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The Welsh Assembly Colluding with Councils I think So Jeremy Vine BBC Radio 2

Hi Mr Vine          Thurs 21st July 2016

The blog has reached over 8,000 views now, and finally the Welsh Assembly Government have replied. Sorry I've been lax in letting you know. But what with all the Brexit stuff hitting the fan. What would have been the point. A little bit of procrastination does you good, perhaps?

Still yesterday in Parliament they were discussing the ever spiralling cost of Housing Benefit. With talk of a Benefit Cap on those in Supported Housing. Shame Damian Green or Mr Devereux havent read this blog cos I can save them £20 million a year in Cardiff alone, gawd only knows what it would be across the whole country eh Crazydave.

To the reply then:

Ein cyf: TONG/05277/16
Mr David Gabriel

Dear Mr Gabriel
Llywodraeth Cymru
Welsh Government
5 July 2016

Thank you for your e-mail of 14 June to Welsh Government Assembly Members regarding the use of cannabis oil as a treatment for cancer. I have been asked to reply on this occasion.

The Welsh Government cares very much about ensuring the best treatments possible are available for the people of Wales. In determining the effectiveness of medicines and the benefits these may bring to patients, the Welsh Government supports an evidence based approach to ensure best use of NHS resources. To do this, the Welsh Government is guided by recommendations from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) and the All Wales Medicines Strategy Group (AWMSG). 

Before a medicine can be used widely within the NHS it must first be granted a licence, also known as a marketing authorisation. It is a legal requirement that all new medicines are tested for safety, quality and efficacy. A licence indicates that all the relevant checks have been carried out and that the medicine is as safe and effective as it can be.

All manufacturers of medicinal products must seek a marketing authorisation from the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) if they wish their
product to be deemed a medicinal product and available within the healthcare system of the UK. In the particular example of cannabis oil it would require a manufacturer to choose to make a product containing cannabis oil and then seek a license from the MHRA.

In order to respond to the queries you have raised regarding rents I thought it would be helpful to provide the following background information.

The Welsh Government introduced a new policy for social housing rents (rent policy) to be applied to all social landlords in Wales (the term used to cover Local Authorities that retain their housing stock (Councils) and Registered Social Landlords (RSLs). The rent policy was developed in collaboration with representatives from social landlords and tenant bodies and provides a national framework within which each social landlord is responsible for setting the rents for their individual tenants and properties. Councils implemented the rent policy in April 2015.

The Minister with responsibility for Housing makes a decision each year on the level of increase to be applied to the rent policy. For 2016/17, the former Minister for Communities and Tackling Poverty approved the previously agreed rent increase formula and set the maximum increase for any tenant of 1.4%, plus E2.00 in order to protect tenants. The rent increase formula uses the Consumer Price Index (CPI) measure of inflation (CPI at September 2015 was minus 0.1%) plus 1.5%. The rent policy also provides social landlords with discretion to apply the additional €2.00 (per week).

In your email you refer to a 3.47% rent increase and your landlord, City of Cardiff Council, has provided the following breakdown: (There was a graph inserted but its not printing out correctly, me being an internet dummie. But the final analysis was yeah its 3.47%)

By way of background to the subsidy arrangements, I can confirm that the statutory Housing Revenue Account Subsidy (HRAS) system had been in place for many years and resulted in Councils sending a proportion of their rental income to the UKGovernment's HM Treasury each year. While the Welsh Government collected the HRAS amounts from Councils in Wales, the HRAS amounts were forwarded on to HM Treasury in full and were not used to subsidise the Welsh Government in any way. An agreement was reached with HM Treasury which resulted in the ending of the HRAS system in April 2015. This was an important change as Councils now retain all of their rental income, which they can use to manage, maintain and repair their housing properties and service long term loans. This helps to protect services provided to tenants, provides certainty in the level of rental income, delivery of business plan commitments and the ability to build new Council homes for future generations.

Each Council with housing stock is still required to hold a statutory Housing Revenue Account which is a ring-fenced. The ring-fencing means tenants rents cannot be used to pay for services which should be funded from Council Tax and Council Tax cannot be used to pay for landlord services such as managing and maintaining the Council homes.

