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Aided n Abetted By The Welsh Assembly Government

Hi People

I've been putting off doing this blog. After so many years of non-action on anything I have had to point out regarding this tenancy I occupied for far to long given the history. One's I have tried to outline through many of the blogs at

So Here are a few emails that have been sent n received over the last year or so. They are self explanitory the main theme being. My MP is a waste of space, one Mr Jonathan Evans MP for Llandaff North not unlike the previous Julie Morgan MP, now AM. You ought to know by now that I think she is an unfit proper person to be a public servant, given the previous blogs, and her diligence at ignoring them.

See the Echo article blog as one instance of her refusing this constituent the kudos for imagining a water wheel at Radar Weir, that CCC would like to now house a screw turbine sometime in the god only knows what future. They have been touting it as a project, but there seems to be little action taking place.

Infact here's the video I shot 


Question 'Is that tantamout to intellectual property theft Crazydave' I don't know, but I sure would like 10% of the profits, for being the one to originally suggest the site. Is that greedy or Social Justice?

Right lets start here: It's in response to a letter from Jonathan Evans attached was a letter from Jon House CEO of CCC to Mr Evans stating that I only asked to be re-housed in 2008! I could not believe it cheeky F££ker! How they like to lie, cheat and deceive eh Lord! That was the form the Probation Service filled in for me, after the initial court hearing that the crown prosecution service thought worth persuing, but ultimately was a waste of public money. But the person who brought the claim of assault is still a regular visitor to n17, that is another reason why the council should have re-housed me. But hey they delight in that kinda stuff, don't they Ms Sarah mcGill!

For those who don't know. The number of years you have been on the council waiting list = points on your application form! The more points you have the higher up the list you go. I am claiming I have been requesting to be re-housed since Feb 2002 when I was first threatened with violence, by the tenant above. You will note that at this time I thought Mr Evans was acting on my behalf see last line of the email.

Email sent 7th Dec 2011

Hi Mr Evans

I received your letter today with Jon House's reply attached. After mr. Griffiths had left apparently the check went ok! I rummaged through some of my files and fished out a 3rd may 2006 re-housing units letter to me title RE: Application for Re-housing by a S.J. Guite and their return of the housing application form because I had not put an area on it.

I havent trawled through all the correspondence I've accumulated over these last 12 years, as due to cross referencing for the various court cases I've attended etc there a bits and pieces all over, but I did manage to fish that out, and a letter by Gem Morris date 9th July 2002 addressed to Owen John Thomas AM. Mr Morris wrote the letter while acting as my tenant support officer engauged by Cardiff County Council with I thought the remit to get me Re-Housed.

So I will have to post them to you in the hope that you can ask Mr. House a few questions on my behalf. Deliberately misleading an MP by the CEO of a Council ought to be a sackable offence but that is highly unlikely to happen. You will no doubt have your own questions to ask him, but one I would like is for Mr. House to explain to you why he believes Taff Housing were engauged to provide me with a Support Worker in 2002, what were the events leading up to their engaugement, and what was their Chief Remit.

As for the Re-housing unit, well dare say they have their reasons for perhaps not filing my requests, or not telling Mr House about applications returned dates.

You might ask Mr. House why do you think Mr Gabriel made the banner in 2005 with reference to Rhodri Morgan and his culpability in the Torture of a mental health patient? and the Police's role at the Welsh Assembly by not investigating such a claim, when it has been continually displayed there for nearly a year, given that the council pay them a substantial sum of money! 

Mr Griffith's appears to think that no council bungalow will be allocated me, but I understand that Housing Associations allow over 50's such properties, and I do not mind transferring to one given that the Council now deal with the allocation of their tenancies as well as its own.

All the best and thank you again for your proactive involvement.
David Gabriel 

During this time I had a visit from a re-housing officer to check out my flat. Here is a letter from him after the visit which took place on the 7th Dec 2011 co-incidentally.
Dear Mr Gabriel,

RE: Property inspection Visit

Further to my recent visit to your property, I am writing to confirm our discussions as promised.

With regard to your kitchen and bathroom, all our fixtures and fittings were in place and I explained that you would have  new fixtures in the next year or so.  You stated that you did not want the work carried out.

I noted that the decoration throughout your flat was not to everyone's taste but agreed that it was clean and tidy in the majority of areas and that this would not be an issue with regard to finding a move for you.  The one area of concern I did have was the artwork on your internal doors and these would need to be reglossed should you be offered alternative accommodation.

With regard to the gardens, you explained that maintenance of the front garden was the responsibility of your upstairs neighbours at 15a XXXX XX.  The rear garden again, was not to everybody's taste but was in reasonably good order.

It is clear that access to your flat is restricted partly due to the makeshift gate you have installed.  I have asked our maintenance department to look at the possibility of installing a more sightly and user friendly entrance.

You advised that you did not have your own postbox and that mail was delivered to 15a because of this.  Some of your mail, you believed, went missing.   I have also asked our maintenance department to see if anything can be done to resolve this issue. 

In our discussions you told me that you would ideally like to move to a bungalow in the Gabalfa area.  I explained that bungalows were only let to over 60s and people with a disability which necessitated such accommodation.  I confirmed therefore that at present you would only be considered for a flat.

I trust this clarifies the situation and that you agree it accurately reflects our discussions.  I will also email this letter to you given the problems you have experienced with regard to your post. 

Yours sincerely
Zarne Griffiths
Visiting Officer

Needless to say this email did not accurately reflect the meeting at all so I duly responded. With a copy sent to Mr Evans MP.

Hi Mr Griffiths  14th December 2011

I should have known better than to not record your visit. I guess the realisation really struck after you had left. After the introductions you asked me 'was I downsizing?' for a moment I was confused as to what you meant, but it became clear that you assumed that I occupied the whole house on leaving you mentioned that 'To be honest with you I have read your blog' The two seemed incompatible. So I am not surprised to find myself writing a rebuttal of some of the statements made in this letter of yours to me.

