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More Evidence of Welsh Assembly Collusion 30th April 2014

Hey People 

Here I am again, probably wasting my time but needs must. First I will see how the copy pasting of Tweets go, and add a reminder of a video shot oh so long ago my very first on youtube and end with the latest song that I sing when the unwanted guests arrive to intrude on my right to the peaceful enjoyment of my home life.

 ·  Apr 18
why doesn't 17,500 tenancies n £30 million in payments show a healthy profit

You do really have to wonder why haven't they ever shown a healthy profit in the Housing Revenue Account. Will they show £10 million in profit this year now that they aren't subsidising the Welsh Assembly from that account to that sum?

if I owned 17,500 tenancies with a £30 million in payments I sure would show a healthy profit

You can see I've tried to raise this question with the First Minister Carwyn Jones but he's in hiding as far as questions from me go. Don'tcha Carwyn and the media don't appear to want to question you over this. As if they don't have kids paying over the odds rentals cos the Elite think buy to let is a good thing. Me I think its a blood sucker in lots of ways! I've highlighted those to often to mention.

Then there was this

had to fix the fence again Mr Jones due to corp discrimination see

And as ever seeing as she is the leader of the opposition at the Assembly Leanne Wood 

rents set to rise by 35% over next 10 years any chance of a rent freeze

Public Service Employees are bellyaching about 1% pay rises so why the hell are rents set to rise by over 35% in the next ten years? Its the Assembly that agrees these rises nice when it was creaming off the account, some conflict of interest there eh Chief Constable (you really ought to take this as another official complaint to your department chief Constable of South Wales Police not that your officers or predecessor  took them seriously before)

Then there was this 

seeing as nobody cares I painted this on my flat outer wall today

and no it wasn't a joke. I did shoot a video I haven't uploaded it to youtube. The reason for it, oh they are as many as the blogs I've written but one it is a statement of truth, also that I got fed up with the family next door who like to take the piss, cos if you think that they have stopped from taking the piss just cos of all the videos I've shot and all the blogs I've written you must be a bloody fool. But here's a reminder Mr Carwyn Jones


I've had some odd things happen with twitter over the years with my various alias accounts not showing tweets and stuff but as soon as I started adding pics of my banners direct to twitter an odd thing happened. There were various Assembly members adding pics, you know the photo shoot opportunity not to be missed with this group or that, then suddenly there were my banners appearing in the All Pics on the main #senedd page of twitter. Well that lasted about a week when suddenly All Pics was no longer showing on the page.

Me I would like to know who it was that contacted twitter to ask them to drop it, and who it was at twitter that agreed oh and if I was a wealthy man I would happily sue their asses for aiding n abetting Corporate Discrimination by Cardiff County Council and Welsh Assembly to the detriment of my health n well being. Hence I sent this tweet to Leanne Wood.
 ·  Apr 14
odd that since uploading no ALL PIC show on page public inquiry into gagging on

Well should there be one, seems like something is not right. That they can have such an influence on a so called Social Media Site? But I doubt there will be just like I doubt the media will press Mark Drakeford the latest Health Minister regarding this

is this true if so what are u going to do to stop it in nhs

Do you have loved ones who have been killed by the NHS, because that is the inference from the pic. Unnecessary treatments being used that are shown to cause more problems than they solve?

So when the unwanted intruders arrive I've started singing a new song to myself, there is another and I might take time to add that one day, for now here are the current lyrics to the 'Tough Shit' song, its aimed at all those who have turned their backs on me, refused to do the right thing by me because they have issues with my very existence it would seem.

Verse 1

They are gonna reap what they sow
Tough shit tough shit

They are gonna reap what they sow 
Tough shit on them
Tough shit on them
Tough shit on them

They are gonna reap what they sow 
Tough shit on them


They won't know where and they won't know when
Tough shit tough shit

They won't know where and they won't know when 
Tough shit on them
Tough shit on them 
Tough shit on them

They won't know where and they won't know when 
Tough shit on them


They're laughing now but they won't be laughing then
Tough shit tough shit

They're laughing now but they won't be laughing then
Tough shit on them
Tough shit on them
Tough shit on them

They're laughing now but they won't be laughing then
Tough shit on them

At the mo I go back to the beginning and start over, just like a mantra and tough shit on them, for finding intruding into my privacy some kind of a joke.

