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Jeremy Vine Are the BBC Complicit in Housing Benefit Fraud ?

Hello Mr Vine

Here we go again. It's increase in rents time of year. Where oh where is the Local Government Ombudsman Mr Vine. ''Hiding Crazydave'' I hear you say. Exactly, behind some codswallop excuse that ''We don't take blogs as evidence. Well the cops do when they are prosecuting people for one thing or another.

So how much are Cardiff County Council ''Screwing The System for this time'' you might ask. Well my closest estimate is £2,4 million. That's using 2013 published accounts. They have increased the rents overall by 1.4% plus a £2 charge on all properties plus the service charges increase. A nifty way of not showing the total % increase the flat rate increase that's per week Mr Vine. Based on 15,000 properties that's a £30 grand a week increase then and there.

So 1.4% of £60 million is £840,000 per annum. Plus £30,000 x 52 = £1,560,000 combine the two and you have the £2.4 Million. If by the end of their ''Creative Booking'' £2Grand of that £2.4M get into the Rent Revenue Account end of year balance it will be a miracle. 

All because those charged with the oversight of our Councils either a thick as two short planks. They don't care, or they are very happy with this state of affairs. To the detriment of those seeking affordable rental accommodation.  What Social Housing should be. Rather than as a cash cow for council's to siphon off to other services. Because Government refuse to appropriately fund them.

My own rent has increased by 3.47%. Again well over the rate of inflation for the gazzillionth year running, isn't that right Ombudsman dudes!

The irony of all this is that at the time of this notification. A card was left for the tenant above me (BooHiss) from Cardiff County Council about a discussion of the Service Charges. I laughed out loud at that. How many years have I been commenting on that aspect of CCC Housing Benefit Fraud regarding this tenancy Mr Carwyn Jones. 

''For friggin' years'' did you say?

Oh yes Mr Vine for ''friggin years'' but Sweet FA has been done to stop it. I would say Mr ID Smith DWP. But it's now Mr Crabb former Secretary of State For Wales, now the new Head of DWP. Not that Mr Crabb was all that interested in what Pembrokeshire County Council were using the same depreciation scam to siphon monies into their General Fund bank account. did yer Mr Crabb.

I'm still waiting for Peter black AM to get back to me on what the figure would be if the Welsh Assembly Government had forced Councils to open a Stand Alone Bank Account for their Housing Revenue Account. But seems his party leader Kirsty Williams chooses not to ask him. These crackers are expecting re-election in a couple of weeks time. really the lot of them ought to be facing trial, for the criminal negligence of the people of Wales.

But the Electoral Commission is hardly going to step in and uphold the complaint of Misconduct in public office. In respect of the four leaders of the political parties during the last #Senedd sitting. Now are they Mr Vine.
Two were named and shamed in this pic, but the media in Wales chose to ignore it as the rantings of a ''nutter''. Published on twitter, n blogger.

Do you think any of them have ''Dealing with Social Housing Issues'' as part of their election manifestos Mr Vine. ''I highly doubt it Crazydave'' I hear you say, and you would be right Mr Vine. The last thing they want is to stop Councils having their. Goose that laid the golden egg taken off them, now do they.

If all the rent monies were going on Social Housing I might not get peed off by it. But its not. If you or I were screwing the system for the millions that they are we'd be facing a long very very very long period of incarceration at Her Majesties Pleasure.

But these Middle Class Elites can carry on with their white collar crime, at whim. Isn't that right Mr Bennett of Ombudsman fame! The brakes need to be put on these annual rent increases. It should have been done in 2004 when I first started to protest down at the #Senedd. As four years of writing letters had brought no joy.

I doubt that this blog will change anything either. But at least I will feel that I have taken my Social Responsibilities seriously. For future generations. All these rent hikes do is make Private landlord rentals seem more acceptable.

For the intrusion into my private life, living in this non existent sound insulation from the above tenancy. This flat isn't worth £9.80 let alone £79.80 that this years rent increase has it up to. Not that the person above would agree. But then they have no common decency, now do they Crazydave. None what so ever.

So are you going to deal with this at the BBC Mr Vine. Or are you going to continue your evasive actions. If a very small city can increase its cost to the Housing Benefit budget by such an amount. I will ask again ''How much are major cities increasing theirs by?''

I would do a freedom of info request but they take an age to get answered, and usually not to the question that are put forward. It's also a shame that mental health charities, refuse to get involved in challenging the use of their client group, to fund scams. But that's the way the cookie is crumbling. Shame on them, they have the lawyers after all.

Other stuff:

On the shooting of dogs by farmers. Why haven't they got dart guns that knock the dogs out but don't kill them? 

After a second Doctors letter to Cardiff County Councils rehousing department, asking for me to be rehoused. They sent me a form asking permission to see my Medical records??? Of course I denied this request and asked ''What part of Mental Cruelty doesn't their medical officer get'' I'm still waiting for a reply to that question. What a fortnight now Crazydave. Yes about that. 

I don't know about you Mr Vine. But with all the Corporate Discrimination I have received, at the hands of Cardiff County Council, my medical records are private and confidential. Eh Ombudsman dudes, still waiting on that back garden fence, even tho my own efforts to secure it have survived yet another winter. Praise be.

So Mr Vine the answer to the question posed by this blog post heading. Yes in my humble opinion the BBC are Complicit in Housing Benefit Fraud. For not grilling the Welsh Assembly Government on this wholesale fraud. For not grilling the Local Government Ombudsman on their decision not to investigate claims made in a blog post.

A public dis-service broadcaster, would be a more appropriate title for the Corporation me thinkums.

''Betta spell check for the gramma nazi's Cwazydwave'' Good call kid but you know blogger doesn't like our creative use of language.

Remember Mr Vine this set of accounts show a £60 Million Fraud. They never paid out £30 Million in rent rebates. The money came from the DWP straight into their bank account. That it still shows in the General Fund is another fraud.

About time Councils were made to publish their Bank Account end of year balance, with all monies for the year coming in and going out. Available to the public for 75 years. Not the 7 years and have them vanish, as is the current practice. No accountability with that time scale Mr Vine. 

Also time these properties were taken off them and turned into Housing Association ownership. Like thee Liverpool Mutual but for a nominal sum of £1 pound. For all the years we have been defrauded. I hope the people of Liverpool will challenge the pay back that Liverpool Mutual have in their business plan to Liverpool Council. See previous blog for link people. As they were probably running the rent rebates scam, before the sale.

So you going to ask Carwyn Jones what was the re-evaluation of the properties were after the £366Million depreciation? Or ''What is the time scale given the current rate of depreciation until the properties go into minus equity? Can't be far off now eh Crazydave!

I doubt it eh Mr Vine.

My latest jingle Mr Vine, sung when the peaceful enjoyment of my home is violated Mr Vine.

''Jesus wants me to have an M16. So I can blow shit to smitherines, Blow shit to smitha, blow shit to smitha, blow shit to smitherines. Yes Jesus wants me to have an M16 so I can blow shit to smitherines''      

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