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Jeremy Vine The Crazydave Conversation From 23 March 2015

Hi Jeremy 

I see your in Wales today, below is a copy of a letter from a 2008 blog of mine dealing with the council rent revenue account.

Dear mr. Gabriel

Following your visit to the Whitchurch Councillors Ward surgery I have investigated the matter you raised, specifically 30.52 M appearing as rent rebates in the 2000 - 2001 Housing revenue Account, appearing as expenditure.

I am satisfied this is in order and that there is no irregularity in the accounts.

rent rebates now so not appear in the Housing revenue Account but are part of the Housing General Fund, this was the decision of the Welsh Assembly.

I now consider the matter is closed and will not respond to any further issues you have on this matter. I have also advised the local Councillors that we suggested you should contatct them for any additional Ward issues you have.

Yours sincerely
Timothy Davies

You will find my comments at that time here

Over this winter its been nagging at me that this is really a letter admitting that 'False Accounting Practices' had been occurring. Corporate Fraud might be a better name for it. But the more I've thought about it the more I would like the sums of money denuded that account due to the 'Irregularities' of Rent Rebates ever appearing in it paid back. Given that I and many other people in this city are suffering the consequences of that error . . . with substandard housing!

This banner was completed and displayed down the Welsh Assembly in April 2005. 

As far as I am aware Jeremy this 'False Accounting' practice has been in place since the inception of Housing Benefit so we are talking decades here of money syphoned out of that account. Which if it hadn't been there meant this account would be in profit for Mega Millions!

Also why was it that the Audit Office didn't recognise this irregularity? So that it had to be highlighted by a 'Concerned Tenant'? and kept very hush hush in the Media. 

All I hope is that its also stopped in other Local Authorities in Wales, but is it still the current practice of those in England and Scotland and Northern Ireland Hmm?


So there you go Jeremy something for you to chew over, something the people of this country ought to get really annoyed at. That and the cost of buy to let on tenants and the DWP cos with minimum wage levels who can afford to rent them without some assistance from Housing Benefit? 

Check the ever escalating cost of that to the economy, and maybe just maybe we should be having a total rethink on Private Landlords being a good thing, as the Labour party once told me they were happy its was a thriving sector. Yeah well ask the tenants.

Vulnerable Adults Cash Cows for another set of elite. 

Oh and the Ombudsman Jeremy 'Cannot look at your complaint till you've completed the Councils Complaint Proceedure'. Its now been 3 months since I asked mine to be moved to Stage 2 not a dicky bird Jeremy, and part of the Complaint is Corporate Discrimination, as well as the free solar panels for all its tenants, and excuse me but why aren't rents being reduced in this time of austerity or at least no more annual % rent increases for maybe 10 years. But oh no fob you off in the hope that you eventually give up.

Righto time to tweet this. Oh and Vote No-TA None Of The Above . . . right across the whole ballot cos there are so people campaigning under that title. 

A world without the need for Government can we dream eh Jezza?

UPDATE 25th MARCH 2015

Hey Jezza 

Heard nothing on the news. So I've fished out the email of rebuttal to Mr Davies and maybe I've been a bit harsh maybe I didn't state the actual words 'Being dissatisfied with your response I would like my complaint moved to Stage 2 of the complaint proceedure'.

Oh and Jeremy, be mindful of those who also received the email. I could point out the tweets but hey look at my history. That's if my account hasn't been suspended again and all apparently lost, from my tweeting history ie banner nolonger appearing on the #senedd timeline. like it was last night. But hey nothing new there eh Crazydave oh no.

So here is the email of 5 months not 3 months ago as above.

From: Crazydave 

Subject: Mr Davies reponse fao the Ombudsman
Date: Tue, 21 Oct 2014 02:22:32 +0100
Hello Everyone

Attached is Mr Davies reply. Needless to say I find it woefully inadiquate. The suppying of evidence of a meeting with the ASB team video of meeting at Gabalfa library seems to have been ignored. The complaint regarding annual rent increase seems to have been ignored. I did not ask for the names of anyone complaining about the conservatory, only that the council first became aware of its construction from a neighbour complaint. A simple yes would have surfficed.

The complaint regarding the tenancy management team is one of attempted constructive eviction. Mr Davies makes much of the fact that Youtube complied with their request to have the video removed. He fails to note that the 2nd attempt at putting it in the public domain has not met with any calls for it to be taken down. That therefore my suggestion that in future I will only record the feet of these officious officials appears to a satisfactory one. So that any vulnerable adult is well within their rights to record officers of the council. I put it to the ombudsman that in order to hold them to full account facial recognition, the same that holds good for police officers going about their business should also apply to council employees.

