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The Criminal Negligence Continues Jeremy Vine . . . Oh Hum!

Hello Mr Vine Everybody

I wasn't going to post anything until I had finished my 6th in the Star Series Mr Vine. But that went on stop from the 16th June 2017. This is it's current condition.

Can you guess who it is?

As you know I posted some cut outs on twitter in order to hopefully break my creative deadlock. More images that question our negligent Welsh Assembly. Not that the media in Wales are in anyway interested.
(And no the images are not showing in pictures again on twitter. . . oh for a discrimination lawyer Mr Vine! ) Not that Mr Dorsey cares.
So then there was this one. The LGO failure in it's duty of care. To this council tenant. Not that anyone is asking Carwyn Jones. Well should tenants have the right to video record meetings with Council Housing Officers so they cannot lie about what they have said? (I will come back to that later on Mr Vine). Golum is one of my many sub-personalities. One who points out quite a few home truths to me . . . and makes me laugh out loud.
As is Mr Sellers character in the Pink Panther. Chief Inspector Clouseau. Perfect for pointing out the scam that is HraSubsidy.
Robbing Peter to pay Paul. Kinda sums that up. For those new to this blog. Check out this post for the published accounts.

What had become of my complaint of yet more hate crime, by Mr Dweebfoliant man Mr Vine. Another whitewash. After ignoring my email complaint for oh so long. They finally turn up out of the blue. 2 Council Housing Officers. They had their own list of complaints, and stuff I needed to act upon.

1) Remove food that I put out for the Hedgehogs from what they euphemistically call 'The communal area' ???  I will upload a photo of that. It was by the front door entrance, cos that bit is somewhat sheltered from the rain. Being east facing. They do love their cat biscuits Hedgehogs.

They claimed it might attract vermin. Shame they don't live here. It was also used by various cats in the area to top up on. But I guess Mr Afraid of his own shadow. Made that complaint. The only vermin I have trouble with mr Vine are the two legged human kind.

2) That I needed to trim down the apple tree out the front. Because Dweebfoliant man couldn't get any light. Hahaha! He's out most days and when he is here all he does is play computer games. 

When I asked if they could provide me with a set of ladders to carry out the works. They refused. So I was forced to hire a set. Maybe I should have billed them the cost? It was that or have their butcher squad turn up and cut it down to 5ft.

I only had one hairy moment where their HSO might have said 'Told you' I used the bungie cord method of tying the ladder to the tree. A sand bag at the bottom would have been a help. For added safety. But I did the necessary. I need to upload the finished pic but that can wait.

3) The other item on their list. Was concerns over the Virgin Media Cable access. Odd that given Dweebfoliant man was in the day I had Virgin out over no internet access. The young fella who turned up had no issues accessing the sockets.  Just being awkward for the sake of it, me thinkums.

4) I had a small tree growing by my bedroom window. It helped to deter the window knockers. They would check with whomever. To see if that had to go. When I eventually publish the email correspondence. You will see that it did.

Here is the small tree . . . 

This it is looking down the path. I've cut back the damaged Honeysuckle to see if I could get re-growth. Luckily I did.

It was a pleasure to stand under and look down the garden from, especially on hot days. Concerns for the structural integrity of the house. Do me a favour Mr Vine. You will see in the emails. That following my compliance with all this BS. That someone would be sent out to check the roof. 

Well as far as I am aware that has yet to take place. (2nd Nov 2017) Here then is the proof of the cut down. I was managing it's upward growth. But hey ho! I have a few other saplings growing that I might just might put across the path.

My Dweebfoliants mans bins make such an attractive feature, don't they Mr Vine?
Well what about the Hate Crime. You remember this don'tcha Mr Vine. 

Seems they weren't interested about that at all. I was amazed they never asked me to take it down. My screen. I explained to them how I came by this truth. But it appears I wasted my breath. I shall not be repeating that here. The how of my knowing. Dweebfoliant man will only deny it anyway. But he and I know the truth.

So to break the creative deadlock and seeing as my drawing board was taken up with the 6th Star Series. I had a couple of canvasses knocking about and decided maybe if I returned to my sub-conscious means of image production. It might help with the block on the 6th SS painting.

This was the first of those. Remarkably it sums up my at a lostness. As to why I just couldn't turn up the the paint brushes. 

The title is ''The hen pecked Mr Pensive''

A simple image. It's as finished as it get. A few that follow are not. Next came ''A Double Wedding in Waterwheel Town'' Of all the paintings I have ever done. This painting oddly enough. Has given me the greatest pleasure, to do to date. It is still in the process of being completed. But hey its close.

I started another while working on this. Just to keep the mojo moving. The title is ''The day of Sluggers Comeuppance'' It reminds me of Leger. 

This next one. I haven't yet decided what to call. At the moment it's a toss up between simply ''The Meet'' or ''Two feather's fox was massive'' It's the one most in need of further time spent on it. But heyho! All part of the 'What more would you do if it didn't need to be perfect' philosophy.