In relation to your comments on rent rebates, depreciation and re-evaluation of properties these are matters which need to be raised directly with City of Cardiff Council. You may wish to write to either:
Sara McGill, Director of Communities, Housing and Customer Services; or Jane Thomas, Deputy Director of Housing at the following address:
Cardiff Council County Hall,
Atlantic Wharf,

I hope you find this information helpful.
Yours sincerely,
Jane Brookman
Government Business Team

Where do we begin Mr Vine. What part of the ''Welsh Assembly Commission what ever study is necessary'' in order to get the product accepted by whomever for use by the NHS if it passes the efficacy test, isn't Ms Brookman getting?

Yes that's right Wales could lead the world in this. But oh no any proactive step strictly forbidden. You know I get to posting on facebook that if indeed The Rick Simpson Cannabis Oil does turn out as efficacious as annecdotal evidence seems to suggest. That these ''Our Hands are Tied'' politicians be sued for Crimes Against Humanity.

You would swear to God these people don't have relatives or friends who have Parkinsons or lung cancer, or know of children who suffer untold amount of seizures everyday. So if the annecdotal evidence is showing that its good for brain malfunctions. Maybe just maybe it might be efficacious in situations like Alzheimers???? Maybe epilepsy???

So anyone in the Main Stream Media going to put pressure on them to commission their own study. I very much doubt it Mr Vine I very much doubt it.

Don't you hate being treated like a fool Mr Vine. I know that I do. This ''Ring-Fenced'' BS really does get my goat. How many times do I have to prove to these people its BS? How many Mr Vine. I had the self same from Mr Peter Black (Former Assembly Member) on twitter, until I asked him. Well tell me what would be the bank balance in a Stand Alone Bank Account for all Rent Monies. There was a stoney silence. 

Jane Brookman dodges that issue as well. For a start there would be the £10 to £15 Million in so called Depreciation showing up in that bank balance. For the past 10 years. Currently its not going into the ring fenced account, but rather being hi-jacket into the General Fund to pay for services that ought to  be coming out of Council Tax. 

She cannot be an idiot Mr Vine they would not have allowed her to write this tosh. My only conclusion is then that she is colluding in this Fraud. As are those that got her to write this drivel.

Then you have to ask yourself. Hang on, The treasury pays the rents your hiking every year (up from £30 million in 2002 to £56 Million in 2015) Only to claw back £10 to £15 Million back each year) and you BS us that you have tenants welfare as a priority. Who are you trying to kid. Why didn't you do a deal where rents were dropped to have zero clawed back. That would have been working in tenants interests, don'tcha think. 

Plaid are the worst of a bad bunch in Big Upping how they care for the people of Wales. Well why oh why didn't they stop that little scam? But from time to time I point this out to their blind loyal supporters on facebook or twitter. But they all swiftly duck their heads back in the sand. (Remind you of anyone Mr Vine)

I mean. What kind of a person brokers such a deal? One who treats Council Tenants like Cash Cows for the Professional Elite. Thats who.

As for contacting Cardiff County Council. Did Ms Brookman really read the blog? Your Local Government Ombudsman refuses to get involved. Because blogs aren't evidence???? Or hasn't she read that in my eyes Sarah Mcgill has been and still is involved in Cardiff County Councils Corporate Discrimination of Myself. 

They do that to Whistle Blowers don'tcha know! Its worthy of note that all the other AM's leaders of various parties that received the email, have so far not responded. Most likely they will say ''We were waiting on the Welsh Assembly Governments reply before commenting''. Well they have had plenty of time over the years to respond and have not. I would make an official complaint. But I would end up with a reply just like the Ombudsman. The old 'Fk U' reply.

Malfeasance is a Criminal Offence. But not when your an AM or an MP. Or so it would seem. Have the BBC done a bank account balance sheet Mr Vine. Based on the figure published in the Nov 2015 blog. You know the Great Housing Revenue Account Swindle one where various accounts were shown. maybe I ought to republish the figures done for the Stand Alone Account The 5th Nov 2015 update Where £72 Million would be showing as profit. Much different from Christine Salters £330,000 grand a year increases to the Housing Revenue Account balance.

I havent contacted the latest Crime Commissioner for SWPolice regarding this given the previous wasn't a tad interested. All Masons together are they Mr Vine???

Its now 11 weeks since diagnosis and I could have been cured, or maybe not. But given lack of finance and an intractable government we shall never know. Anyone feeling philanthropic hit me up on twitter :) 

Are you going to be asking any of the Questions raised here Mr Vine. After your cosy up to them on St Davids day this year I doubt it.