That no corporate complaint number has been issued with this complaint either is worthy of note. Have I supplied enough rebuttals for the Ombudsman to consider this matter in depth, ignoring Mr Davies assertion that anything outside of 12 mths cannot be considered. Especially the letting of a property that 15 years later still does not comply with minnimum building standards regulations. These regulations were not dreamed up to be ignored and as it stands they violate my right to the peaceful enjoyment of my home. As outlined in The Human Rights Act.

My blog bibliography at ought to be surficient for the historical claim of hate crime. As well as the ammount of time I have been asked to be re-housed going back to feb 2002. The First instance of threats of violence to myself by Mr Watkins. The last time I had a complaint regarding hate crime was with the council pollution dept in August 2013. Perhpas Mr Davies will enlighten you all as to why. The video I recorded that day makes for interesting listening, as does the 2 police officers the day prior although no real investigation as to the cause was ever carried out.

Needless to say I view Mr Davies reply as the usual Corporate Discrimination. He says the installation of Solar and Micro windturbines would cause the council to much cost, yet the link given in the blog he claims to have read is of a company willing to do free install?

Yours David Gabriel

So today I forwarded the above email to the same people with this addition:
I had thought the email below (for this blogs purpose its the one above) would have moved my complaint onto stage 2 of the complaint proceedure. Evidently given that I have heard nothing since, it has not. Therefore I would like it made known Mr Davies that was the intention of the email. This is to confirm such a request.

I have added to my blog Its was aimed at Mr Jeremy Vine of Radio 2 fame, and the matter of the Rent Revenue Account, and the question of: If there were no 'irregularities' in Rent Rebates showing up in the rent revenue account. Then how come the Welsh Assembly demanded its removal from that account?

As a concerned tenant. I would like the monies embezzeled out of that account by questionable accounting practices of Cardiff County Council being reimburst to said account. I would like also to know, why it was necessary for a tenant to point out the 'irregularity' and not the Audit Office decades ago?

Oh and Mr Davies could you furnish me with a Corporate Complaint number please, so that these complaints are recorded by the Council.

yours as ever David Gabriel

What makes me wonder about investigative journalism Mr Vine is do any of you in Media have poor relations? Eh Crazydave

All the Best People 'Shaking the tree here Boss, Shaking the tree . . . '


Hey Hey nothing seems to have changed at the Ombudsman's Office since the Derperate Dan days Crazydave. Sure looks that way people.

I mean what do you think Mr Vine 

Dear Mr Gabriel

Complaint against Cardiff Council

Thank you for contacting the Ombudsman’s office. However, I am afraid that the Ombudsman does not act on copy letters.

The Ombudsman normally expects you to have raised your complaint with the body concerned, and given them a reasonable opportunity to investigate and respond, before you come to him. Many complaints can be settled in this way.

If you want me to send you our complaints leaflet, which explains more about the Ombudsman’s role, please contact our office.
You can also access our website at
I hope that this is helpful.

Yours sincerely
Rhian Williams
Casework Officer
Complaints Advice Team

You see Jeremy they were sent the same emails I sent Mr Davies in making my own complaint, seeing as I was the victim of other peoples!

Any old excuse for not getting involved seems to be the order of the day. One of the complaints was regarding, vulnerable adults right to video record and publish in the public domain any meetings with Council Employees at their own tenancy. Without being threatened with eviction.

Odd also why they get the hump over the Copy Letter being sent to 3 political parties leaders in Wales, South Wales police the council employee involved in the compliant, the leader of the council, and my MP?

Then there was this in my inbox:

The mailbox doesn't exist. 

Guess Mr Davies didn't want his email in the public domain either, Oh Transparency what a BS phrase that is eh Mr Vine. Guess I will have to use the dreaded phone. Shame I don't have record the conversation fascility 'for training purposes' eh Crazydave Or has Mr Davies resigned?

Now what would you do Jeremy if you were in my shoes??? After all Embezzling £30 million out of an account each year is a lot of dosh, that should have gone into housing provision, and upkeep!

Oh and the Desperate Dan banner came out of my previous dealings with the Ombudsman and not much joy that time either, again displayed outside the Welsh Assembly building for all AM's to see and ignore. Shameless B's that they are.

Displayed in October 2004 Mr Vine . . . End of Update. 


