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Cannabis Cures Cancer Mr Vine 10th May 2016

Hello Mr Vine

I see its mental health week. Given its 1yr and 2 mths since I started blogging to you, can the word hypocrite be directed in your direction?

Its washing machine day upstairs. The ceiling is going to rattle like I was undergoing a size 8 earthquake. But apparently the Ombudsman, Welsh Assembly members and officials and Councillors of Cardiff County Council feel that's good enough for this Sonofabitch.

Hardly in keeping with the right to the peaceful enjoyment of ones home, now is it Mr Vine? So when that is going on I will have to vacate to the garden. On rainy days like today its a good job I've created some shelters. The perpetrator has sodded off like usual. Probably with the self satisfied smirk on his ugly mug. The self same I saw all those years ago. On the last day he ever set foot in this flat.

Hate crime takes many forms Mr Vine. I know I've experienced them. Keeping quiet about it when your aware that its going on, is another form.


I was diagnosed with Basal Skin Carcinoma yesterday on my face. Hip hip hurrah! I hear the haters cheer. The treatment to attempt its cure is something called Mohns' Micrographic Surgery.

In a nuts shell they try and carve it out! And keep on cutting till they are sure they have it all. So given current practice I'm headed towards looking even uglier than I do now. No mean feat!

Unless there is some seismic shift in our political leaders attitude. I like to refer to them as the 'Moral Minority' Given the time lapse between diagnosis and treatment. I could run the protocol people are using around the world applying the Rick Simpson Cannabis Oil both topically as well as ingesting orally.

You would think in the name of science they would be open minded given that I am a willing subject to trials. Believe me Mr Vine if I could afford to buy it myself, it would be on order now.

For those not familiar with Cannabis Oil just see this video

So in the early hours of today I tweeted Mark Drakeford this.

The link in the tweet takes you a testimonial page. All people claiming they have been cured via Rick's Cannabis Oil. Some like Rick with Basal Skin Carcinoma's eradicated. 

So why isn't it being utilised by the NHS Mr Vine with this sort of anecdotal evidence. All because our political leaders are either stupid (Hardly) or Obstinate and close minded (probably) I wonder if Mark Drakefords wife was suffering with the self same condition. He would be procuring some Cannabis Oil or would he prefer her face carved up? Given that on his wages he can well afford it.

I've only ever had one acknowledgement of a tweet to Mr Drakeford. I wonder if this one will be responded to anytime soon. Meanwhile I'm hardly going to receive any advice from Julie Morgan my local AM on how I go about legally challenging the Welsh Assembly Government into a trial on the NHS now am I. Given what I have written about her in the past. Or within a time scale that would beat the 'Knife treatment'

My best option given the intransigence of our governments. Would be to look at crowd funding the cost of the treatment. In the name of science and healing. Because I would like to know if these testimonials are true. Well wouldn't you. Or is it a charlatanism?

Poverty and health Mr Vine poverty and health. And who knows Mr Vine. It might just sort out a few other physical conditions as a bonus!

I mean, what would you do if it was your wife with this condition Mr Vine. Oh we can afford the best plastic surgery Crazydave. Probably, but would you try the Cannabis Oil treatment first? Not being an idiot yourself I have a feeling you would. Regardless of the current laws of the land. Love is like that isn't it?

So anybody reading this who know how to go about the legal challenge, to its use by the NHS Tweet me!

I guess the vested interests in the NHS will try and block it. ''I mean we won't have to do any surgery anymore will we!'' etc not to mention the Big Pharma giving it ''Our profits on Chemo will take a nose dive'' If it is as efficacious as the people above claim.

Maybe you'd be interested in donating the cost of the treatment Mr Vine? Heck we can do a show all about it. So you get your money back :) ! 

Time to wrap up, and start tweeting with the words ''You can hide but you cant run'' running through my mind.

Oh and on mental health Mr Vine. I have found that conscious smiling has saved my life. It has for many years now. It still does today. I trialled it for 30 days way back when not sure if it was in 2006. That I came across it. 

Twice in one week it popped up into my awareness. The first time, I thought it trite nonsense. The second time the guy explained how the face can influence the brain as much as the brain can influence the face.