You are right in that I said that the kitchen would not be refurbished while I was living at the property. The one area where you had concern in your letter I believe at the time of your visit you said 'I will waive that' I wonder now should I gloss the doors pink, or black or bright yellow which would suite your taste Mr Griffiths or do you have a penchant for white glossed doors?

Another other area of disagreement that I have with your letter is regarding the front garden. I did not say that it was the responsibility of the upstairs tenant, I believe that I told you that I destroyed it in the hope that someone would finally realise this man needs re-housing. Where upon you remarked that it would only take a day to put right, ergo no worries Mr. Gabriel. Videos of the deconstruction of the front garden are available for view on my youtube channel see iamcrazydave there you will also find some titled my beautiful front garden videos to contrast. I call its current state 'Hommage to criminal negligence' a living sculptural space.

Access to the flat as you put it is restricted to the back so that I do not have to be concerned with any attempts by Mr. Watkins associates attempting to gain access by tripping the latch at the front entrance which as you saw was blocked and used now as a storage area.

If you have time or inclination which I very much doubt, you will find mention of the councils refusal to supply either a gate or fencing for either front or back garden, but given that I had no monies with which to protect at least my back garden from further damage, these found objects have served me rather well.

As for the council not housing anyone under 60 in bungalows, I have pointed out that I am aware that housing association do let out bungalows to over 50's and that I am willing to transfer to a housing association property if that is the case. One of the manifestations of  my mental health issues is an extremely low tolerance to other people, some might call it an aversion, and it ought to be something that is considered as equal to any physical disability in the criteria used to judge someone's deservability for such housing, and not discriminated against.

I am tempted to ask of you a freedom of info request seeing as CCcouncil allocate tenancies for both its own and housing associations in the Cardiff area as to how many over 50's have been housed in bungalows this last 10 years, but from past experience of asking such questions, know that I will be given the run around so whats the point?

Another consideration is the rental of a one bedroom house, as a flat means co-existing with other people who in all likely hood given my past and present experience (i.e the need for me to be writing this) Is that they will just take the Michael and attempt to make my day to day life even more miserable that it already is.

I trust this puts my side of the 'meeting' into perspective, and should there be a next time, I will record the conversation as this reminds me oh so much of the Jawad, DWP Pensions doctors meetings (see the blogs at ) and who is going to believe me this time, rather than you Mr. Griffiths? Based on past experience no one.

Yours David Gabriel

One thing I did miss out is the post situation. Its not that my post goes missing its having my address used by the occupant above. Its a pisser and they are well aware of this issue Eh mr Daniels of the Ombudsman relating back to Sept 1999, still unresolved. I keep asking if you received letters with your neighbours name on it constantly how would you feel. 

This is the letter from Jon House to Mr Evans MP.

28th November 2011

Dear Mr Evans

Mr David Gabriel (address)

Thank you for your letter of the 31st October 2011 regarding the above constituents housing application.

Mr Gabriel was housed into his current address in July 1999 from his housing application registered 1994.

The earliest recorded housing application from Mr Gabriel at his current address was received on the 3rd October 2008. We periodically contact applicants on the waiting list to check for changes in circumstance and that they still wish to be re-housed, as Mr Gabriel failed to respond when we contacted him his application was deferred and subsequently withdrawn in February 2011. It is less than 12 months since we withdrew Mr Gabriel's application and in such circumstances we are happy to make his application live again with an effective apllication date of 3rd October 2008.

Mr Gabriel's application has now been updated to reflect the above and his current base point's award is 315, being made up as follows:

200 for a local connection to Cardiff 
  40 for medical problemds
  75 for time spent on list

In addition, Mr Gabriel has 100 first are of choice point's award for Gabalfa, giving 415 for this area only.

I am also pleased to be able to inform you that an offer of accommodation in his first area of choice, is pending, subject to his current property being found in a reasonable condition. My officers are currently endeavouring to contact Mr Gabriel to arrange a suitable time to visit.

I trust the above information is of assistance to you.

Yours sincerely 

Jon House 
Chief Executive

Sure would like to know when they tried to contact me about getting cut off the list. Sure would like to see the Chief Executive charged with misleading an MP! 'Another act of Malfeasance Crazydave?' 'You sure would think so Me Lord'.

Here is a video shot in Oct 2007 of my front garden its one of my most viewed videos:


Here it is after the Deconstruction: Aug 2009


You would have thought they would have re-housed me after doing that. But I guess I was right about them getting a kick out of it. Eh Mr Michael Murphy chief of adult services

And then of course there was this meeting I attended at the council one in which Sarah McGill seemed to take delight in telling of a new scheme to give prizes for front gardens of council tenants. She sure does like to take the piss as we shall see in later emails. The meeting took place on the 12th May 2011 Video title Councillor Ralph Cook aiding n abetting criminal negligence.


On the 12th of December 2011 I received this from Mr Evans MP

Dear Mr. Gabriel,

Thank you for your note of the 7th December 2011 in response to my letter of the 6th December 2011. Although I certainly think that there is an opportunity to challenge Mr. House on the points that he has made in the third paragraph, there does currently seem to be at least some action being taken by the Council and I think it would be wiser for us to wait for a few weeks before challenging Mr. House in order to see whether in that time we can see any more speedy progress in relation to your being re-housed.

I hope you will find this proposal helpful and send you my best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.

Yours sincerely,

Jonathan Evans

On the  5th jan 2012 I sent this to the housing officer copy to my MP. That's one thing you have to do people send copies and file them, for accountability reasons.

Hi Mr Griffiths
Just incase the original email didn't get thru.

As ever there are things to add. I didn't address the letter box issue, although it was you who brought it up, what irks me the most is having post to my address with Mr. Watkins name on it!

Funny how since your visit my louvre door screen at the rear has started falling apart! So maybe you could ask your maintenance people to organised a replacement! As costing up to renew the same today would be £90 to me. Seeing as your letter implied that there is 'no chance of you being re-housed until your at least 60 Mr. Gabriel'.