Finally for this current series. Is ''Her useless son was drunk again'' next to the double wedding it has a charm that I find quite delightful. 

I imagine when I place them on twitter with the #Senedd they will appear on the timeline but will not stay on the photos page. Just like before. Due to haters who keep on hating. Or discriminators who keep on discriminating.

Finally for today Mr Vine. This is the doorway entry system they have installed. 

You see the button marked Trades. Well anyone can press that between the hours of 0700 and 1400 and gain access to the property. Odd isn't it Mr Vine that those are the Hours I generally go to sleep? Cardiff County Council know this? Maybe that's is why it is set at those specific times? 

My question is. What is going to happen when the criminal's get to know about it. As surely they will. What is likely to happen when those who have despitefully used me get to know about it? This is causing me a great spike in anxiety. 

Unfortunately for me. One Dr Adams doesn't feel that writing a letter. Asking that this be deactivated to assuage those fears, is worth his time or effort.

I just view it as more same old same old. Complete and utter disregard for this tenants peaceful enjoyment of his home, and family life. By Cardiff County Council. I wont bore you with the saga of how many times my sleep has been disrupted with it's placement or that of the hallway lighting system (more on that will follow). 

I did learn on Tuesday from Ian Williams the contractors electrician that it can be deactivated and the rest still work. I would like that done asap. So that I can go to sleep knowing that any old Tom Dick or Harry. Will not be invading my space.

Enough for now. I'm 2 hours passed my bedtime as it is. 


Why heavens above. Promoted my latest cartoon on twitter today and got this reply from Leanne Wood. Wonders will never cease.
I responded with this. After all she has had plenty of emails plenty of tweets. Hasn't she Mr Vine. I mean you've been a co-receiver. There is the 17th of Oct tweet above for one.
It seems the image isn't showing on preview so here it is Mr Vine my latest cartoon.

You have to ask yourself 'Why today?'' Don'tcha Mr Vine. I mean of all the tweets I have sent her way. Why today? Shall I go back and fetch the ones from her conference weekend. Oh lets shall we. I wonder if she has ever scrolled through the blogs, or will she bother now?

Friday the 20th Oct 2017 tweets it is then.
As a leader of a political party. You would think that someone in that party. Would have been delegated to keep an eye on their Social Media feed. Wouldn't you Mr Vine. I'm sure the BBC do. I mean you do. It's all part of the razzmatazz of being a radio 2 presenter these days isn't it.

Then there was this the same day . . . I was on a roll Mr Vine.
I mean they crap on and on and on and on . . . about the need for Social Housing. If they really mean business. Then 'Why oh why oh why' haven't they introduced. Stand Alone Bank Accounts for Council rent monies by now? Because they are corrupt is the only conclusion I can come to Mr Vine.

There wasn't a bursting forth of activity on #Plaid17 twitter feed that day. Maybe they were all to busy listening to the BS from the party leaders. Or maybe the activist are to impoverished to afford the technology to access social media.

But this came up, the Tidal lagoon issue. The 'Will the Tories fail Wales again' scenario Plaid like to paint. Often true but vanity projects when there are other cheaper options. Well it kinda irks me. So the roll continued with this . . .
That waterwheel can be found on the Taff trail, its a little lower down than the screw turbine that's been placed on Radyr Weir. Who owns that or who is making money out of that I do not know. 

But this waterwheel I have asked why isn't it producing electricity for the city since 2006. For the cost of re-purposing it they would gain a billion times over. so why not? Intransigent governance by the #Senedd. I think so. Small and many often out perform big but one. We will come back to that kind of thinking at a later date.

Saturday the 21st of Oct 2017 wasn't that much better from #Plaid17 activist. But as Mr Huw Thomas current Chairman of CCC was in the frame. I chipped into the conversation with this.
Hardly and excuse is it Mr Vine 'not sure what this is about' Given this is a small sample, of the tweets I have sent her way. Over the last few years. Plus there are all the cc emails posted in these blog post of mine. Criminal negligence about sums up the #Senedd and my dealings with it's AM's.

The AM she is referring me to is one Julie Morgan . . . You will find I have a blog on her. When she was my under performing MP. Not that the electoral commission ever took any notice of complaints of her being an 'Unfit proper person' to run in elections. That she ought to be barred from standing for public office. So I am unlikely to visit her any time soon. 

You will have to scroll down here to find it To find the blog. There is also a video on my Youtube channel.

I've been re-thinking the title of the blog Mr Vine. Maybe it ought to read 'Cardiff County Council Giving Crazydave The Finger Again'

As for the door entry system. I have been in contact with Ian Williams Mr Widerspin's office. Asking for the trade button to be de-activated. Asking for a push button lighting system. The one they have installed is on what they euphemistically called. 'Dusk till Dawn' Well it comes on way before dusk and stays on well after dawn. 

So when the Council bleat 'They are strapped for cash' Know that for the lie it is. When the claim they are a green council. Know that is a lie also.