I have come to call it the easiest and the hardest thing to do. Hard to do when your faced with hatred and ignorance on a daily basis. I mean what kind of people get off boasting that they a driving a neighbour to a ''nervous breakdown'' or ''how good they are at doing it''. Like its not their first time?

But you have to practice it, and practice it. what convinced me to experiment with it was the final line of the article. Where the writer and I really wish I had memorised the authors name. To thank them personally, was this.

''If you practise this and I mean really practise this. One day you will find yourself sat somewhere. With a smile on your face for no particular reason. On that day you will have won the game of life''

I've yet to win the game Mr Vine all these years later. But what I do have is a tool in my box, that I have come to rely on. That keeps me trucking on. Regardless of the haters. Regardless of the intransigents, regardless of the corrupt. Regardless of the Moral Minority.

Oh and the jingle, its morphed into its past tense.

''Jesus gave me an M16 and I shot shit to smithereens.
I shot shit to smither, I shot shit to smither, I shot shit to smithereens.
Yes Jesus gave me an M16 and I shot shit to smithereens.

And who can blame him''

Betta spell check Eh Mr Vine. 'I mean the gramma is bound to b wrong now init qwazydwave' Bound to be kid.

Remember people Asprin came from a Tree! So why not Cancer Cures from a plant? Oh spell checker isn't working how sad never mind.


Todays tweet saves me writing (smile icon inserted)

Oh yes. Unnecessary and invasive treatment in the case of Basal Skin Carcinoma. Apparently its illegal to carry out such treatments, but as long as the political class bury their heads in the sand. And Main Stream Media refuse to hold them to account. Then nothing will change,  now will it Mr Vine?

This is a link to the Middle Aged White Guys incharge at the BMA (Plus a couple of not so old white chicks)  http://www.bma.org.uk/about-the-bma/leadership  

Maybe you'd like to get intouch with a couple of these people. You lovely actavists you. Shame Mark Porter and Sir Al havent got twitter accounts. But hey you never know they may have email or just storm the @TheBMA twitter account.

With 'When are you going to badger The Institute for Clinical Excellence into Trialling Rick Simpsons Cannabis Oil for the use in various conditions'

You will find those in the testimonials and others else where, on the world wide web.

Care to discuss Mr Vine?

Or how about the #HousingBill I've tried to raise awareness of my blog on the Great Rent Revenue Acct Swindle. But not so much as a. ''That's utter BS Crazydave'' or ''Bloody hell this is outrageous'' Guess people either haven't the time, don't comprehend or couldn't care less. But the fraud by our Councils has inevitably lead to the housing crisis. 

Some like David Icke would say 'They designed it like this to enslave the people' and do you know what Mr Vine I'd believe him!



Are there any media watchers out there? You know paid to follow stuff just in case 'There's a story' ? Not by the look of things.

Yeah and the 7 year disposal of the evidence goes on eh Chief Constable. Did ya hear anyone mention that as part of their manifesto? That they will be making Councils hold financial accounts on their web sites for 75 years? Oh no. Lucky for everyone that I kept the one that I did eh Mr Vine!

On Synthetic Cannabis having devastating effects in our prisons.

Our government have always failed in stopping drugs getting into prisons. Why the heck they don't accept cannabis usage, rather than fight it. God only knows. 'But its supposed to be a correctional facility Crazydave'. Oh is it? I thought it was get them off the streets facility. 

How many of them wouldn't be there. If the Criminal Justice System, didn't profit out of a 'Denial in the freedom of choice' in what substances they ingest, in their bodies?

Or in the manufacture or sale of such substances?

''Duh 'Criminal Class' loves dem drugsis Qwazydwave'' 

That's right kid, as do many indigenous cultures. Those mind expanding hallucinogenic flora that Gaia provides for mankind's illumination. That our ancestors so valued, long long before the birth of the gezzer from Nazareth.

Here is a lovely lady on making Ricks Oil on a small scale.

Enough for today Mr Vine. Still waiting to hear from anybody who knows what, the legal challenge avenue I need to take to at least get trials. If not in time for me but then for future patients.

The time delay from diagnosis to treatment of slow growing tumours like Basal Skin Carcinomas ought to be utilised with the use of Cannabis Oil and if there is significant reduction continue, and if not then go the Mohs' Micrographic route. Isn't that common sense Mr Vine given the anecdotal evidence of success with this Oil?