You also asked would I stay if everything was brought up to standard, and my answer was 'no!' I will not go into the multitude of reasons as to why not, sufficient that I would never have to cross paths with Mr.Watkins or his associates ever again would be on top of the list.

Lets hope that this gets through, maybe you can explain to Mr. Evans any discrepancies in our recall of events, me I am used to these type of things, they are par for the course of my little existence. In the meantime I will cobble together something to reinforce the gateway.

David Gabriel

On the 13th Feb 2012 I received this from my MP

Dear Mr. Gabriel,

I was a little surprised to receive a hand-written note today written on a letter sent to you by Cardiff Council on the 7th November 2011.  Your note comments on the letter which in itself seems to be dated 7th November 2011 but refers to cards left at your property on the 21st and 22nd November.  I attach a copy of a letter I sent to you on the 6th December from Jon House which clearly shows that the Council was proceeding with your re-housing application.  Furthermore, it does seem that Mr. Griffiths has been maintaining email contact and, indeed, Mr. Griffiths wrote to you on the 9th December 2011 by email.  I will just drop a note to the Council to clarify that your application is still proceeding.

Best regards,

Yours sincerely,

Jonathan Evans

I will not rummage for the letter's this refers to I have already wasted to much of my life force energy dealing with all this, over the years. Maybe if I was on a Council CEO salary I might, but as I'm not. My reply to this is aa follows. Seeing that the email came from Mr Evans secretaries email I addressed the reply to her.

Hi Vivienne
the main reason for sending the letters to you was so that Mr. Evans could ask Mr. House 'Why was Gem Morris acting as my Housing Support Officer in 2002, at 15 xxxxx xx! What was his Number 1 remit?' and the re-housing application for 2 years earlier than Mr House claimed in his letter to Mr. Evans. As for Mr. Griffiths, much like Docters,and Psychiatrist I have had to deal with in the past they can lie through their teeth with impunity. I should have video recorded the meeting, then there would be no discrepancies.

But hey I am used to Corporate Discrimination by Cardiff county Council's elected and unelected officials!

It would have been nice if you had mentioned those letters in this email though!

All the best David 

Yep acknowledgement that documents that counter the claim of Mr House had been received woul have been nice. Not just these hand written note, what does that mean. 'You supplied evidence countering a claim by the CEO of CCC Crazydave at least an email saying evidence received would have been the minimum you should have had back from your MP' 

On the 8th March 2012 I received this from my MP via his secretaries email:
Dear David,

I am writing to confirm that I have again been in touch with the Council on your behalf and they have now told me that your application is certainly live and you are reasonably well placed in terms of a forthcoming offer of alternative housing.  I am told that you will be contacted by the allocation or visiting team when a suitable property is available.

I hope that this is helpful.

Yours ever,


On the 13th March 2012 I sen this reply:

Hi Jonathan 

Thanks for the email. I know your a busy man, but I really would like you to ask Mr. House how come Mr. Gabriel has a letter from a tenant support officer while he was living in Garth Place in 2002? and how come he has a letter regarding a returned re-housing form dated 2006 when you Mr. House claim that he has only applied since 2008. I would love to see what Mr. House has to say regarding the reasons why CCC employed Taff Housing Support officers, who did not fulfill their remit as far as I am concerned rather they left me to further abuse and harassment from Mr. Watkins his associates and the tenants of 17 xxxx xx. But I expect they will lie with the same impunity as Mr. House did in his last to you Jonathan.

I know nobody gives a flying frig for people with mental health issues, I know that it is unlikely that the alternative housing is likely to be a bungalow, and I doubt that there will be any change in the way that they treat tenants, because everyone has other prorities. But it would be of interest to know what BS they come up with.

All the best Jonathan

As I had no reply to that email on the 10th April 2012 I sent the following:

HI Mr. Evans
I see that you have been unwilling to respond to the questions raised by the email dated March 11th 2012. I realise now that my concerns are of minimal concern to you and that much like Julie Morgan Cardiff North's previous MP. When the real questions need to be addressed you like her are unwilling to ask them.

I have a name for the whole procedure that you wouldn't approve of the nearest equivalent being 'The fob off'. I've had it from every member of the Welsh Assembly, Every member of Cardiff County Councils elected and unelected officials, from ombudsmen and the police, as well as the EHRC who fail to uphold article 8 of the Human Rights Act. 

I guess I should have known better than to trust you to be any different, given the general consensus that Mr. Gabriel is to be given zero consideration.   MY conclusion therefore is that you are now actively engaged in the continued criminal negligence to my health and welfare, as is the leader of your party in Westminster, when I sought his help in questioning the Labour government while he was the leader of the opposition. I am left therefore with no other alternative than to shoot yet another video only this time it will be you I will be targeting as another aider n abetter to the above mentioned crime.    

You would do the same in my position. I imagine that if you lived at the property all of you appear to believe is good enough for me, you would be demanding re-housing within a week of moving in there.    

I am sure it will please you to know that this Easter Sunday I fought with the powers of ignorance and intimidation, only this time I did it with song. Before I left the scumbags to themselves. Its not nice being hounded out of your home Mr. Evans but I should imagine you will say 'good enough for the fatherless child'   Good day to you Mr Evans, thanks for the little you have done, pity you were unwilling to walk the extra mile in my shoes. 

Ps please don't send another return email from an address that this one was not sent to. I do like to file them all you know.
Yours David Gabriel a much maligned individual.

The very same day I get this reply back from his secretary:
Dear Mr. Gabriel,

Thank you for your email of the 10th April 2012.  I am sorry that you have not yet received a response to your earlier email of the 11th March.  I apologise for the delay in getting back to you and will ensure that both emails are brought to Jonathan’s attention when he returns to the office after the Easter recess.