I've had more from the Ombudsman, saying the same old thing. Pity they cannot see that a fence that has been asked for since 2002 still hasn't been fitted is part of the Corporate Discrimination by Cardiff County Council, and makes me wonder if they aren't aiding n abetting given the contractor say they would have no trouble fitting one. Contrary to what the dispicable Sarah McGill would have people believe?

One of my tweets to the head of the Council one Mr Phil Bale . . .       

david gabriel @david_o_gabriel  ·  Mar 29

Dear Mr Gabriel

Thank you for your e-mail.  To clarify my earlier e-mail, the Ombudsman cannot consider a complaint in which this office is copied into an email (c.c).  The Ombudsman would expect that a complaint is put directly to this office.   If you wish to make a complaint to the Ombudsman you would need to follow the correct procedure by either completing a complaint form, or putting your concerns in writing.  If you wish to complete a complaint form you may access this online by clicking here

However, I must explain that before considering a complaint the Ombudsman must be satisfied that the matter has been raised with the body concerned and that it has had a reasonable opportunity to investigate and respond to it. The Ombudsman would expect you to exhaust the relevant body’s own complaints procedure before you consider bringing your complaint to him.

You say that you have e-mailed Mr Davies requesting that your complaint be escalated to Stage 2 of the complaints procedure but that Mr Davies’ e-mail no longer functions.  You also say that you have not contacted the Council to follow this up.  It appears to me therefore that the Council has not received your request to have your complaint escalated to Stage 2.  You may therefore wish to contact the Council’s complaints department and request that your complaint be escalated. 

If you remain dissatisfied with the Council’s response you will then be able to complain to the Ombudsman.  I have also attached a link to our factsheet which explains more about our complaints process.

Yours sincerely

Rhian Williams

Casework Officer

Complaint Advice Team

Pedantic or what Crazydave or just aiding n abetting in Hate Crime? 

One might have thought that Mr Bale would have got his finger out and contacted the complaint team with 'wtf is going on? This mans chosen means of contact is email and you ditch yours. And how come you didn't escalate the complaint to the stage 2 after his rebuttal of it your 'It will cost the council to much to install free solar panels on all council properties' Way back in October?

But he is much like Carwyn Jones and Leanne Woods Here's a 30th March -2015 tweet to the first Minister.
 Mar 30

Or this to Ms Woods twitter account: @dewimeirion Shame @LeanneWood not asked why the #senedd deemed it necessary to … #embezzling #housingcrisis #localgov 

That based around here n Mr Vine having a chat on BBCradio2.

Oh and Mr Vine I've been doing a little maths of late. My rent due to these annual % rent increases is now £30 per week more than when I moved in here 15 years ago. The council like to boast they have 15,700 tenancies for ease of math I rounded it down to 15,000.

£30 x 4 = £120 per month
£120 x 12 = £1,440 per year increase

For ease of maths lets call it £1,000 per year increase on all properties although as I have shown it is indeed more than this.

15,000 x £1,000 = £15,000,000 pound per year rent increase to the Chancellor given that 98% of tenants are in receipt of housing benefit. 

That's compound interest for you. And what are we getting for this £15 million a year increase in rentals Mr Vine seems like more of the same old same old. 

There ought to be a case put forward that the longer you live in a tenancy the less the rent comes to. So how many years will it take for the 2.5% average increase to get to another Extra £15 million Crazydave? 

Well total rent yeilds will now be £45 Million as opposed to the £30 million of 2002 figures.

It would only take 12 years to reach £60,519,993 Compound Interest such a wicked thing. Especially when you have a government unwilling to curb its excesses isn't that right mr Carwyn Jones after all the Welsh Assembly Government nods through these increases year in year out? 

That's where your tax monies go to incompetant and discriminatory councils and nobody gives a flying frig it would seem. Austerity not to Council rent accounts they are thriving!

Oh time to tweet for what that's worth Eh Mr Vine My 29th March 2015 to you 
Mar 29

So I've tweeted this today 
@cardiffcouncil @OmbudsmanWales HELP get my complaints onto Stage 2 with Com Housing & Customer Services … #cdfcouncil

End of update remember a full list of blogs are available at

Tweeted on the 15th April I finally gave in a rang them as while they might reply to some it seems they don't for all. 

I found out that Mr Davies nolonger works for the council and that there is no such department as Communities Housing and Customer Services. That Mr Davies actually worked in their Anti Social Behaviour department.

My feeling on that are known to be 'They have aided n abetted hate crime' and I supplied evidence of that, as if any more were needed eh Mr Vine.

So today I have emails from Housing Complaints re-supplying with Mr Davies reply. So another email sent asking again for the complaint to be moved to Stage 2 and again the request for a Corporate Complaint number. How many times do I have to ask for that Mr Vine?