Is that a fair enough Question, for our First Minister to answer Mr Vine?


Hey Mr Vine I contacted one of the Parkinsons Charities on twitter with this video. The fella has been on Rick's Oil. Wise gezzer. The results his good friends discribe as a 'Miracle'

I never did get any considered reply from Mark Drakeford HM of the previous Welsh Assembly Gov. So seeing Jeremy Hunt was having a laugh today. I thought I'd tweet him this.
Not that is likely to be any reply from him either. So as the Action on twitter is all First Minister this First Minister that. I thought I would join in with this.

Along with this. Former PM Blair has a nice property portfolio. Bet they are the High rental type, any benefit claimants living in these 'Not so Socialist' properties?

End of update.


I thought I would add a couple of tweets Mr Vine. Odd that this one never got responded to. They must be so busy.

I guess they would be out of work if Cannabis Oil really does the business. Makes me wonder why Charities like Shelter have never ended homelessness, what with them being in business for so long. Shame they don't rattle government and the Scumbag media in the UK over Councils embezzling their Housing Revenue Account. But then they would be out of business as well. 

Makes you really really wonder if the vested interest is never to end that, doesn't it? A bit like The BMA N.I.C.E. et al and cancers.

So when I read garbage like this from @labourpress I just gotta reply.

 With this.

Or this to Mr Corbyns twitter account.

I even got in on the action on BBC Question Times twitter feed. Not that Mr Dimbleby ever mentions 'Well wot about this people' The link in the tweet will take you to the youtube Cannabis Oil Cures Testimonials. I have to go through them and pull out a few more good ones Mr Vine. Seeing as nobody else appears to be bothering?

This was the previous tweet to that. While Question Time may be coming to Cardiff in a fortnights time. I think I will give being an audience member a miss. In favour of tweeting or not as the case may be.
I just want to prove the duplicity of the BBC in all its forms. So the people really start knowing what a dispicable organisation it really is. The propoganda arm of government. It never really changed that role from the WW2 days.

One of my pastimes is building a virtual museum on twitter with the hash tag #ToriesHallOfShame. Here is an example.

Have you watched videos from around the world on the effects that Fracking has Mr Vine. From rivers and tap water igniting, to the mysterious illnesses people are suffering ever since Fracking was introduced into their areas.

Yet our Government are all for it, handing out licences like the Apocalypse is gonna be happening pretty soon 'So what the fk'

The RT was of this:

Maybe you'd care to send me a tweet of a Cannabis Oil testimonial vid on youtube that blew your socks off. But then I 'spect your too busy to bother viewing anybody. Or have your BBC researches tell you what ones they did. (Smile emicon)

I think May is my favorite month of the year Mr Vine. Watching the birds who visit my little nature reserve of a garden, collecting food for their babies. Or like the starlings the young have already learnt the form and are feeding themselves very nicley thank you.

It helps make BS Britian just a tad more bareable. Time to hit the update button Mr Vine. Would you break the law if one of your parents was diagnosed with Parkinsons?


I tweeted this to Mr Vine early hours of the 6th June.
How many other Parkinson patients might find relief using Cannabis Oil. The Rick Simpson variety. Unfortunately the BBC don't seem to wish to pressurise the Welsh Assembly or Westminister with the questions.

So today I have sent yet another email to Mr Carwyn Jones, his ministers and his opposition members, and Mr Vine. Here it is.

To: Correspondence.Rebecca.Evans@gov.wales; Correspondence.Vaughan.Gething@gov.wales; AndrewRT.Davies@assembly.wales; Leanne.Wood@assembly.wales; Carwyn.Jones@assembly.wales; Neil.Hamilton@assembly.wales; vine@bbc.co.uk
Subject: Cannabis Oil a cure for many ills. Why don't you trial it in the Welsh NHS ?

My latest blog http://bit.ly/1T1BN94 deals with the subject of why oh why aren't you using Cannabis Oil in the NHS. It's self explanitory. Mark Drakeford the previous Health Minister refused to comment on this subject. Given that I am now in my sixth week since diagnosis of Skin Cancer, could I have been using it till the other form of treatment is given. (see blog) Or deemed unnecessary if the first worked.