Yours sincerely,

Vivienne Ward

On the 24th April I found myself typing this to Vivienne:


Hello Vivienne

Its now the 24th April 2012, and as yet no reply since your email of 10th April 2012. I guess Mr. Evans has me at the bottom of his tado list or at the top of his don't bother list. Someone might wonder how come he didn't reply to Mr. House with

'Why do you think Mr. Gabriel stood outside the Welsh Assembly twice a week in 2004 and once a week in 2005 with an ever growing array of banners, part of it being to be re-housed! During which Rodney Berman used to pass by on a regular basis to hob nob with the leader of the Lib Dems at that time one Mike German'.

Along with the other questions I have put to him regarding their assertion that 2008 is the earliest Mr. Gabriel ever applied to be re-housed. Lies and continued neglect seem the order of the day.

Unfortuantely for me!
David Gabriel 

On the 2nd May 2012 I received the following from a council employee:

Dear Mr Gabriel

We have an offer of a property for you. In order for us to give you this offer, we need to complete a property condition check on 15 XXXX XX, Llandaff North. Can you please contact me on 20537398 in order for us to make an appointment?
I am out of the office until Tuesday 8th May.

Rhiannon Phillips

I replied to Rhiannon copy correspondence to MP with this again on the 2nd may 2012:

A property check was carried out on the 7th of december 2011 by your Mr. Griffiths. I do not see why another need take place do you?

Can you provide details of the property that you wish to offer me please, so that I might check it out.
Thanks David Gabriel

PS Mr. House does the right hand know what the left is doing in your organisation? Oh and by the way this is a video I have recently placed on youtube and of course tweeted, social care you have got to be having a laugh!

To save clicking the link here is the video 

So then Rhiannon sends me this on the 8th May 2012

Hello Mr Gabriel

The property that you are being considered for is a 1bed 1st floor flat in Gabalfa, however this offer is subject to a repeat property condition check following some minor issues raised at the last check.

Please contact me to arrange an appointment.

Many Thanks


I duly replied with this same day: 

Thank you Rhiannon

I am not sure that you are aware of the stipulations that I placed on my re-housing application, but a first floor flat isn't one of them. Due to the abuse I have received at the hands of human beings during my life I have a low trust/tolerance of other people. That is why on the application I placed a bungalow only, tick box.

So you will have to forgive me if I say no thank you very much to this offer of yours I have also stated that I do not mind transferring to housing association if such a property becomes available via that avenue? Then you might come and do another property check, given the dispute between my understanding of what occurred and Mr. Griffiths. In the meantime is it possible for someone in the council to fit a gate to my back garden, so that I do not have to fear of theft or intimidation, as the last was severely damaged recently and while I have rectified it as best I am able it does not look seemly.

While I am at this, does the council know of any charitable organisation that help with those on minimal incomes to move house!   

Yours David Gabriel

Suprise suprise I never did hear back from Rhiannon but on the 31st of may 2012 Sarah McGill (yes I did say that we would get back to her) wrote me the following. This is the same womean that attends lots of meeting, she has seen me ask my public questions. Knows what the council have refused to allow me to ask all councillors about the manner in which they treat their tenants at full council meetings. She writes me this:

Dear Mr Gabriel
Thank you for your below email which was addressed to the Chief Executive. The Chief Executive has asked me to respond to you on this matter.
I can confirm that the Council contacted you by email on 2nd May to explain that we were offering you a flat, and that we needed to undertake a property inspection. Even though an inspection had been undertaken in December 2011, there were problems identified with the internal doors and a second visit was needed to check that any works had been completed before the new offer was made.
I believe you refused this property and informed the Visiting Officer that you wanted to be considered for a bungalow only, and that you would be willing for a new property inspection to be done then.
It has been explained to you that you were not old enough for this type of accommodation, as the Council Policy indicates that wherever possible, Council bungalows are to be let to persons who are sixty years of age or above, unless the accommodation is provided through the Cardiff Accessible Homes Register. Housing associations letting through the Common Housing Register vary in the age criteria they set for the minimum age to occupy bungalows but it is unlikely that they will be able to assist with an offer of a bungalow in the near future as there are applicants assessed as having high medical needs and severe mobility issues on the waiting list for such vacancies.
I can only reiterate advice previously given to you by the Allocations team, that is, to widen your choice of areas and property types you are willing to consider. This is likley to increase the number of offers of accommodation you receive.
I hope this addresses your query but if you have any further concerns, please let me know.
Kind Regards
Sarah McGill
Corporate Chief Officer (Communities)/Prif Swyddog Corfforaethol (Cymunedau) 
Cardiff Council/Cyngor Caerdydd

Tel/Ffôn: 029 20872900

The likes of Ms McGill like to make out that people like me are 'vexatious complainants'. It's there way of avoiding their responsibilities, and it sucks. That she has been allowed to get away with it for so oh so long is criminal. The fault of a very very lacked Welsh Assembly Government, and a kiss ass Ombudsman hell they are probably all in the same Union! 

That they give £10 million a year out of rent monies and turn around and tell me they don't have the funds. That ought to be benefit fraud eh Chief Constable cos the rent monies obviously are rigged to provide for this scam. Not just to cover housing cost. If anyone is interested in any thing I've had to say, my question in this BS age of austerity is 'Why doesn't Central Government ie Mr Cameron make councils n housing associations cut the rents by 50% and consign % rent increases to history?' Cos all they do is compound the cost of social housing. As Chief Constable I would like to look at the books of a private landlord with 17,500 tenants to see how he can get a nil balance on his books every year? 

I think that Her Majesty's Tax people would have raised eyebrows at that, don't you? But hey we're scum right, lucky to have a roof over our heads. Well while I am grateful for that, it is not condusive to the peaceful enjoyment of my home.

So on the 1st of July pissed off by Ms McGill's reply I sent this. I mean a first floor flat for crying out loud. Did they have a meeting over that. Of itself that shows a total distain for my health n welfare. The only reason I can do this right now post a blog is because of the water barrels that have cut my water bill by 75%. Something else the Great and good in the House of Lords or the Welsh Assembly refused to even contemplate. The re-designation of houses of multiple occupancy to shared houses. So that the water company weren't allowed to scam us with an additional 33% charge.

