image on twitter to the following people:
Remember this Wales

The torture in question come from living in a property where my peaceful enjoyment can be and is ruined on a daily basis. And whether the Ombudsman agrees or not I know I have been a victim of hate crime. Not that the EHRC give a stuff about that. They are much like the Ombudsman in that respect. Highly paid to dodge real issues. Highly paid to make up any excuse not to be involved. 

Thrown in jail they ought to be Mr Vine. Criminal negligence would be a good starting place. Collusion would be another. Misconduct in public office for another. I'm sure Carwyn Jones with his Barrister head on could think up a few more if I were his client.

So why aren't Leanne Wood, Andrew RT Davies or Kirsty Williams demanding Mr Jones to Transfer ownership in order to secure a Thriving Social Housing Sector. Well maybe you should be asking them Mr Vine. Or someone from the Beeb. But then 'you' never did way back in 2004/05/06 or ever since. You being the BBC.

I very much expect you will ignore this as well. But hey Mr Vine I like to console myself with this thought. 

In a parallel universe they are erecting sculptures of me in Cardiff Bay For services to the community. For saving Social Housing. For getting everyone free Solar Panels and yep even Micro Windturbines on their homes. We are even maximising the energy from our river systems as well. With new and innovative waterwheel designs. You know sustainable living n all that jazz. Mr Vine. Actual actions that make it more than just 'quaint sounding phrases' But a living reality. Cos this winter more than ever we have seen the power of our rivers.

Does this take away from the beauty of the landscape Mr Vine. Or do we marvel at engineers ingenuity. How much electricity would that pump out everyday of every year. Till the end of time Mr Vine.  

It would have been nice to have had some mobile waterwheels. That could have been deployed in flood damaged areas for electricity, don'tcha think Mr Vine. But no RnD cos its to simple a technology. To be really, really valuable. Isn't that right Mr Cawyn Jones.

God I think I'm gonna puke. Time for twittering Mr Vine. Pointless though it appears to be. But hey we are up to 4,233 views Mr Vine. I wonder what the tipping point figure is going to be Mr Vine. When these questions can nolonger be ignored by the BBC or the National Assembly For Wales? Next week, next month, 5 months from now. Maybe never they would like that.

End of Update


Hello Everyone

Mr Vine knows we are here at last. He liked a tweet. This one.
we are up to 4,469 hits cardiffcountycouncil.blogspot.co.uk how many years does it take for mental cruelty to end

The mental cruelty, is living in a home that does not come up to minimum building standard regulations. For air borne or floor to ceiling sound transmission values. Not that Mr Bennett of the Ombudsman's office gives a tuppenny stuff about that. If I were a judge. I'd sentence him to 16 years of the same. Just so he knows what its like.

Another tweet went to Mr Crabb the Secretary of State for Wales.

Pembrokeshire Council pay £6M to out of its HRA and £10M in depreciation nice Scam cardiffcountycouncil.blogspot.co.uk

Mr Crabb appears to not have noticed the tweet. Bit like Carwyn Jones, Leanne Wood, Andrew RT Davies and Kirsty Williams. I wonder if the people of Pembrokeshire would rather £16 million spent on new Social Housing. Rather than it being defrauded off them. All because it's in Council ownership. 

Silence from the Main Stream Media. Nobody raising the issue with Mr Crabb today? How very un-investigative of them. Don'tcha think.

Their 2006/7 are interesting they jump from £3million a year in depreciation to £13million a year in the 2007/8 accounts, and £5.5million to the Welsh Assembly Government, is par for the course. In both years figures. 

Yet South Wales Police n Crime Commissioner sees nothing wrong in all this. Same as your government sees nothing wrong in this. Well out of Council ownership it would mean one heck of alot of money to fund the state of the art housing for all in Wales.

But when is that likely to happen Cwazydwave. Good question kid. Based on past performance never. What with the MSM keeping stum over it all. I call them all traitors to the people cept not many believe me. We shall see. maybe it will be this year. Maybe.

I've also tweeted the House of Lords not that the Lordships took any notice of the emails I sent them way back when, about this and similar matters relating to Social Welfare issues, Mental Health issues etc etc but we keep knocking on the door.

Doubt they will have considered any of these options cardiffcountycouncil.blogspot.co.uk

Then of course there is BBC Wales Sarah Dickins. The economist for the Corporation in Wales.