Have you seen this Mr Vine Mr Carwyn Jones 

Or around the price it costs . . . less if our prison inmates were growing and producing it :)

For now this will have to do. There will be more to add. But not today.

Nice to know your Government really are willing to lie through their back teeth isn't it Mr Vine. While the Housing crisis carries on and on. I doubt Theresa May will do anything to stop this Scandal either. Them all being in it together eh Mr Corbyn.

The incompetence of Government never fails to amaze me. Soon I will add the tenants charter. With point 1) being: We demand a Stand Alone Bank Account for all rent monies in and out. 2) We demand the accounts of that bank account published each year with monies in and monies out. 3) We demand these accounts be available to view for 75 years.

Any further suggestions welcome.

Time to tweet you to let you know Mr Vine.


Hi Mr Vine. Its update time. Here are some of the tweets sent, to raise awareness, of this Horrendous Scam.

I don't know what you've broadcast on your show recently. But seeing as I've heard nothing in the news. I guess you havent mentioned a thing.
Mr Barwell MP never did get back to me on that one, either!
But then niether did Carwyn Jones on this. So much for Labour listening. Eh Mr Vine.
Just to let your BBC Wales News people know, the lies the Welsh Assembly Government come out with. Maybe some of them have family members who could. Either use some Cannabis Oil for certain health conditions, or are in a housing plight. But I guess not Mr Vine. 
Seeing as how Mr Corbyn never responds to a tweet. I thought I'd give his friend Mr McDonnell a tweet. The Housing Benefit Budget. Is the subsidy Scam as well as being a PRICE FIXING SCAM, also one the Treasury uses to ARTIFICIALLY INFLATE the Housing Benefit budget?

I did a little bit of math, yesterday Mr Vine. £10Million divided by 15,000 tenancies = £666.66 per annum per tenant. That would have been the reduction in cost of rents (or put another way £12.82 per week saving). If the deal had been in the tenants favour. If the teasury were keen on saving money. Then they could have RENT FREEZED for the 16 years the Scam has probably been operating for.
A reminder to you Mr Vine. To keep tap tap tapping on your conscience. We really would like to see the Stand Alone Bank Account for Rent Monies. In place by the end of August 2016 Mr Vine. That will not happen with the media's head stuck in the sand, now will it.

As for the Tenants Charter, we'd also like the Council to publish their General Fund Bank Account details as well. For 75 years. Not this 7 year dump all the incriminating evidence,  that they have running at this moment in time.

So thought I'd try some other news outlets, in the sake of fairness. They appear to be like the BBC. Believe any BS politicians tell them. Or they just don't care.

Nope no joy. so we have a money laundering operation by the Government as well as a siphon off Millions per year, using depreciation as Expenditure??? WTF??? To show a negative balance, while the money is secreted away from investment in Social Housing to God alone knows where. 

''The Pension Fund Qwazydwave'' yells my inner child. To which I reply ''Probably Kid''

Seeing as Dafydd was having a pop on twitter. I gave him a little nudge.
I even managed to get a like for that one. The Bevan Foundation don't like me. But I keep getting on their case. You know lets have some real policies to help the ''Have nots'' Not continual consultants who apparently achieve very little. Given the poverty indicators for Wales never seeming to change. Although quite a bit of money has been spent on those people.
So when Jamie posed the Question I had to respond.
I wonder if Theresa May will get it. Where so many others appear not to. Enough for today Mr Vine. Time to remind you that I am still here, with this . . .


Hi Mr Vine, Everybody

I just posted this on Jeremy Corbyns facebook feed.

Shame you refuse to draw attention to our Councils fleecing their Rent Revenue Accounts by Millions per year. Under the guise of depreciation. Or call for the immediate introduction of Stand Alone Bank Accounts for these rent monies. The only way to secure true real no BS ''Ring Fenced Monies'' To invest in Social Housing One womders why #JeremyCorbyn One wonders why #CarwynJones !

I heard BBC presenters talking housing issues this week. I didn't hear any mention questions over. ''Are Council rent monies as 'Ring Fenced' as they make out?'' Oh their Fenced alright, but only in a money laundering sense.