These are receivers emails, vivienne is Mr Evans MP's Secretary,,, 

Shame none of you consider that mental health issues are as important as physical health issues. But hey we nutters are used to that by now!

Nor that you don't give a fig that the housing you do supply do not meet minimum building standard regulations 12 years after first being made aware of the deficiency. Why the hell they make such regulations when a County Council can so easily flaunt them baffles me. Not that your Committee on human rights give a fig either?

I notice once again that the request for appropriate fencing and a lockable gate is yet another thing that you can dismiss as far as this tenant is concerned eh Ms McGill. But then you are well practiced in the art of Corporate Discrimination aren't you!

Let me know when a bungalow becomes available, but I have a feeling hell would freeze over before the likelihood of that occurring.

Yours David Gabriel

I am aware of other mid 50's males being provided bungalows with no apparent disabilities by housing associations! So that excuse doesn't cut the mustard with me. 

Time ticked, and nothing more was heard from Ms McGill. They did send me the anual do you want to be kept on the re-housing list, and following on the return of that I get a letter from a Tina James CCC. I ended up sending this email to these three again:,,

Hello Mr House    

I had a letter from Tina James your Anti Social Behaviour Officer date 7th Nov 2012. regarding a complaint. Firstly let me say that I never initiated a complaint to her department, I've learned that its a waste of my time, secondly she never put an email address on her letter just a phone number. I do not like using phones to you people as you can lie about what was said, or they take my manner in an offensive way through no fault of my own and it ends up another waste of time and upset.    

I would like to point out the last line of her letter. 'If I do not hear from you within the next ten days I will presume you longer wish to pursue your complaint and close the case'.   I presume this letter came about due my return of your annual do you want to be on the re-housing list form where I listed my reasons for wanting to continue. I could put video links here but I doubt that you would do anything about them, you haven't in the past, even after the Mr. Downs incident and the interview I had with two anti social behaviour officers in Gabalfa Library. That came about following my deconstruction of the front garden videos did Ms McGill have a good laugh at those I wonder.    

The other main point to this email Mr. house is that you have mislead Mr. Evans MP with the amount of time I have been requesting to be re-housed. I believe you have stated that its only from 2008 I did ask Mr. Evans to question you regarding this and to have him ask you.   Excuse me Mr. House but Mr. Gabriel has supplied me with a letter from Mr. Gem Morris of Bro Taff Housing acting as his support worker during 2002 to John Owen Jones AM. Can you qualify that this support worker was engaged by Cardiff County Council following a complaint from Mr. Gabriel that he was threatened with violence by the still above tenant Mr. Watkins and requested to be re-housed, that indeed Mr. Gabriel has had several re-housing applications returned to him by your department only because you failed to supply him with areas of this city where bungalows are situated.

Unfortunately for me Mr Evans was reluctant to do so and consequently my application is missing 600 points, not that its likely to gain me any swifter service Mr. House, as I recognise that the Corporate Discrimination that I have so far received from CCC is likely to continue until the day I pop my clogs.

Self evident by now to any fool with eyes to see. Highlighted more recently by Ms McGills refusal to reply to my last email regarding oh yes you have it a back garden fence and back gate that protect me from unwanted intruders damage to my sanctuary and from CCC employees with no appointment calling willy nilly when they have a bee in their bonnets.

Perhaps in time email addresses will be on all letters from your employees, I have harped on about it on numerous occasions in the past to no avail it would seem.

So I would appreciate you forwarding this to Tina James, the complaints of neglect still stand in my eyes, the complaint of aiding and abetting harassment still remain concerning CCC and myself and the you know who neighbours.   And no I do not want any meeting with her or anyone else other than to view a bungalow, where I will not be subject to the daily intrusion into my private life, that the substandard property I have lived in for way to long allows for.   Shame on the lot of you!    

Yours as ever David Gabriel 15XXX XX 

On the 22nd November 2012 I get this from Mr House's secretary ;

Dear Mr Gabriel

I acknowlege receipt of your email to the Chief Executive. Mr House has asked Sarah McGill – Corporate Chief Officer (Communities) to look into the matter and respond to you direct.



Rhiân Jones

Personal Assistant to the Chief Executive/

Cynorthwyydd Personol i'r Prif Weithredwr

Ffon/Tel: 029 20872401  Ffacs/Fax: 029 20877081


On the 13th December 2012 I get this letter from an email address of must be Sarah McGill's personal assistant eh Crazydave.
Dear Mr Gabriel

Thank you for your below email dated 21st November which was addressed to Jon House. The Chief Executive has asked me to reply to you on this matter. I apologise for the delay in responding.

also apologise that Tina James (Anti Social Behaviour Officer) did not include an email address within her letter. However, I can confirm the generic mailbox address for the ASB team should have been included and as such I would advise you to send emails to should you have any further trouble. This will avoid any delay in your message being dealt with promptly, in the absence of staff.

I can reassure you that complaints of Anti Social Behaviour are taken very seriously and are thoroughly investigated, although it is important to note that it is difficult to take action when complaints are about historical issues.

With regard to your application for housing, I can confirm that you have been registered for a transfer since 3rd October 2008.  You are currently registered for one bedroom retirement flats.  However, you have indicated that you only wish to be considered for a bungalow but have been advised that these are allocated to applicants aged 60 or 55 if there is a medical need for this property type.  If you are eligible you may be considered for the allocation of a bungalow when you reach the age of 55 on XXXXXXX.

I can confirm your current points award is 340, being made up as follows:

200 Local Connection

100 Time spent on the list

 40 Medical

In addition, you have 100 ‘first area of choice’ points for Gabalfa giving you 440 points for this area only.