While last night I had one of the youths who once upoina time threw stones at my window with along with a gang of others, all instigated by an adult allowed to invade my home space once again. I wonder how you would feel about that Mr Vine if you were in my shoes.

Let me ask you once again Mr Vine do you think the running cost of the Council housing has increased in Cardiff by £15 million a year over the last 15 years? I very much doubt it yet they are scamming the Social Security System with the aid of the Welsh Assembly Government by that ammount.

And will we the tenants ever have the monies embezzled from the Rent Revenue Account ever repaid? Where oh where is that £15 million going Crazydave? Certainly not on a property where Scumbags cannot intrude on your private life eh!

If only I had the where withall to take out a private prosecution Mr Vine. I would have been visiting with a barrister many years ago. 

And the quote of the night a rewording of a Bob Dylan song Mr Vine 'Oh Mamma can this really be the end. To be stuck inside of Cardiff with the Scumbags again'

End of update time to tweet you Mr Vine.


Mental Health high on the AGENDA in this years election! Hear All About It!

You have gotta laugh eh Crazydave. Jobs for mental health professionals is what their policies really stand for Mr Vine.

With no consideration what so ever about the impact of shite accommodation on long term mental health sufferres. None Mr Vine although for the last decade I have been constantly drawing their attention to this matter.

That is the nature of their and the medias neglect. By their I mean the Political Class. One of the reasons I created this banner Mr Vine because thats all Vulnerable adults are to the professional elite cash cows.

 After all there are all these Univercity students that need employment aren't there. Put on the edge people in accommodation likely to excaserbate their mental health issues and we have a customer for life. Plus evberybody else is making a nice little earner from the crap housing they are provided with due to their infirmity.

That includes the BBC or they would be asking why the hell isn't this a policy of your party if you people are really interested in doing something about inner city poverty? Hence this banner Mr Vine . . .

But then the BBC stands to lose revenue if it asked that question of the Political Elite now wouldn't it. But but but we get 8 licences out of that over crowed money spinner. Where the above policy would allow for only one devided by 8 or out of a say £140 licence each tenant would only have to pay £17.50 a year. But then they have to put up with the blaring TV of the 7 either deaf or insencitive other tenant's TV's don't they Mr Vine . . . because the ear plugs we can buy don't actually cut the mustard . . . or do what its says on the tin . . . !

And should we have to live like that?

OK Mr Vine also today I will draw your attention to an earlier part of this blog and the question of when I first requested to be re-housed. 

Here is a copy of a document dated the 26/6/02 signed by myself and the support worker CCC employed on my behalf.

You will see that top priority was Housing issues in Objectives 'To obtain move to more suitable premises' Which as you can tell was never acted upon. In previous blogs see for a full list of those and the oft mentioned fact that those particular professioanl elite took their Grand and ran . . . 'could we have our money back please!' . . . or scammed again Crazydave!

A copy of that piece of paper ought by rights be in my tenancy file. Ms McGill would like to have that kinda stuff burnt every 7 years so as not to implicate the Council in any wrong doing. Not being particularly meticulas in filing all the documents I have Mr Vine after all the ammount of times I've had to fish this one out and then that one to cross reference, well they all kinda end up in the wrong file. But I do try and keep them somewhere . . . do I hear a 'jolly good for you to Crazydave!' . . . from anyone?

But then given the letter I had saying you'll probably be in your current housing till you pop your clogs from the Council resently . . . having the extra year points isn't going to be worth a whole lot. Its just that if anyone considered my points of view Ms McGill would never be employed in a public service postion ever again in her current lifetime and all pension rights she might have accrued be nullified. 

I guess that's why they like to label me a vexatious complainant Mr. Vine. Me, I like to think of it as Social Justice. For all the Little People the likes of Ms McGill has shat on all these years. With a broad grin on her face as she does so (indelibly imprinted on the wax eulogies of my mind that grin of her's Mr Vine the day this video was shot)

And yes the allegation regarding Mr Cook still stands as for twitter Mr Vine well the occassional issues but then I havent been maximising their service to much of late.

And those procedural rules Cardiff County Council have and the right to video any scrutiny meetings and ask public questions . . . the ones Mr Cook would like to deny us because maybe he'd be held to account . . . what is the Ombudsman going to do about that Mr Vine . . . given the BS I continue to get from them sweet FA seems to be the reply.

And that is very very wrong Mr Vine . . . to many ands Mr Vine?

end of update.





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