Your never going to find out if, the every growing array of annecdotal evidence suggesting that it can alleviate a wide variety of various ills. Are true or false by neglecting to find out. Here I sit a willing subject for trials. You have the money. Hell your scamming enough out of me via CCC rent subsidy to dip into petty cash and procure a 3 mths supply of the Rick Simpson oil. My doctor can monitor the results month by month to see if there is any significant change. Question is will you.

Or will others like myself, be in a postion to sue the Welsh Assembly Government for unnecessary and invasive treatment. Within the next five years if it does prove to be as efficacious as the claims made on social media? Because other governments have been willing to experiment and found the claims to be true.

Oh and by the way our Councils Rent Revenue Scam continues at an ever increasing level. My rent up by 3.47% If any other Social housing provider were found to be siphoning off the millions per year our Council are to other ventures. I am damn sure there would be a hue and cry and court cases for fraud initiated. So why not with our Councils. Should my rent be subsidizing the Welsh Assembly. I really don't think so. Here's the rent blog link incase you have troubles navigating a web page. http://bit.ly/1MhpPag The first set of accounts show the £30 Million a year Rent Rebate Fraud. The other's show the Depreciation Fraud. I'd like to know what the re-evaluation of the properties came to after the £366 million devaluation by Cardiff County Council of its housing stock. So I can timeline when they will be at zero value, based on these annual depreciations?

Will any of the opposition members be asking the First Minister. 'Are we demanding a stand alone bank account for Council rent monies. So that depreciation not withstanding. The rent monies are there for investment in further Social Housing throughout Wales' Or are we all going to let the Scandal continue?

Well wouldn't you like to know if not for yourself then your children or your childrens children? Here's to open mindedness, and the willingness to try. End of Update.


Coming to the end of the 8th week since diagnosis Mr Vine. Nice to know our political leaders 'Don't give a damn about yer 'ealf init' Hiding away as they do from replying to comments on Social Media. But then given the amount of detractors they get. Hardly suprising.

Occassionally double checking stuff as I do. I found a comment left on Carwyn Jones Facebook page vanished? That same day I'd left a similar one on Wales Online. The local rags web prescence tag. That too had vanished and nothing showing on my timeline either. So today I left this on Chunky Marks you know 'The Artist Taxi Drivers' facebook page.

All well n good Mark but when he refuses to comment on blatant fraud by our Councils. So there are no investment monies for more Social Housing from the rents raised. You have to wonder why? 

So once again the first set of Accounts here http://bit.ly/1MhpPag Show a £30M a year fraud. Those rent rebates in expenditure are BS figures. The monies came from the DWP. Its a fiction that has stopped, but nobody has ever been held to account for that fraud??? Or the monies reimbursed. 

Carwyn Jones deletes this from his timeline, yet no fker in the Main Stream Media is willing to ask any of the Questions the blog raises. Or act on like 12 mths ago. On stopping the latest embezzlement strategy ie Depreciation to rob the ''Holding Account'' as Peter Black referred to it. Of millions, by simply having a stand alone bank account for rent monies. 

Plus are people in Cardiff really satisfied that over £10M a year in rent monies is going to subsidize The Welsh Assembly Government. Most arn't even aware that it occurring. Even tho I've done my best to make them aware. Meanwhile all the distractions go on with not one microphone shoved in Carwyn Jones face asking Well First Minister Why wasn't anyone prosecuted for Fraud at Cardiff County Council ? Let alone the discrimination of tenant whistleblowers!  

How odd facebook took it off after a little editing. But I've reposted it as a visitors post. Its weird what occurs when your a political adgitator Mr Vine. Makes you wonder how far the tentacles of corruption go?

Well that's it for today Mr Vine. Ooops nearly forgot. Leanne Wood is dreaming of Independence for Wales again. Swear to God she is in denial over the EU results for Wales. So I just couldn't resist this.

Oh 127,000 people are estimated to suffer with Parkinsons in the UK. I wonder how many would benefit from using Rick Simpson Cannabis Oil Mr Vine? 5,000 20,000 The whole friggin lot? ''Will we ever know . . . if we never try?'' 

End of Update 

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