You have only chosen two areas, Maindy and Gabalfa which limits your housing options as there is little availability of retirement properties in these areas.  It would help your application greatly if you were able to consider further areas. If you would like to widen your choice of areas, please contact the Pre Tenancy Team on 029 2053 7131 or email

The last medical referral made in respect of your health issues was in October 2011 so if you have any additional information you would like to be considered, please contact the Housing Enquiries Team on 029 2053 7111 or email your details to  Please include details of your G.P information, medication and any other treatment you are receiving. 

With regards to your concerns about your garden gate/fence, following an inspection in May 2012 the Community Maintenance Services (CMS) decided that no work was required. However, if you wish for CMS to review this decision, officers can re-inspect the gate/fence, but they must have access to the garden to carry out this inspection. If you call the CMS Repair Line on 029 2036 9379 and suggest a convenient day after the Christmas period then CMS will certainly re-inspect the fence and review its decision.

I hope this addresses your concerns but if you require any further information, please let me know.

Yours sincerely

Sarah McGill
Corporate Chief Officer (Communities)/Prif Swyddog Corfforaethol (Cymunedau) 
Cardiff Council/Cyngor Caerdydd

Tel/Ffôn: 029 20872900

Anyone want to put in a FOIR to CCC and ask how many over 50 males are housed in housing association properties in Cardiff. Because they would take 3 years to get me that reply. As I had put on the form I don't mind moving to Ha properties, hell they might treat me as a valued tenant!

So I replied with this on the 19 jan 2013 good job you didn't paint those flipping doors eh Crazydave, you would have missed their beautiful reminder that nothing is truely solid!

Hello Ms Mcgill
I appreaciate the efforts you have gone into with this reply. However the email that originated it, asked the question why was Taff Housing tenant support team engauged by CCC on my behalf in Feb 2002? (not as previously stated Bro Taff) This has been convieniently neglected in this reply, and I would appreciate it being addressed.

I am well aware of the reasons, but I would like them stated from the horses mouth so to speak. So that my MP can be clear about it. I look forward to a prompt reply. Your Housing officers ought to know the answer. Although I have mentioned it in my blogs.

Yours David Gabriel

In the meantime Tina James was at it again only this time it went to an email that they refuse to accept from me because a block had been put on it by what the hell is her name, another malfeasant employee, who subsequently left her job, 'transferred to another council before she could be prosecuted??? More like eh Crazydave'.

Looked like that at the time dude.

This came on the 17th jan 2013 

From:   James, Tina (Willcox House) 
Sent:   17 January 2013 11:16
To:     Jensen, Christian

Dear Mr Gabriel,

I refer to my letter dated 7th November 2012 in response to the referral you made regarding problems you are experiencing with your neighbour. I would like to take this opportunity to firstly apologise for not including an e mail address in my original correspondance as I am now aware that your preferred method of communication is via e mail.
Your housing application form submitted to the Council highlighted issues of 'threats of violence' from one of your neighbours and I would like to arrange to meet with you to obtain further information in relation to these problems that you are experiencing.

I would be grateful if you would contact me to arrange a convenient time and place for the meeting to take place.
Tina James
Anti Social Behaviour Officer/Swyddog Achos Ymddygiad Gwrthgymdeithasol
Direct Line/Llinell Uniongyrchol: (029) 20537437
E-mail/E-bost: -

Not using that email I didn't get around to replying till the 28th Jan 2013 with this ;

Thank you for your email
I have no desire to meet with you. Your organisation is well aware of the issues I have had living here. Look at the blogs and you will see that I had a meeting with 2 gentlemen from your department, following the Mr Downs incident see youtube vids at iamcrazydave channel for that, as well as part of the meeting held at gabalfa library with said men.

I would only be wasting my time in seeing you, and i will be damned if i will give another employee of CCC the opportunity to tick some box when in truth they do nothing for me, like the 2 gentlemen, like Mr. house at full council meeting, like members of Adult services committee, like previous lord mayors, like ombudsmen, like MP's and AM's who have been made well aware of the situation here. See the oldest video on my youtube channel ie the first i ever uploaded and watch Mr. Fowler and the questions i ask him and where do you think the bits of stuff he was throwing were aimed at, all sent via email with links to the above and others.

I should think that will keep you busy for a morning.


This video was uploaded to youtube on the 7th Aug 2007 its a tenant satisfaction form video:

So while they make out they don't know the issues here, they know full well. 

This video was placed on youtube on the 10th sept 2009 of a  meeting with the anti-social behaviour officers following my deconstruction(Trashing) of the front garden that in response to Mr Downs the upstairs lodger wanting fistycuffs.


On the 21st Feb 2013 I recieved this from Ms McGill:


Dear Mr Gabriel

Apologies for the delay in responding to your email below. In response to your question relating to Taff Housing, I can confirm that the Council's Tenant Support Team received a referral on 25th February 2002, requesting support to assist with life skills and maintaining a tenancy. The request was referred to Taff 

Housing who were contracted by the Council to deliver support services at that time.

I trust this information is of assistance to you.


Sarah McGill
Corporate Chief Officer (Communities)/Prif Swyddog Corfforaethol (Cymunedau) 
Cardiff Council/Cyngor Caerdydd
Tel/Ffôn: 029 20872900

Well no it wasn't of assistance to me, so on the 28th of Feb 2013 I sent this email back: 

Unfortunately Ms McGill this information isn't of assistance to me at all. But then based on the past whats knew.

So to cut to the chase and simply ask "Can you confirm that Bro Taff Tenant Support Team were engauged following a telephone call from me to the Local housing office. Complaining that i had been threatened with violence by the upstairs tenant Mr. Stephan Watkins?"

The word endelibly imprinted on the wax eulogies of my mind being "Talk to me like that again and i will rip your XXcking head off"

That it had nothing what so ever todo with life skills or maintaining a tenancy whatever that implies. That i was under the impression they were going to provide me with alternate accommodation. At least that was the remit i thought they had.

Seems i was duped by them as well. As much as i am by Mr. house and yourself in claiming that i have only been applying for re-housing since 2008. i doubt i would get a breakdown of the number of re-housing applications that have been returned from CCC to me. But hey you've all played me for a fool for this long leopards don't change their spots do they?

