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Ombudsman Aid n Abet Hate Crime Mr Vine


Yep Mr Vine the hate filled neighbours have been at it again. So today I posted this pic on twitter Mr Vine, as well as on Facebook as well as on blogger.

You betcha ass he does!  

Mr Nick Bennett of the Ombudsman Office has banned me from looking at his time line. I think I shall be making another sign just like the one above Mr Vine with his name on it.

I found the Ombudsman's reply in my inbox today. I haven't looked at it all week, escaping the responsibility for other pursuits. Part of the reply dealt with the FREE Solar Panels on all Council tenancies aspect of the complaint. Here's what they say:

With regards to your view that solar panels should be installed in all council properties, regrettably, the Ombudsman can only consider specific issues where a Council's decision has led to an injustice or hardship to an individual, he cannot investigate general issues that concern the wider public interest without this personal element being established in a complaint.

 Again I will say 'He will not' not 'he cannot'.

Today I also retweeted this Pre-pay meter energy users pay £226 a year more: Citizens Advice - BBC News  

A BBC article Mr Vine of all things. Who has the most prepayment meters in the UK Mr Vine. Thasss right Council Tenants and other Social Housing Tenants.

Mr Bennett would prefer to look the other way. I'd like a cheaper electricity bill, I'd like it free install only I don't own the roof. The Council does or they would be up there now Mr Vine cutting my energy bill.

So much for meeting renewable targets eh or sustainable living. There is no mention of any Micro Wind turbines? But I found this curious on Mr Bennetts part when I went to check out his twitter account. So I tweeted the News.

Hey Hey the Ombudsman running scared ''You are blocked from following and viewing 's Tweets''  

Wonder what you would have done Mr Vine. Want to join my tweet Campaign with #WTF #freesolar for all Council Tenancies and what ever hash tags you might think of #bbcradio2 for instance.

Apparently I haven't supplied them with enough information on the Hate Crime, your having a laugh ain'tcha.

'You really should have known better than to have contacted them Qwazydwave' that's right kid. I really should have known better. 

Oh and Mr Bennett your tweet of the 1st July    Jul 1

I'm attending . AGM Friday - any questions anyone would like me to raise?

Yeah how much gas are they producing at the sewerage treatment centres these days? Cos in December 2009 I posted this blog

Which is part of this bibliography of blogs containing all the evidence anyone needs regarding Corporate Discrimination and Hate Crime and yours truly at this link

As if Mr Bennett didn't know Mr Vine. I post your tweet here just to remind you Mr Bennett that there are a coupla ways to skin a cat. I'm wondering if over the next few weeks of pressure in Social Media you will find your position as the Head of the Ombudsman in Wales Office untenable.

Cos this weekend has seem malicious damage to my Honeysuckle hedge along side incitement to violence, and I am not an amused bunny.

All the best people . . . in this instance . . . public accountability organisations, where the employees are highly paid, actually doing the right thing for a change! Not finding excuses 'not to act in the public interest'

Oh and absolutely nothing what so ever about the £30 million a year embezzled out of the Housing Revenue Account or any chance of it being repaid in full . . . ASTONISHING or par for the course Crazydave? 

Or the right to video Housing Officers on visits to my home and place said videos on social media if I so choose. Without the threat of eviction if I do. What part of that complaint didn't your department comprehend. 'It was made via blogger Mr Gabriel and we don't deal with those' Yeah well you ought to be bloody well made to.


Hey guess what Mr Vine twitter has locked my account so all the tweets done in the early hours have been frozen out of all time lines. tweets like this:

12h12 hours ago
My nasty neighbour been up to his old tricks again Mr Jones
 With the photo at the top of the blog attached

Your account has been locked.

Your account appears to have exhibited automated behaviour that violates the Twitter Rules. To unlock your account, please click the button below and confirm that you are the valid account owner.

Odd how this isn't the first time it has happened, usually when I've uploaded something of public interest.

It means this tweet is unavailable for public display:

Just when you need it the most. But then there are no real journalist in the UK are there Mr Vine. Just gofer's for the Elite.


Left this with twitter today seeing as I am still locked out. 