Pity Plaid Cymru duck issues related to a Thriving Social Housing Sector cardiffcountycouncil.blogspot.co.uk bbc news Wales

Can't see her asking any of the political party leaders in Wales about their Failure in Duty of Care to the People of Wales, with Respect to Housing Provision. Or the Scam Councils have running with their bookkeeping. Can you Mr Vine?

And finally for today my tweet to ITVNews 

How about we start here cardiffcountycouncil.blogspot.co.uk The end of the private landlord in Wales

Maybe that's why they keep quiet because with all the money to spend on buying up properties and or build new it would mean the end of the Private Landlord in Wales. Hip Hip Hooray. Especially with the Conservative Party sneaking through the Private Landlords don't have to bring their properties up to decent standard bill. But then neither has anyone forced Cardiff County Council to. Eh Mr Jones. 



Hello Mr Vine 

I trust you had a nice fortnight away. Me I ain't been so good. But hey that's par for the course. I could show you all I've tried to do over the last couple of weeks. But why waste my time eh?

After all the #SNP know that I've messaged her. At least those who keep up with these things. After all I've posted enough on twitter at #FMQS and direct messaging. Seems like they are as happy as the Welsh Assembly Government to ignore me.

But then there was an interesting change last week when I started posting these two images on Twitter.


Mr Peter Black AM actually engauged me in conversation. Some of which can be viewed here https://twitter.com/david_o_gabriel/status/692000949255213057 

There are other's where Mr Black impies that I havent a foggiest idea what I am talking about and I really should get educated. I have the feeling that it ought to be the other way around myself.

Maybe if Mr Black lived in this property he'd be looking at those accounts in a whole different light. Just like I do.

He'd like me to believe this  Jan 27
as I said depreciation is an accounting convention not real money. I really don't see the point in carrying on this...

Which brings up the issue of ''What was the new evaluation they put on the properties when they depreciated them by £366 million Mr Black?'' (See 2008/9 account).

Because knowing that figure we can calculate how many years its going to be before the stock is counted as worthless, given this ussage of  depreciation as an accounting convention.

Also how many years were rent rebates used as an accounting convention to Zero balance the account? And why isn't it used any more Mr Black? ''Cos it was a scam Cwazydwave'' That's right kid cos it was a scam, and the perpetrators of the scam so far have gotten away scot free!

Mr Black went on to assert in another conversation this: Jan 26
It is not the role of the HRA to store money but to facilitate the management and improvement of council housing

I find that rather amusing. If you look at the 1998/99 1999/00 set of accounts you will see the balance carried forward. That seems like a holding account for me. The question along with the end of using the old rent rebates scam is. Why did that stop as well? How the hell are they going to invest anything when they use various tools of accounting to zero balance the account's every year Mr Black?

Wouldn't be able to do that if there was a stand alone bank account. Now would they Mr Black? And be forced to publich the balance on that account, made available to the public for 75years on it's website.

housing revenue accounts are ring fenced and money cannot legally be used elsewhere.

You've gotta laugh at that one Mr Vine. Its so ring fenced the Welsh Assembly can rob it of £10Million a year. Which raises the question ''Of all the monies, the Welsh Assembly have received in Subsidy from Cardiff County Council. How much of it has been re-invested in Social Housing in the City by them?'' Gotta feeling its zero Cwazydwave . . . me to kid.

You might also ask given Lesley Griffiths war on poverty (Sick Joke) ''Why didn't the Assembly recommend that council's reduce their rents by £10 a week so that the subsidy will not come into effect?'' cos Council tenants are just cash cows for the professional elite Dwave. One of the many ways the professional elite make coin out of their misery. Hence the creation of this banner Mr Vine.

 Mr Black asserts that this subsidy will end in 2017. I wonder what they will replace it with? Maybe this blog post might just cause the rents to be reduced. Might, but it seems highly unlikely given Mr Blacks belief that all is well.

If you look at the 2011/12 accounts you will find that they paid out $4.4Million from those ring fenced monies. What for? It didn't say. However here is the balance sheet for the year.

It's not the balance that would be showing in a stand alone bank account for the HRA, now is it Mr Black. In the introduction Christine Salter states the following: The Housing Revenue Account balance increased to £7.167 million after taking into account the £0.330 million surplus in 2011/12. This will allow the continued investment required towards meeting the Welsh Housing Quality Standard (WHQS).