So a quick yeah or nay will do. I will take this opportunity to remind you all that i refused to sign one initiation form for the help to begin, due to a clause in it that. "Should i fail to do what they asked i could lose my tenancy". The very attempt to have anyone sign such a document ought to be outlawed by government, in the protection of tenants by so called aid agencies.

I am nolonger suprised that it isn't. The effect of my refusal was for them to get another less offensive document for me to sign. Giving them £1,000 for very very little service and no support. Or why am i typing this what 11 years and 2 days later. Still seeking the same thing.

It has come to my attention that you have over 4,000 unoccupied properties in cardiff. I understand that said properties are often sold to Housing Associations for a nominal sum of £1. Once all the legal necessities have been carried out. I wonder how many of such have been sold since 2002? i could make a FOIR out of it, but they never get responded to in timely fashions. My reason for mentioning it is, that plenty of properties have been available for me to move into. If only people would think outside the box.

You have to wonder why don't they. Surely it doesn't take a lot of imagination. I could mention the old police station at the back of albany road. Unused for years an ideal property to be converted back to a home. But left to rot or at least it was a few months ago. Why hasn't it been recycled? Its public property isn't it ie tax payers paid for it?

And there are people living on the streets in this city. Its insane. It seems i've rambled. Just a confirm or deny the reason for BTTST engaugement will surfice as a reply.


On the 13th of March 2013 I recieved this reply back from Ms McGill:

Dear Mr Gabriel

In response to your email below, as the case is over ten years old this is the only information we hold. This particular case pre-dates our electronic system and we only keep records for 7 years.

We have confirmed all of the information that we can.


Sarah McGill
Corporate Chief Officer (Communities)/Prif Swyddog Corfforaethol (Cymunedau)
Cardiff Council/Cyngor Caerdydd

Tel/Ffôn: 029 20872900

Ain't it odd people, that Mr House is able to quote chapter and verse about how long I was on the waiting list prior to moving here in 1999 to Mr Evans MP, and Ms McGill can be so adamant about the reason for the intervention of Taff housing tenant support team into my life. Yet when pressed with 'did their engaugement occur due to claims of threats of violence to Mr Gabriel?' Suddenly, suddenly they havent got any records.

'We distroy them Crazydave! So that no one can find out. What heinous bastards we really are!'

Did you ever hear from your MP after his previous to you? 'no nothing ever' I feel let down by him, as much as I did with Julie Morgan. How the hell she has ever managed to fool people to believe she's a socialist astounds me. Given the material I placed before her and her party and they did nothing.

Its worth mentioning that since my email of the 28th Feb 2013 the old police station has started to be renovated. What into I shall watch with interest.

So there we have it. I came across some information that claimed that rents are now costing 33% of peoples wages. You only have to look at the rigged game, fashioned by our government to privatise housing and the cost both to the country and to tenants this is now costing to see that it is a failed policy. But oh no the middle class wish to keep it this way so that their kind are doing very nicley out of the shortage of Social Housing thank you very much.

Once again I will say here. If Government is serious about reducing it anual spend then why not demand councils and housing association reduce their rents by 50%. It a pity a journalist with balls doesn't ask the question or make the statement to Mr I.D.Smith. Would doing such a thing reduce the Housing Benefit budget by £11 Billion per annum? and if and when he replies 'Yes' 

Then you can ask him 'why not do that, rather than charging for an extra room, that has people at their wits end killing themselves?' 

The allocation of money to claimants always has a this clause which states 'this is what the government says you can live on'. Well that figure wasn't factored in with a £14 £28 £42 per week  additional bedroom charge was it? ergo the amount the state says you can live on is BS.

How they can contemplate selling off the banks that we bailed out, until they have paid back well over a 1000 fold seems madness to me. Seems to me the Government could do with all the income streams possible to get them out of hock, and they have been gifted the goose that lays the golden eggs, so why give them away? Especially if they decide to cut rents by 50% and refinance mortgauges with the housing associations!

But then they want to privatise it all and keep people enslaved to ever increasing rentals, for what kind of service Crazydave. Piss poor service thats what. Will this blog achieve any of that unlikely given the 100 or so other blogs havent.

That list can be found at isn't that right PC Haines.

Any way fishing through some old correspondence the other day looking for that Leanne Wood AM letter to me way back when. I came across this 1st March 2005 letter from one Mr Mathew Harries a Housing Officer for this area. I was hoping to get it scanned but the place I would have used has closed down.

It reads as follows:

Dear mr Gabriel,

Neighbour nuisance

Further to your letter of 14th February 2005 in respect of the above, I can confirm that I have no jurisdiction over the conduct of the occupant(s) of the flat directly above you as this dwelling is privately owned.

I hereby advise you that I have spoken to the tenant of 17 XXX XX in relation to the children's behaviour but due to the evidence submitted was unable to take the matter further.

I can confirm that I have been in contact with Mrs Leanne Wood AM and have advised that I sent you application forms last year for you to complete in order for due consideration being given to a possilbe transfer. To date I'm yet to receive these forms. I can confirm, as previously advised by Mrs Brenda Purnell, there is no one bedroom single story accommodation within Cardiff County Council's housing stock which you are eligible to transfer to.

Additionally, in relation to your comments regarding the 'right to buy policy', I can confirm that Cardiff County Council appealed to the Welsh Assembly for this to be suspended but was unsuccessful.

I look forward to receiving the above mentioned application forms.

Yours sincerely

Mathew Harries
housing Officer (North)

It was attached to the following letter to Dr. Brian Gibbon AM dated the 8th March 2005 the New Health Minister at the Welsh Assembly seeing as Jane hutt had resigned. My prediction banner coming true, but not for the reasons I stated.

It reads:

Brian Gibbon A.M.
Minister for Health n Social Services
The National Assembly for Wales

Hello Doc,

This is in reply to Huw L. Davies's 3/3/05 to me on your behalf. Needless to say I disagreed with Jane Hutt in the past regarding this prognosis, so I am hardly likely to change now.