My account has been locked saying that its an automated account this is the third time of my asking for it to be unlocked. I am a blogger you can read some of the issues I am attempting to raise here at present you are stopping my notice to swpolice of hate crime via social media and believe me when I say I am not amused. I trust that this can be quickly resolved, and maybe then I will be a little closer to getting Free Solar Panels on all Social Housing in the UK. Thank you

But then double checking the feed on #senedd the earlier tweets are there Chief Constable ie:

Jul 3
Ms Wood does the same Nasty neighbour eh
Note the direct message tweet to @swpolice Mr Vine photo of the Carwyn Jones Aids n Abets attached to the tweet. So sorry twitter dudes. I hope I do this update before you read my 3rd notification. 

Hope you don't mind some FEEDBACK an OBSERVATION if you like. Couldn't you give the option of email confirmation that I am not a bot, as a choice to users as opposed to just the mobile phone verification? 

It sure would make this a less fraught experience, and I could have used my time tonight contacting Mental health Charities via twitter, to see if they would join in the campaign to challenge Mr Bennett's view. That his department cannot make a deliberation on Council's installing FREE Solar Panels on tenants properties so that their client group could have cheaper energy.

love n light People. 'Not much of that around here lately, is there Qwazydwave?' 'Unfortunately not kid but hey were used to dat ain't we!' 'Yep we sure is'


This video does not show the full extent of the damage maybe I will shoot some more. What unfortunatley you will not see is how lush it look before the Hate Monger got his little shears into. He can cut it back how he chooses on his own side. But when his shears cut into main support branches on my side that Mr Jones Mr Bennett Mr Vine is Hate Crime.

In the discription of the video you will see I write 'Failure on Mr Jones and Mr Bennetts part to sue me for Deformation will be taken as an admission of guilt on their part' Eh Judge.

 I sure is one ugly mother, but then inside a heart of pure gold. 'Ain't dat da troof kid!' 'Sure is qwazydwave!'

Time to email the usual suspects. With this and see if we get a housing officer out, although I could really do without seeing one of those ever again.

Well that's the email sent same list as usual. Plus as I havent heard from British Gas since the 8th of May. but had some door knocker on the 26th of the month at 0800hrs 1 hour after my going to bed. Figured they have just taken no notice what so ever. So sent them this.

I will allow 24hrs for this to be replied to or else I shall be contacting ofgem.

And defaming British Gas for aiding n abetting Cardiff County Council in harassment of myself in Social Media.

yours David Gabriel

Eh Mr Bennett get that meter removed!

 Join the campaign for FREE Solar Panels on all Social Housing by tweeting @OmbudsmanWales #senedd to demand the ombudsman challenging the Council's refusal to  'Make it so'

In anticipation of your assistance in this 'I thank you' :)

Oh and twitter dudes the tweets that were showing above yesterday are not showing today? Luckily for me my crazydave account ones are at least for now. 

What is all that about Mr Vine most of the tweets were to councillors who use twitter with the Free Solar for all Council tenancies note. So the cops can say they were never notified? Or County Councillors claim the same?


Hey Mr Vine 

No Cops visit no Housing Officers. But I bet your ass, if I had been the perpetrator. They would have been buzzing all over my place, with the sole intent on arresting me.

So today I tweet this 

Twitter has my account back up and running. Incitement to violence Eh Mr Jones. Feeling very much the invisible man Mr Vine. But hey I am used to that.


Just to let you know I am not just about politics. Here is another song I wrote on the Eve of the Ashes series starting in Cardiff. I've posted it to the Test Match Special site but wanted easy access so I created this page.

Better check the link works. But for those without time to waste here it is based loosely around Elvis's Don't Be Cruel. I hope you like it.
You know I can be found sitting home alone
Listening to Test Match Special on my radio

I really love my cricket and baby I hope you love it to

Geoffrey Boycott for ECB chairman How about that
His day nighter test matches I'd love some of that

I don't want no other show on its just TMS I'm thinking of

Don't stop hitting sixes, But fours will do
Good running between the wickets
Help win the game to

I really love my cricket and baby I hope you love it to
I don't want no other show on its TMS for me cross my heart

Let's go down to the SWALEC we'll paddle in the Taff
Hear the ooh's and aah's and the HOWSTHAT'S

I really love my cricket and baby I hope you love it to
I don't want no other show on it's just TMS I'm thinking of
I really love my cricket . . . yes I do
I really love my cricket . . . yes I do

I don't want no other show on it's just TMS I'm thinking of


Just came across this on Social Media thought it pertinent to this blog. 

Would I get the same Mr Bennett if I filed a lawsuit against Cardiff County Council for its banning me from videoing meetings? I doubt it in Public Service Corrupt Wales. Oh lucky you!







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