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Jeremy Vine The Cost Of Buy To Let

Hello Mr Vine

I thought I would create a new post rather than all those updates. 

Today its the cost of private landlord housing provision, and an argument that says 'buy to let' is a scourge on the people of this country. That our politicians have indeed let the people down by allowing it to continue for so long.

If there was ever a need to sue them for incompetence this would be one good reason. Or tried as traitors to the people, with many calling for their hanging would about fit the bill.

Check out this link Here the opening quote:

''Freedom of Information Requests by the GMB union reveal that private landlords received more than £9.2bn from housing benefit in 2013/14.''

Nice work if you can get it eh Mr Vine. Shame the government isn't willing to pay the mortgage of properties for the tenants but they will for the Private Landlord and then some because there is the income generation and the letting agency fees all to come out of that.

I like to classify all such tenants of these properties as Vulnerable Adults who are just conduits of wealth, to another set of professional elite. 

Personally I would take all such properties into public ownership. As after all. Its the public who are paying the mortgages. Do you really think that figure is going to decline as more and more people are only working part time?

Most of these properties are overcrowded. I like to call this state of affairs 'Private Landlord heaven and tenants living hell' Because for many of them it is. Especially those Housing Association properties.

I ought to take some fotos of those properties they remind me of workhouses! and the phrase 'Shoot the Architec' rushes forth from my lips. Maximise income generation for Community Charge and all the other leeches of the backs of the impoverished.

While we are in the hanging n shooting mode Mr Vine lets talk about the rateable valuer of said properties. I fail to comprehend how that department can justify raising the rateable value of this former 3 bedroom house higher now that its sub-divided into 2 flats.

If those sonsofbitches ever had to live here I think they would have a whole different perspective of its value! and rather than raise it they would probably be clamouring for its reduction by 100% Oh yes indeedy Crazydave!

But will our Political Class take any action on that. Well they haven't so far have they Crazydave! Oh no Mr Vine. Not the Sunshine's out of their backsides Assembly Members at the Welsh Assembly for one then neither have any MP's Prime Ministers or House of frigging Lords members. Because I've tried to engage them all in these matters and for my efforts I eventually had my email blocked.

So I created this banner.

The Media in Wales did their level best to hide these weekly displays of mine down at the Welsh Assembly building from February 2004 through to the end of 2005. With no discussion what so ever with me about the meaning behind the content. In fact when the traitorous money grubbing bastards came out to do their interviews with the Assembly Building as their backdrop, so disgusted by their neglect of the people of Wales by not rigorously challenging the then Rhodri Morgan Government over these issues. I would shout them down, until they were forced to go back inside the building to play their BS games.

The police allowed this, until one Sunday and the weather men were shooting their 'Its Sunny in Cardiff Bay today folks' slots. Well I'll be damned the video showing the 2 cops isn't on my youtube channel and believe me Mr Vine I never took it off. How the heck did that occur? Guess I shall have to upload it again, it was shot on the same day as this.

How very strange that missing video! Whats the odds on it reappearing after this Crazydave not good unless I re upload it . . . that's if youtube will allow me to.

Oh and I still have the letter somewhere from the Labour party telling me how delighted they were with a thriving private rental sector? A party formed on the backs of peoples lives owned to the company store!

Is this really a way to run an economy? 'More than £9.2 Billion' paid to private landlords. If the government really gotta a hold of Councils hiking rents and decided. 'Well we are cutting them in half right now! In fact we might cut them by more than half, now that rent monies aren't going to prop up the Welsh Assembly Government.

Plus we are taking a whole heap of Private landlord properties into public ownership and cut those rentals. Plus we are dealing with the Rateable Valuers Office to re-evaluate these tenancies. 

Maybe then maybe we'd have less of a deficit, and those who have been living with Austerity long before the Banking Crisis ever happened might just have a little more to enjoy some of the benefits of living in a supposedly First World Country.

Would that be a fairer and more just society Mr Vine. Would that be the 'Were all in this together' come true for a change. Its unlikely to happen given the status quo of all political parties in the UK and the first time buyer BS they usually trot out on housing.

Why buy when you can rent for £10 a week? Think that's impossible Mr Vine? Me I believe that its very very achievable. Its just a change of mindset and some simple common sense. 

But along with Government not installing Free Solar Panels on all homes in the UK. Again achievable and at better terms than you can currently get in the free market economy. After all they demand us to be consumer rather than producers, because sustainability only goes so far with them. It makes me wonder if David Icke is right after all, and that this is a slave planet run by a bunch of Satanist.

Oh and don't forget the free Micro Wind Turbines I like this design Mr Vine only rather than have them on trees. I'd like to have them running off the side of the house. Maybe all along the eaves? That sure would help cut my bills and probably make me a few quid as well given that I am a low usage user of electricity.

But Government wouldn't want that mow would they. At least not this current crop of any political persuasion.

Time to ping and tweet Mr Vine. Oops betta spell check this one eh Crazydave. Oh go on then.

I found the video Mr Vine the Police protecting their paymasters. In the end I sang a song to disrupt the broadcast of Mr Brockway. Singing isn't the same thing as shouting. It was funny to see them rush back out of the Assembly Building when I did start to sing tho!  before they realised I wasn't shouting defamitory stuff!

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