I have created a banner in reply to that letter you will see it probably before you read this but for the record it reads as follows. SOCIAL SERVICES MINISTER SAYS ISSUES SURROUNDING THE HEALTH N WELFARE OF ITS CLIENT GROUPS ARE 'NOT PART OF HIS PORTFOLIO' WHAT UTTER BULLDOODY ?

It's succinct and to the point, I also believe it to be true. some evidence that I will shoot your way is the lastest bill I have received from Dwr cymru (attached). You will note the hand written markings, X2 this is the total revenue for the subdivided house. What I have been waiting for during the last five years of writing is to be provided witht the charge for a 3 bedroom non-divided property to no avail. Maybe you're the man Doc to get those figures, maybe they will read like the rent increase (also attached via Sarah McGill 26/2/05) If you look into the differential between the rent charged to a similar 3 bedroom property in the area you will note that the charge for the two flats is neigh on double that of a house and has been moving each year ever closer towards doubling it and beyond.

In my history you will also note that I was for a brief time in the hands of Taf Housings tenant support team (Taf housing is a Housing Association) Many of the clients I met at the launch of this scheme appeared to be in a similar boat to me in terms of their Housing provision. You might ask yourself why were the support team so unwilling to champion these issues on their clients behalf. i did and its because if the Assembly were really interested in closing the divide between the haves and the have nots then in redesignating houses of mulitple occupancy shared houses they would lose out on rent revenue, i.e. they were more interested in protecting themselves than in dealing with real client issues.

Apparently just like you. I have also attached Mathew Harris 1/3/05 for your attention, and the question that goes through my mind when I see replies like this, is I wonder what drugs these people are on.

I am yours as ever
David Gabriel 15 blah de blah

So there is another proof that Mr House has been telling porky pies to Mr. Evans MP. What Mathew Harries failed to point out is that CCC had been returning the application forms to me demanding I place an area of the city I wish to move to. They continued to refuse to tell me 'Well where do you have bungalows to'

My only consolation is that since all of this they now have forms where the type of property and the area they are situated are on the latest forms. So maybe I have done some good. Just like that old police station being renovated, maybe it will rehouse some of this cities homeless after all.

the Sarah McGill notice of rent variation mentioned above has the rent that year increase by 4.56% and service charges increase by 2.5%. a telling part of the letter states as follows. 'If you receive Housing Benefit you do not need to re-apply. Your benefit will be amended to take account of the increased rent and you will be notified of the revised amount shortly. If you do not presently receive housing benefit, the increase may mean that you now qualify'

For anyone who is aware of my previous blog 'Is this satisfactory NHS practice Mr Cameron' You will see that I have issue with these anual % rent increases, and call it 'Compound Expenditure' Where the burden on the state to pay this exponetially increases each year these rises take place, to the detriment of the many and the gain of the few. i.e. the Welsh Assembly Government will get more from the rent revenue accounts of councils each year.

Check out this video and the figures Judith Woodman CC gave me, as to how much is stolen from that account to pay those premadonnas down Cardiff Bay.

This video was placed on youtube on the 28th July 2009 10 years after moving in here, be warned it is not for the faint hearted:



Well here is the video that covers, the scam of the council paying the Welsh Assembly from the rent revenue account. With some complaints thrown in for good measure uploaded to youtube on the 4th may 2011.

Well that's about it for this blog, I hope you place the link somewhere and send a freedom of information request to your council and find out what they pay out of their rent revenue account to the Welsh Assembly, to the Scottish parliament, to westminster for those in England.

Vulnerable Adults Just Cash Cows for the professional Elite!
When you are a whistle blower, about the antics of civil servants, they are empowered to make your life hell. Maybe they ought to have a flipping debate about that in Government. But hey you know what the result will be don'tcha Crazydave. Yep another jolly for alot of civil servants, like the endless supply of consultants talking about poverty but never appearing to put in place systems that erradicate it once and for all. 
Hell they don't want that Crazydave, I mean what ever would they do then. Maybe take up an honest occupation? Maybe when we all get to Bill Hicks level and know ourselves to be 'one being subjectively experiencing itself' The good the bad and the holy.

If Cardiff County Council have nothing to hide why do they refuse filming by citizens of the city at meetings? This was uploaded to youtube on 13th Jan 2009 can you hear the panic, disgraceful way for a council to operate! Acountability to constituents thats what we demand . . .


Hello everyone todays date 2nd July 2013 
And guess what I came across last night . . . yeah this

Jon House has handed in his resignation, moving on to bigger n better things so the article says. Maybe just maybe we will meet again, and this time Mr House will be made to answer questions about his aiding n abetting in the Corporate Discrimination of Crazydave by Cardiff County Council during his tenure as the Chief Executive Officer, Eh Judge?

Couldn't give a flying fring for the sub-standard housing your Corporation was running, could you Mr House. Liked to mislead MP's didn't you Mr House. You will see that the Usual Scumbags are Big Upping  Ole Jon in the article, but then they would wouldn't they.

So whose incharge now that Mr House is on his way? As I do so like to go to the top when dealing with these people, cos soon it will have to be emailed them. I am waiting on a meeting this thursday before doing that.

Meanwhile the new opt out of organ donation has been passed today at the Welsh Assembly so are we going to have organ banks now? Will we become a 'Get your organ donation here!' state. Selling them off to pay for the NHS. 'Come to Wales and get a Welsh Heart, that will be £20,000 thanks' Medical Tourism here we come!

The downside is in 20 years when all is ticketybooing along, will we find that certain members of society are no getting resucitated in an emergency, cos the body is now worth £2 Million. 'I'm worth £2 million to the Government dead Crazydave, and nothing to 'em alive a drain on the State they say, do you really think they are gonna do their best to keep me alive?' 'No mate not a bloody chance!'

Sleep well people, but don't go having a heart attack. 'Cos you never know, they might have the zapper set at kill levels! Lots of parts to donate. 



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