Should our housing be so crummy that someone anyone is forced to create something like this, sometimes I find myself muttering 'Shoot the Architect' them and the 'District Valuer' another favourite is 'They ought to be paying me £500 quid a week to live here' and so they ought back paid to February 2002 when I first asked to be re-housed and we all know the reason why, don't we Mr Jones!

Oh and for a matter of fairness I did tweet Andrew RT Davies seeing how he's another leader of a party, not present during my protests down there, in 2004/5 but
did you ever get briefed on this when you got the job at the see pic

Oh you will have to trawl through the All part of the #senedd on twitter and the majority of my tweets end up there rather than as Top tweets. Why that is, how that is is another question a Judge ought to be asking Dick Costolo CEO of twitter on my behalf eh Dick.

and while the Judge is asking questions another ought to be 'Whats the difference between an email message a direct tweet and a letter Mr Jones Ms Wood Mr A. Davies hmmm?' Can't wait for the answer to that one Judge.

Copy of the pic for easy reference

How is Sarah McGill still in a job given my other blogs, frankly baffles the crap outta me her and a few others like the Head of Adult Services. 

About time the discussion on appropriate housing for those with mental health issues ought to be addressed rather than just the funding lovely surrounding for health care professionals to work in hmmm? But that's not likely is it Mr Jones cos you lot really don't give a toss do you? Self evident Crazydave self evident or else why am I writing this now?

Lets see the media pretend the questions this raises don't exist and hold nobody at the Assembly to account over its contents. Just like Adrian Masters of Sharp End fame not so much as a reply . . . collusion well check this out 

No more of this going on at new bill allows during meeting

Do I really have to email it this blog to you Mr Jones or any of the other Ususal Suspect (I did notice the tenant times has started using that phrase . . . imitation is the sincerest form of flattery isn't it ?) . . . they block my emails another naughty naughty very very naughty Chief Constable act on their part. Guess the Labour administration are no different to when Mr Goodway was the top dog but the independant who loves to tweet was served this another Adrian . . . this time Mr Robson

I now hold you as a participant in corp discrimination by and all members

How do I get my tweets rated as a Top tweet Mr Costolo seeing as I am more of a regular contributor than some who get their tweets marked as a Top tweet?

I am consoled only that all involved 'Will reap what they have sown' eventually and tough shit on them when it occurs.

yours toward a humane society Crazydave aka David Gabriel
Update 1st May 2014

I almost forgot this kinda conversation

  1. : when are u going to look at our rivers...” < Have you seen this?
I have seen Greenprint for the Valleys document found here Those who have kept up with my blog and watched all of my videos will see many of the ideas reflected in the document. I especially enjoyed seeing that micro-hydro is going to finally get active in the Brecon Beacon section.

And that Todmorden is having 'free food growing in the Urban Environment' (see my vids on that). Something that Cardiff County Council discouraged although I see that they have planted a grape vine in the Bute park (see my guerilla gardening vids) 

Yep maybe you sowed the seeds Crazydave, cept it ain't happening fast enough is it? The finance is there its the political will that isn't. I mean how many waterwheels can the river Taff take that will not impact negatively on the environment the size of the melingriffith wheel hmmm?

This video was uploaded 18th March 2008 according to youtube  and I still do not know why they havent got it back working only making electricity rather than standing idol as an historical monument. A monument to folly by not using it is my oppinion. 

I am sure this waterwhgeel would out perform the large wind turbine in wentloog over a year.

Well well well Just sent Mr Costolo this tweet 

Checked in on the #senedd page and would you believe it the photos part of the page is back but none of my banner pics are showing. More questions Mr Costolo same as they don't show on the #plaidcymru page either. How is that Mr Costolo?

Oh but someone must have been a busy bee today Crazydave. Well lets see if we add a new pic it shows shall we Dick? Here is the test tweet

The pic is currently showing after that but only when clicking view all. Wonder if that part of the page is to be taken down again Mr Costolo and boy do I wish I knew how to screen save Judge, with time and date stamps on all of 'em current time 2016hrs.

Ah I see the new council leader is a tweeter Mr Phil Bale I just sent him this:

while we're sharing blogs Phil why don'tcha checkout

Never did get a reply, and he's received emails about employees of CCC and nothing back not so much as a 'please do not email me anymore' silence = malfeasance.



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