It seems they like to rub the noses of their 'in fuel poverty tenants' with their lavishness. Plus they have added an outside light. Why? Don't ask me. Since that's been on the hedgehogs no longer come for their water round this side of the property.  It really used to make my day. Seeing them little beauties.

Sorry about the poor quality photo. I did want to know from Mr Wilderspin how many of these door entry systems they are putting in for CCC. Because now we have 3 lights running. Where as previously there were only the interior 2. The meter is ticking over very nicely for the lekkie company. Who is going to end up paying the bill?

In a country that claims its into animal welfare. All the protect the hedgehogs organizations, and the clowns do this. When I've repeatedly asked for a push button system. In order to save money. But its another finger up to this tenants wishes.

I am closing for now Mr Vine. There are more 'Giving Crazydave the finger' from CCC. To notify you of . . . oops this just came in.

Am I too harsh Mr Vine???

The annual gas safety check.

During all of this, that came round. I have repeatedly asked for afternoon appointments. I have repeatedly asked for only one person and no trainees.

So what do they do. Make a morning appointment, and send me two young men out. I could have cancelled but hate talking to them on the phone. Plus I had to try and change my sleep pattern for when these door entry gezzers turned up.

I could have refused the two entry. But lets get this over with is the motto. And we will finally deal with the individual. Who thought it a hoot to send the two here. So that next time, if there is one. Only one will turn up.

It was interesting to listen to their conversation. They made me aware that after their visit to me. They would be splitting up to go to other calls. As if to rub my face in fact that my wishes were deliberately being ignored.

They always check the boiler first. When that's done it's the meter test. I was put in the position of having to ask both outside. As one appeared to want to stay in the property. While I went to open up the front door for the other to access the meter. It means we have to go around the back etc etc.

I have zero trust of most people these days Mr Vine. Even less for employees of CCC. Especially when they are playing games at my expense. But then I must be the laughing stock of their little band. After all these two were aware that once the meter had been tested and they picked up their gear to check the gas fire. 'That you don't leave your boiler on standby do you. Shall I switch it off'. This was said in the lounge after the collection of their gear.

I had done that as I followed them out of the bedroom. What I also did not like. Was the one who was just there for the numbers. Wandering around with a mobile phone on. I mean was he videoing my home??? and relaying it back to his crew???

I did not tell him to switch it off. But next time if the situation doesn't change. If there are no. 'Oi wtf do you people think your up to' condemnation. I might just do that. Because Mr Vine if I were the head of a mental health charity. I would be calling out the ombudsman on this. I would be calling for some very serious sanctioning of the person who sent the two out.

They call me a vexatious complainant for holding such views. Well they ain't me, and they haven't walked in my shoes. Until they do. 'They can do one' is my answer.

Well that's the 3rd draft completed Mr Vine. 

Didn't hear any interviews on the news today with Leanne Wood. ''Excuse me Ms Wood. But do you know how Social Media works?'' or ''How can you claim 'your not sure what this is about' Given all the tweets Crazydave has sent your way?''

Same old, same old from MSM and the duplicitous BBC then.  

''I'm pledging my time to you, hoping you come through too'' Bob Dylan.

Weds 8th November 2017
Hi Mr Vine

Today I tweeted the following . . .     
You should have it in your notifications Mr Vine. Same as Leanne Wood would have had quite a few of them in hers. Between 2015 and today. Liar politicians we can all do without. Don'tcha think Mr Vine.

So yes last night wandering around the place. I could be heard to say 'One down, fifty nine to go'. Heartless of me Mr Vine? Given Mr Sargeant was a Minister in Rhodri Morgans Cabinet at the time of that banner being painted. I really don't think so.

On November the 3rd I posted this comment to @WalesOnline  Part of the Echo group . . . The Cardiff local rag in other words, facebook page. 

''Yes but will Leanne Wood position become untenable when her incompetence becomes general knowledge that and her lies''.

To this article . . .

But then if you look back at my history with that Rag. It is unlikely they will do or say anything. Just like they did or said nothing in the past. Scurrilous B's that they are. You can view some of that at here 

For ease of reference Mr Vine here is the Julie Morgan blog from the Crazydave Files
It's a 2008 blog. I really should embed the videos on it. Maybe I will.

Oh and Mr Vine. The meeting with Dr Adams. I really should have refused to see him. Because I like continuity. Because Dr Goricha would have remembered if Cardiff County Councils Medical Officer had ask for her to write 'a report'. As they were requested to do on the annual 'Do you still want to move' form. Question is 'Why didn't they request it?'  I mean it was in bold felt tip pen and shouty capitals.

How did they make their judgement without it ? After all it was 'The Good Dr' who asked me to request it? And there was nothing on my records saying they had. 

So they have decided that 'You are probably going to die at this address Mr Gabriel'

Still haven't heard from Mr Wilderspin. Guess I will have to get my ass to a phone box, again. Oh and the lights came on at 15.30hrs yesterday. Wotta waste of money!

Still cant be bothered with the emails Mr Vine. I've got a block there it would seem. I must shift that somehow. But this is enough for today.





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