Twas on this video

Have I really gotta write the email pointing this blog as the reply to Jane Brookmans turn a blind eye missive? You the one to Theresa May pointing asking if she can do anything to stop this. Or enact the Stand Alone Bank Account, or the various other suggestions that might just might keep our local councils more accountable?

My inner child says ''Corsss u will 'ave 2 SpeyziRave'' apparently ''SpeyziRave'' is Cockney Rhyming slang for ''Qwazydwave'' 

But Theresa May has other concerns doesn't she. The debt slavery to private landlords has to go on, hasn't it Mr Vine. The Council free to increase their rents yearly. All to siphon off to their pension funds???

All the while, nice Mr Vine continues to make pretend these concerns don't exist. 

As for me Mr Vine. I've had another neighbour think it OK to defile my garden. With out so much as a please or thank you. So I've had to be creative. In order to protect my space and real difficult for the situation to re-occur in the future, unless criminal damage occurs. Meanwhile they fly tipped the remains onto the gezzer upstairs section of garden. He was probably cheering them on. I'd call the cops but they havent given a rats arse in the past, unlikely to in the present. Another unreported crime.

What is it with people Mr Vine? Well Mrs May are you going to call for a Stand Alone Bank Account for all Council Housing Rent Revenue Monies? by the end of August 2016?



Well I got around to sending it today Mr Vine, seeing as your included in the email list you should know. But the people do not so here it is. The relevant emails

Title: The Housing Revenue Account Scam Set To Continue It Would Seem Prime Minister

Hello Mrs May, Everybody

The Welsh Assembly Government appear to wish to continue the illusion that Council House Rent Monies are ''Ring Fenced'' Prime Minister. They are not. Either they live in a fools paradise or they are colluding in the Fraud. Given that they are not fools. The latter can be the only conclusion that can be drawn, from their reply to my previous email.

I am something of a blogger. Here are the 2 relevant links I would like you to look at. This is the Great Housing Revenue Account Swindle blog link and this is the Welsh Assembly Government Reply link When I first painted the 'When Chief Constable' banner it dealt with the 'Rent Rebates' Showing up in Cardiff County Council HRA balance. I am still amazed that nobody was ever jailed for that piece of deceit. The people of Cardiff were robbed of £30Million a year of investment monies in Social Housing because of it. Now they use 'Depreciation' to fool the populous that less money is available for Social Housing than there really is. As much is siphoned out of the account as they show in 'depreciation'.

In my blog you will see my request for a Stand Alone Bank Account for Council Housing Monies. As the only way to secure True 'Ring Fencing' of Rent Monies. Mr Jones Ms Wood and the other leaders of political parties at the Senedd appear to ignore this request. That and a 75 year timescale for keeping the accounts in the public domain. After all the public would not have the 1998/99 or 1999/00 accounts if I had not kept my copy. 7 years is hardly long enough to keep a track on this dishonourable lot. Also there are other recommendations like the publishing of not only the Bank Statement for the year for this newly created Housing Revenue Bank Account, but also. The Council be forced to publish The General Fund bank account balance as well.

There is also the thorny question of 'Is the Welsh Local Government Ombudsman fit for purpose?' By refusing to use blogs as a means of evidence for a complaint. ie Washing their hands of important issues. The least of those being the Corporate Discrimination of a Tenant because they are a whistle blower or have the audacity to complain.

Questions ought to be asked of South Wales Police competancy in dealing with Accounting Fraud. The Chief Constable banner was displayed often enough during my protests down Cardiff Bay 2004-06. (That after 4 years of almost constant letter writing, and being given the run around) That the regulations for Council Accounting are prescribed by legislation. One wonders who dreamt it up. The same way one wonders. Who brokered the 'subsidy' deal? Certainly not someone with the tenants welfare at heart or one with an anti poverty agenda. Also, How did the Welsh Audit Office allow the Rent Rebates to show up? or Why they have never challenged the figure the Council claim they are placing in the HRA holding Account?

As a sensitive tenant who has suffered greatly due to this fraud. I would like to see it ended by the end of this august 2016. That is every Council who rent homes being forced to open Stand Alone Accounts for all Housing transactions. Both monies in and monies out.

There are other issues covered in the blogs. I doubt if you or your team, will have the time to take them on board. Given the load you have with Brexit. But it might be nice if this Government was proactive in commissioning the cannabis oil trials, for various conditions. From Cancer treatment through to epilepsy and beyond. It might drastically reduce the NHS bill to big pharma. Decriminalising might just allow the ordinary person to provide their own OIl to treat their various ailments.