According to my calculations the bank balance for the year would be £27,057 Million Mr Vine. A not inconsiderable sum. Vastly different from Ms Salters £0.330 Million for the year. Not real money Mr black says

Kinda remarkable when you do you own math Mr Vine of income v expenditure of real monies not the fiction that depreciation creates. Where did all those rent revenues go?

Mr Black also suggested I contact the Wales Audit Office regarding these matters. Kinda funny that, when its them that sign off these accounts. In the 2011/12 set one Anthony Barrett signed them off.

if you can prove differently then refer it to the Wales Audit Office

He hardly going to say ''I've fked up'' now is he Mr Vine our Mr Barrett? 

But at least Mr Black made it a change to at least converse with someone from the Senedd. Even if the conclusions we reach are at odds with each other.

I have the feeling the Wales Audit Office would say the same as the Ombudsman. We don't accept blogs as evidence. Wonder if Mr Black will have a rethink of his position on these accounts when he does the math as if he was a tenant Mr Vine? I somehow doubt it. Oh and my workings out above do not include the subsidy to the Assembly as that is Benefit Fraud in my humble oppinion. we are paying rents for housing not to subsidize the Welsh Assembly Government.

For some unknown reason the images I post to Mr Vine and the BBCradio2 don't show on the photos page. They do on the timeline but not there. I've had this interference before in the Mr Costolo days seems they are back again. Tut tuttery tut Jack.

End of update.


Tomorrow will be the 12th anniversary of my 1st protest down the Welsh Assembly Mr Vine where I displayed this banner.

She did eventually resign that year. But not for her 'failure of care' for the various groups listed. She was at that time the Minister for health n Social Services. 

One of yesterdays tweets Mr Vine. Here is another to the crime commissioner himself. Maybe he ought to ask Mr Black ''Seeing as you appear to know so much about Local Authority Acccounting Mr Black. Is it true that £27 Million would have been left at the end of the year if these rent monies were paid into a stand alone bank account during 2011/12 rather than the 330K that Ms Salter claims''

But hey the Crime Commissioner is probably the same as his officers and the ombudsman. I don't act on Social Media complaints. Not that the Main Stream Media are going to be sticking microphones in his face now are they Mr Vine. I mean you can't even ask Mr Black the self same question. Nor any of your BBC cohorts in Wales.

My favorite tweet of yesterday was this Mr Vine. Pity Lesley Griffiths AM wasn't looking at how this could be funded. Even if they had to be in place for 2 years to pay off the cost. At least their installation would help those in the heat v eat situation. It would also excell any EU target for renewable use.

But no they wish us to be consumers, and collect all those tax revenues. Sad gits that they are.

So here we are, another day Mr Vine, and nobody stepping up to the plate to secure the future of Social Housing. Because the funds are all being hived off. Where has all the money gone. Into the general slush funds Cwazydwave. Thasss right kid! Not ring fenced at all Mr Black.

Alun Michael (The Crime Commissioner) Might just ask one day. God alone knows when. ''Why were there no prosecutions. When it was discovered. That Rent Rebates, included in the 1998/99 and 1999/00 Was an elaborate fraud, First Minister?'' That would have meant £60 million over 2 years being available for investment in Social Housing in Cardiff. If there had a stand alone bank account. A nice fraud if you can get away with it eh Mr Vine. (Those Rent Rebates were paid by the DWP not the Council Mr Vine. They just administer it.)

But it seems at present that the Professional Elite are looking after their own. Cronyism in Wales has always been acceptable norm, and that seems not to have changed with devolution.

Question is Mr Vine are the BBC culpable in this fraud. By remaining silent? From where I sit ''I sure as heck looks like Cwazydwave!'' It sure does kid.

I wonder if it will take another 12 years of apparent futile blogging, tweeting, facebooking for the penny to finally drop. That these politicians at the Senedd are 'Utterly incompetant'' in the mass consciousness?

Yep across Wales its £100's of Millions, over the last 16 years. The best Social Housing in the world stolen by those we hold in esteem. Makes me really wonder if the Shape shifting lizards do really run everything.

Just found this Mr Vine questions to the Minister of Communities and tackling poverty being asked today during this afternoons plenary session. 9. Mohammad Asghar (South Wales East): What plans does the Minister have to improve the quality of housing in Wales? OAQ(4)0412(CTP)

So I've sent him this.

And of course you this Mr Vine. Just for the record.