I await any replies with interest. As ever this email will be published in the blog. Oh and it would be nice if the Liverpool Council deal with Liverpool Mutual Homes was scrapped. So that LMH do not have to pay back the scheduled Millions. Given that the people of Liverpool were also robbed when 'Rent Rebates' were used to defraud their HRA. 

Yours David Gabriel

I had to laugh at Carwyn Jones automated reply:

Your email has reached my inbox as Assembly Member for Bridgend which can only deal with constituency business. If your correspondence relates to my role as First Minister and or the Welsh Government then you will need to re-send your email to 

Is that insane or what Mr Vine. You cant post it in this letter box it has to go in that one. Do me a favour Mr Jones re-send it yourself. 

I've wasted to much of my day on this today Mr Vine. I will publish what efforts I've made to ask questions soon. #PlaidCymru they were a bit peeved at my support for the 'Allow the welsh language to die' researcher. Not a tad bothered about fraudulent accounting tho! Eh Rhun.



Maybe you will have a re-think Mrs May. I've been the proponent of the Waterwheel, for quite a while now.

I shot some videos along the river taff in Cardiff pointing out where they might be placed. They have finally gotten a screw turbine build on one of the weirs at Radyr. I don't know what the deal is. I don't know what the costs were. I do know I would like to see the Waterwheel down from it, back in working order. So that a comparison of the energy output of each over a 12 month period can been seen. 

But those videos were shot in the mid 2000's. This is the only hydro project I've heard of in Wales. We've all witnessed the power of our rivers, via the flooding events. So why aren't we utilising that power, before taking the risks that Fracking pose?

It clean. Its renewable, and has no fear threats associated with their use. I have to ask the question 'Why is that'. This Island is blessed with rivers, with streams. We might even get creative with their postioning. ie In the middle of rivers, with riser floats for the change in flow rates.

If they had done some experiments way back when. We'd have the data now. To know exactly, what we could produce on average per year. For each unit. For various sizes blah de blah. Plus the rivers flow is highest in winter when we need the extra energy.

Surely investment monies in the current climate would be easy to find. If the deal was sweet enough. But I would like them all owned by the people. ie Nationalised. Never to be sold off.

So I tweeted this the other day.

Poverty in Wales Mr Vine. I've written enough on solutions. But I hear this fellas pain, do you.
The rents would be reduced. The RV really ought to be re-looked at. With the impact on the tenants of over crowded dwellings taken into consideration, in coming to its New Rateable Value. 

Had that been done Mr Vine, I would never have had to get a water meter. This is a house that's shared after all. The Council making extra coin in rents and Council Tax. The water company really creaming in the dosh out of it. The other utilities having bonus on the standing charges. The TV licence doubled tripled quadrupled etc etc etc. That would stop One Licence divided by the number of tenants. The anti-poverty agenda. That none of the political parties wanted to take on board.

Common sense policy. Heart centred policy. 

I hope you take this on board as well Mrs May PM. I really really do. There's other stuff like the micro wind tree design for our homes. Isn't there Mr Vine, Mr Jones, Ms Wood isn't there. 

Wanna know how I heat my flat in the winter Mrs May. Due to the cost of gas. I use this method, and feel very blessed that I found it. The last 2 winters were the warmest I've ever had here.


My rigup is different to this. But the idea is still the same. 100 tealights for £2 = 2p each. 6 at a time = 12p they burn for 3  hours 12 divided by 3 = 4p per hour. Yes I put the central heating on when its very cold. The max is an hour. Then its off. I have 2 units going when it gets really cold 8p per hour. 10 hours 80 pence. I have the option of a third, if I choose 12p per hour.

Yes these can be dangerous. I would never use the tin method, I experimented. They were likely to spontaneously combust, especially with inferior tea lights, ones that were overfilled. I really should upload my rig to youtube. Its simple its safe. For carpet owners I'd suggest a flag stone underneath. But oh so glad I found this out. 

Time to go. Question 4U people . . .  Why aren't the BBC asking Carwyn Jones some very serious questions related to our Council Housing Revenue Accounts?


Oh the irony Jeremy Vine hosting Crimewatch. The BBC really are a sinister network alright.

But then Carwyn Jones is still not asked the questions and our Councils are still fleecing us.







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